Whiz Bang Firecracker Wreath

What do you get when you pair a 4th of July garland with a package of 36 coin wrappers?

36 fun, festive, firecrackers!

And pair it with $1 wreath and you get a very crackly Whizbang Fire Cracker wreath!

*Project made by Ashley @ Not Just Grannies for the Dollar Store challenge*

I love these “fire crackers”. It takes me back to times when Independence Day in the USA was gingham tablecloths, homemade apple pie, and Americans that stood taller with pride for their country. The fire crackers “pop” right in the center, along with the onomotopea sounds so characteristic of the good ole days.

Then take the dozen extra firecrackers and make festive necklaces for the kids!

This project was made with $3 from the dollar tree (wreath, garland, and coin wrappers). I purchased one can of $2 spray paint and everything else I had on hand.

Looks like a new annual tradition in “The Works”. So proud to be an American! God Bless the USA!

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