Zip Pouch Truck

*Project by ChiWei @ One Dog Woof for the Boys Challenge of season12*

You’d think this week would be easy for me, considering I have a boy at home and have complained about how girls’ things are so much cuter, but this was a difficult project  for me.  So, my son likes motor vehicles – trucks, cars, trains, planes.  I ended up making a stuffed truck with a zip pouch for a trailer.  Real life trailers are often shipping containers that hold stuff, like bananas and diapers and Gap jeans.  My little cloth “trailer/pouch” is also a storage container, this time holding little things like small toys, crayons or a light snack.  Get it, get it?  Big storage, little storage?
I found a simple boy-ish (or gender neutral) star printed fabric and made the body of the truck using a tutorial from Make-It Love-It as inspiration.  Then there’s a lined zip-pouch made using a tutorial from Skip to My Lou.   Instead of setting the zipper in the middle, I offset the zipper to the side so I could add a handle to the pouch.  What?  A handle?  Why yes, a handle 2 ways!

The trailer/pouch is removable and has a removable handle that can be snapped on, to make the pouch more of a dopp kit for a little boy, or a perfect little travel bag.  Or, un-snap the bottom end of the handle, flip it over, and snap it into the top of the truck.  Secure the bottom of the bag into the truck “bed” with more snaps, and now you have a pick-up truck that can be picked up by a handle!  Tell me that’s not just a little bit cool?
As for details, the headlights and taillights are buttons from my stash, and I made some felt tires with some fun orange buttons as accents.  My little boy loves his new “ruck”, and I think it’ll come in very useful for trips to hold snacks and toys and pacifiers, or just as something soft to snuggle with at the end of the day!
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