Yarn – Week 4 (with results)

Congrats to KoJo Degsigns!  That Baby Pram was so fun!  The my little girl has been asking for one since saw it. And seeing as she sat in her doll stroller and broke it yesterday, maybe she will be getting one sooner than later.  The tutorial is now available in the tutorial section.

This week we have to say good bye to Julliana @ Equal Opportunity Crafter.  I have to say if this was going to happen, this is the best time for it for Julliana.  On Thursday, Oct. 21, she had her little baby boy (he really couldn’t wait…he wasn’t due until January) so she won’t be crafting for awhile. If you have a spare minute go wish her and baby James luck and send good thoughts their way!

If you want to see the results and project/crafter match up from last week check it out here.

I think it’s probably time for a little update of who is still in the competition.  There are 7 fantastic ladies remaining:

Heidi @ Made by Heidi
Nikki @ Lily Bug Desings
Kailyn  @ Kailyn’s Bit of Sunshine
Chica & Jo @ Chica and Jo
Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby
Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition
Kirstin & Jordan @ KoJo Designs

This weeks theme is Yarn and I’m amazed at all the fun different things that these ladies have come up with! Voting will be open until Friday night (October 29th).

Craft #1 – Yarn Necklace – Heidi

Make yourself a gorgeous yarn necklace! Pretty, eh? You can totally rock this necklace with some jeans & a tee or with an awesome cocktail dress! and don’t you just LOVE the color scheme?

I also love that is has beads and buttons…You know you want to wear this! 😉

Craft #2 – Monogram Yarn Wall Hanging – Mandy

My toddler is growing up – time to convert the nursery to a big boy room.  To compliment the colors I’ll be using on his bedding, I made a Monogram Yarn Wall Hanging to display above his dresser.

This idea has so many possibilities – grab any color of yarn and you have a custom wall hanging for any room.  Older children/teen may enjoy making it themselves.  It can add a pop of art in a family room.

When I was taking pictures, my 8-yr-old son walked by and said “that’s really cool mom!” and later that day my daughter said “can we make one for my room?” – gotta LOVE when my crafts are a hit with my kids!

And to wrap it up here’s a boring picture of it in my toddler’s room.  I have another, bigger/wider dresser that will go under it, as soon as I paint it (maybe navy blue, maybe orange – I can’t decide) and then I’ll get to adding some accessories and pulling the room together – but the Monogram Wall Yarn Hanging is definitely the focal point of the room.

Craft #3 – “Fancy Nancy” Bow Holder – Nikki

My daughter has many bows and I have been wanting to make her a cute bow holder.  She even took it upon herself to clip all her bows on to a scrap piece of ribbon.  What kind of crafty mother am I that I haven’t made my child some sort of bow holder?  I know, shame on me.  Well, since she loves all things fancy this is a Fancy Nancy inspired bow holder.

You can clip all sorts of bows to the locks of yarn. It just wouldn’t be fancy to Nancy if we didn’t put bows everywhere.
Isn’t she cute with her sparkly sunglasses, crystal tiara and feather boa!

Craft #4 – The Yarn Wreath – Lauren

Last christmas I put up a wreath.  Since the day I took it down we have had an empty wreath hangar on our door.  FOR SHAME!  So I decided it was time to fill it!  With this yarn wreath!

PS… For those of you who might have seen Missy’s previous post with a yarn wreath that is nothing more than a horrible coincidence.  I had already obtained supplies and thought of the idea long before that post happened.  Great minds must think alike…

Craft #5 – Colorful Cupcake Stands – Chica & Jo

We’ve always loved the idea of individual cupcakes stands to highlight delicious special little cakes but weren’t wowed by how the ones you could buy looked.  Being the crafty ladies we are, we decided to make our own!  These were really inexpensive to make and completely customizable.  Have a baby shower coming up?  Decorate in pastels!  A wedding reception featuring cupcakes for dessert?  Use the wedding colors!  We’ll show you how to make the form as well as tips for finishing them off.  Now, we are off to have some of the tasty cupcakes!

Craft # 6 – Linen, Cashmere, Wool Frame – KoJo Designs

Have you perused Restoration Hardware’s catalog this fall? It is understated gorgeousness- all tan and cream and linen and textural beauty. This palette of neutrals was my inspiration for this week’s creation- yarn embroidered linen, framed in flowers made of cashmere yarn and wool yarn.
I am a firm believer that the walls of our houses tell pieces of our story. A home’s decor, then, should be both beautiful to look at and tailored to the people who live there. This linen, cashmere, wool frame is the perfect balance of the two.

The beauty comes via the perimeter of chunky wool yarn flowers and rich cashmere yarn flowers framing yarn-embroidered linen. To add that tailored piece to the mix, the message (“Nana, est. 2008”) and the row of silhouettes (her grandbabies) make this ensemble perfectly personal as well, adding a lovely chapter to the story of her home.

Craft #7 –  Felted Yarn Cards – Kailyn

I decided to go about the yarn challenge with a twist. Literally. I decided to try my hand at felting. I figured I could do small testers and see what worked. They all turned out so fun and funky, I decided I needed to use them all.

What better way than to make some funky original cards.

I started with dyed wools and book on felting. I also incorporated wool yarn into the mix. When they were finished felting. I did some beading on a few of them.

For the red card, I used red wool and layered it in two directions. On top of that I used small pieces of orange wool that I laid vertical and horizontal in a criss cross pattern. Next I used the wool yarn and made a spiral in the middle on top of that. To finish it I took lime green wool and laid it in a star pattern. Then felted them all together. Then I did some embroidery and beading on it. Lastly, I glued it on the card.

For the blu card I used a multi colored wool for the base. I used yarn to create the flower and the spiral , and wool for the stems and the leaves. After felting it I had to cut some of the pattern to fit the card. I did a little beading to finish it off.

For the orange and blue woven card, I did just that. I hand wove together the wool yarns. I then added two spirals of the wool yarn. After felting it I added two beads in the middle of the spirals.
The fish card I made was the last card. I decided to try needle felting and used scraps from the blue cards felt for the bottom of the card. I think these will be very fun to send. Because I went small they were not difficult to make.

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