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Hi SYTYC friends! I’m Jennifer and I blog over at Monkey See, Monkey Do! I hope you’ll come visit sometime. Check out my project gallery for crafty and sewing ideas and tutorials I have shared. I wanted to share this tutorial for making a colorful pencil case.

pencil case tutorial (24)
I like zippered pouches. [See evidence here, here and here.]

I also like scraps. And I use them whenever possible. I had some funny-shaped scraps of the green and white dandelion fabric I used to make these placemats. I also had some little 4” zippers I picked out of cargo pants I used to make these bags.

pencil case tutorial (1)

I turned the zippers and scraps into two cute pencil cases that are 10” long and 4” wide. There is no bottom seam. What to see how to make your own?

pencil case tutorial (6)

You’ll need two pieces for the lining that are 10” x 5”. You’ll need one long strip 20” x 5” (mine is two scraps sewn together lengthwise and topstitched) and I used some interfacing. And you’ll need your 4” zipper and two 2” x 4” pieces to use as tabs at the zipper ends.

First, I sewed the tabs onto the ends of the zipper I was using.  Fold them in half and place the folded edge next to the zipper end.

pencil case tutorial (7)

Next, sandwich the zipper between the lining and one side of the exterior fabric. Put the right side of the exterior fabric against the right side of the zipper. Then put the interior fabric with the right side facing the exterior fabric. (Does that make sense?) Pin them into place. pencil case tutorial (8)

Sew. Then press the two seams open.

pencil case tutorial (9)

Repeat with other side.

Open the zipper half way.

pencil case tutorial (10)

Place the pouch with the lining fabrics right sides together. Pin the lining and the exterior fabrics in place with right sides together. Make sure to leave a little open space at the bottom for turning (see next photo).

pencil case tutorial (11)

See this blog post for how to aim the zipper teeth as you sew. pencil case tutorial (12)

Clip the corners of the lining and of the exterior. Turn the pouch through the opening you left in the lining.

pencil case tutorial (13)

Poke out the corners with a pen or other long item. Press the opening in the lining closed and then stitch it closed.

pencil case tutorial (14)

Press the exterior so it is nice and crisp before folding the lining into the pouch. pencil case tutorial (16)

Fold the lining into the pouch and smooth it into place. Enjoy your new pouch. They’ll make cute gifts.pencil case tutorial (21)pencil case tutorial (27)

Thanks for reading! Thanks to Missy for having me guest post today!

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