What’s Up Weekly Board Tutorial

What’s Up Weekly Board
Have you ever tried to tell a 2 year old when something is going to happen?  It might go something like this:

You: We’re going to see grampa and gramma on Sunday!
Child: We’re going to see them now?
You: No, in two more days.
Child: Tomorrow?
You: No, you have to wake up two more times.
Child: After my nap?

You get the picture.  Well, this project is aimed at helping a little one understand when.
This magentic board shows the days of the week.
There are small magnets featuring all the things that might go on in the week.
The big star can be moved to mark the current day.
The little stars can be used to track daily chores accomplished.
To make the weekly board you can buy any magnet board.  If you have a cricut, it’s great to use it to cut the letters for the days of the week using the sticky vinyl.  If you don’t have one, you can purchase sticker letters in the scrapbook section of your craft store.  I also cut long lines from the vinyl to separate the days.
Measure the height of your board and divide it by seven.  If you fold a piece of paper to be that size you can use it to help you place the lines down evenly.
To create the magnets you can use clip art, draw your own pictures, or use mine.  To download my drawings in black and white click HERE.  If you want them already colored click HERE.  Cut out the shapes and then laminate them.  (The wooden star marking the day of the week can be purchased at any craft store.  I just painted it and stuck on the letters.)
To make them magnets, just cut a piece of this magnet strip and stick it to the back.  The adhesive on these magnets is really strong.  You won’t have to worry about your pictures coming off the magnets.
I sewed a simple pocket and attached it to the back.  If you don’t sew you could just buy a sheet of felt, fold it in half (but leave a little extra at the top to attach it) and glue the sides with hot glue to make it a pocket.
That’s it!  My little guy is most excited about having a garbage truck magnet.
The board is not only a fun toy, but a good way to visually teach your child how to understand when. And, it gives your little one something to look foward to.
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  1. Heather says

    I love all your great ideas. I have 4 kids so I have to have it!!! I would like to know where you got the magnet board? I can’t wait to get started and have a clean house. lol