Wild Card Challenge Season 18 Finale

This season has simply flown by and it’s now time for our Season 18 Finale. As in the past, this round is the Wild Card Challenge. Our two crafters – Erica and Holly – are sharing a project of their choice.

Season 18

This week you will be able to vote for just one project. A winner will be declared on Thursday.

Wild Card Projects

Project #1 Paper Cone Wreath

I wanted to make a big craft statement and Paper Cone Wreaths make such a beautiful one especially at Christmas time.
Paper Cone Wreath 7

This Paper Cone Wreath is made of pretty Christmas themed patterned papers and the tips of the cones are dipped in gold glitter.

Paper Pinecone Wreath

paper cone wreath

The glittered pine cones in the center compliment the wreath bringing a warm and cozy, rustic feel of Christmas in to your home.  

Paper Pinecone WreathWhew! Can you believe  I am a paper crafter at heart and this is my first paper project?!  Thanks for having me in the competition. Glad to be done and I gave it my ALL for sure this past month!   

Project #2 Crocheted Nativity Set

I can’t believe it is the final week of the competition, I am so excited to still be here and to get to share my project with you today. I have had Christmas on my mind lately so since we could do anything we wanted to this week I decided to go with a Christmas project.

crocheted nativity in stable

I love nativity sets and wanted to make my own so I crocheted a set. My crocheted nativity includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, a star, 2 shepherds, a sheep, and a donkey. I may add more pieces later but for now this is it. 

crocheted nativity in stable

crocheted nativity in stable

I am excited to be able to set my nativity up in our house this year. One of the nicest things about it is that with little kids I am usually a little nervous to put out nativities but this one is made of yarn and stuffed so there really isn’t much they can do to hurt it.

Paper Cone WreathI really love the way that this turned out and I hope you do too.

Season 18 Finale Vote

It’s finally time for you to select our Season 18 winner! Please vote for your favorite project – the one you’d most like to see a tutorial for this week!

Be sure to come back on Thursday and find out who are winner is!!!

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