Wrapping Paper Upcycled Pendant Necklace {tutorial} {guest post}

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Hi SYTYC readers I’m Meg from MegaCrafty. I have a passion for crafting and love to explore all sorts of new materials and techniques. One day I might be blogging about felting and knitting another day I could be making edible crafts or etching glass. That’s why I like to say- “I’ve never met a craft I didn’t like”.

I’m really excited to be sharing a project with you all today. Thanks Missy for allowing me to guest post!
Each year after the holidays I look at the mountain of gift wrapping leftovers and think- instead of just throwing it all away, there must be something I can do with it. I especially love the patterns and colors on the various wrapping papers and often wish I could save them somehow.

This year I figured out away to do just that because these pendants are made entirely from gift wrapping scraps. They are easy to create and the best part- you might just get a jump on next year’s gifts using this year’s leftovers.

Here’s what you need:

  • Wrapping paper tube (If you don’t have one a PT tube works too)
  • Scraps of wrapping paper
  • Scraps of gift boxes

You’ll also need:

  • Paint Marker (I used silver)
  • Mod Podge (I recommend outdoor because it will give you some protection against water but regular or paper formula works fine too)
  • Dimensional Magic
  • Craft Glue
  • Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Scissors
The first step is to cut rings from the wrapping paper tube. I start by cutting a fairly thick ring with my craft knife then use scissors to trim it down to about an 1/8 of an inch.

If you want a smaller diameter pendant you can cut the ring and glue it back together at a smaller size.

You can also pinch and press the ring into other shapes like teardrops, marquis, and ovals.

Color both the inside and outside of the ring with the paint marker- and don’t forget the top edge, it’s easy to miss.

You’ll also need to cut and color a strip of cardboard tube. It should be about an inch long and an 1/8 of an inch wide. This will be used later to make a loop for the pendant to hang from.
Set the rings and strips aside to dry.
Next Mod Podge the wrapping paper scrap to a leftover piece of cardboard gift box.

Once both the painted ring and the wrapping paper/cardboard pieces are dry, pick the spot on your wrapping paper you want as a pendant. Then glue the ring onto the wrapping paper by applying the glue to the bottom edge of the ring. Putting something on top of the ring to weigh it down helps the pieces adhere well.

Once the glue is dry fill the ring with dimensional magic and let it dry overnight. If you’ve never used dimensional magic, it’s a glossy top coat that dries clear. Giving you a faux epoxy look.

While the dimensional magic is drying weigh the corners of the cardboard down, otherwise the pendant may warp a little.
Once the dimensional magic is dry use scissors or a craft knife to cut off the extra cardboard around the pendant.

In order for the pendant to be worn on a chain it needs a little loop to hang from. The loop is made from the strip of wrapping paper tube.
Use a skewer to roll one edge, creating a cane shape.

Glue the straight edge on the back of the pendant. Roll the top into a loop and glue into place along the top edge of the pendant.

Once the loop is dry seal the edges, loop, and back of the pendant with Mod Podge and you’ll have a beautiful piece of jewelry that no one would guess is made from wrapping paper scraps.
Thanks again Missy for letting me guest post on So You Think You’re Crafty, and Happy New Year to everyone!

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