Welcome to Week 1 of Season 11! {dollar store crafts}

*It seems that the poll closed early this week. It’s not letting me re-open it for some reason. I’ve just opened a second poll in the sidebar and we will add the two poll scores together to get the winner. This isn’t the first problem I’ve had with the polling people I use. Do you guys know of other company I can try?*

Here we are again at the start of a new season.  I’m so stoked for this time around. Don’t those 10 ladies look so fun!  I can’t wait to get to know them all better.  Here is a list of their blogs. You should all run over and look at them real fast.  You won’t regret it :)

Wendy @ Craft Goodies
Angela @ The Wray Sisters
June @ Creations by June
Kimberly @ Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me
Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog
Amanda @ Simply Homemade
Taylor @ Taylor Made
Jama Cool People Sew
Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah

There is also a little bio about each of them here that will also list all their SYTYC projects as the season progresses, so be sure to keep up to date with that, too.

So here you have it.  Week 1 of season 11 – the Dollar Store Craft challenge.  Voting will be open in the sidebar until Friday night (the 13th – spooky 🙂 ).


Craft #1 – Fused Plastic Tootsie Pop Bag – Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah

I had the hardest time deciding what to do for this Dollar Store round.  I went to various dollar stores at least a half a dozen times and wandered aimlessly around trying to find inspiration.  Each time I was drawn to the candy aisle and all the brightly colored packages (not to mention the yummy candy).  Finally, it occurred to me that maybe I should concentrate on the packages instead of what’s inside.

My fused plastic Tootsie Pop bag started out as some Tootsie Pop packages, a yellow plastic tablecloth, a roll of pink polka dot cellophane, and a box of cheapo garbage bags.  I fused those together in layers to make a “cloth,” added a bit of black webbing for the handles, and whipped out this little tote perfect for hauling my lunch to work.  Not only does this technique result in a sturdy bag, but it’s easy to wipe down for cleaning.
The bag is fully lined.  Since I had a piece of the fused plastic left over, I made a quick matching zippered pouch to go with the tote.  You can always use a zippered pouch with a tote, can’t you?  Now, if anyone is in the mood for a Tootsie Pop, come see me.  I have a few dozen of them I need to get rid of!

Craft #2 – No Sew Book Purse – June @ Creations by June

Whoo- Hoo so excited to make it through the audition round and into the first week… Dollar Store Crafts!

I love to read and I love purses, so decided to combine the two! The No Sew Book Purse was born.  The supplies…  a hard cover book in red and white, black place mats with white trim, gross grain ribbon and glue.  The “abridged version” (sorry could not resist the literary reference) I cut out the pages of the book, measured the place mat, cut and glued, made ribbon handles AND  yeah, brand new purse!!   Best of all my wallet and keys even fit!

And here are the starting supplies and the whole process..

And the final product!


Craft #3 – The “Dollar Store Tea Towel and Some Scraps” Bag – Amanda @ Simply Homemade

For this week’s theme I had absolutely no ideas whatsoever. None. I thought a gander around my local Dollar Tree would help spark some ideas. I was right. These tea towels immediately caught my eye. I’m really digging stripes these days so I bought 4 of them (and a bunch of other crap I didn’t need), however, it only took one of them and some scraps to make

I wanted to name it, but all of my names were super lame. So for now it’s dubbed: “The Dollar Store Tea Towel and Some Scraps” bag. Clearly a shorter name would be more ideal….I’m open to suggestions.


Craft #4 – T-Shirt Diaper Bag – Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog

Hey Dollar Store Crafters!

Man-o-man! I do love a good Dollar Store run. I picked up many an item during my shopping trip hoping being surround by all these neat items would strike my match. In the end two super soft Hanes tee shirts and the plastic baby safety pin decorations lit the fire. I made a diaper bag out of the two shirts, pink and navy. The pink was the lining and shows a bit at the top with a few cut out lines, on the bottle pocket and the rosettes (that is a removable brooch). I squared up the bottom of the bag of stand up ability. The strap is made of two braids zig zag stitched together for strength with the cute pink and blue safety pins strung on it. Its also totally machine washable in case something leaks or the bag gets a little baby throw up on it.


Craft #5 – Scrubby Bath Puppets – Kimberly @ Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me

There’s something about the theme “dollar store” that just gives me mental block. I can’t understand why, since I craft from dollar store items much of the time… but there I was, wandering the aisles aimlessly, pulling items willy-nilly, trying to put them together in a fun and unique way. With children in tow, I realized I needed out fast (or I’d spend all my money on crayons and stickers) and without a real plan I headed to the checkout. That’s when I happened upon the most deliciously brightly-colored, super soft, hand towels. And immediately I thought of a crab, an octopus and a turtle. Wouldn’t you?

These uber pet-able little sea critters were cut freehand and machine sewn. They are stuffed with sponges – making them very bath-friendly – and are hand sewn onto little mittens that are specially sized for little hands, made from the same soft towels. The mittens have an elastic bottom to keep them snuggly on your child’s hand during bath time.

They’re Scrubby Bath Puppets! One side for playing, one side for scrubbing.

At our house, like so many other homes, bath time IS playtime. With these little puppets “on hand,” you’re guaranteed hours of good, clean fun!

Craft #6 – Wire Jewelry – Wendy @ Craft Goodies

My favorite thing about this challenge? It may well be the first time I’ve ever walked out of the dollar store having spent under $5!!! So what did I get to take on this first challenge?
Floral wire in four super bright and shiny shades…
So what can you do with a bunch of pretty colored wire? How about make these…
The wire was perfect for making some fun, kinda-quirky, super cute jewelry.
I was able to make a ring and pendant from each spool–talk about bang for your buck!
I’m so heading back for more…

Craft #7 – Summer Bubble Romper – Jama Cool People Sew

So I think I spent more time wandering around in the Dollar Store than I did working on my project this week!!! Who knew there was so much in that store and in such a small space. I think I was in there wandering the isles for at least two hours with a baby on my hip… whew!

Okay so here is my project, inspired by the wonderful warm weather around my parts. We needed a new summer bubble for my new crawler. Who doesn’t love to see chubby legs in the summer time!!! They are so sweet.

So using a pattern, I cut two super soft $1.00 shirts, extending the straps so they would tie on the shoulders.

I added a ruffle across the chest using scraps from an old shirt.

And lastly, I ruffled the edge of the legs using a zigzag stitch and add buttons for the closures from the same old shirt.

Simple but practical.

Craft #8 – A Spring Centerpiece – Taylor @ Taylor Made

When I found out the first week’s theme was dollar store craft I was a little worried. This is how my creative process works: I go to crafts stores and buy random supplies that I think I might like in the future. Then, when I am feeling inspired days or even weeks later, I use what I have been hoarding 🙂 I usually don’t go out to buy a specific craft. But… when I found these little wooden birdhouses, it was love at first sight! I knew they would be prefect.
They were originally raw wood but I love the robins egg blue. I also attached dollar store ribbon and used post-it notes to decorate the birdhouses. The yellow bucket was also a perfect fit. The branch from my backyard was an added bonus, and free 🙂 Happy Spring!

Craft #9 – Dollar Store Organization Board – Angela @ The Wray Sisters


I just want to start by saying that I had a blast with this challenge. The dollar store isn’t my usual go to for craft supplies. I had a fun time getting creative.  I am proud to say that besides the printables I made to go inside the frames, everything on the peg board was purchased from the dollar store, from the frames down to the paper I used to decorate the frames.
DSC03419 copy
My favorite part of the entire board is the “To Do List.” I had to get creative to construct this with only dollar store supplies. With a cookie sheet, 2 rulers, a roll of wrapping paper, a hanger, and some construction paper I was able to make my own scrolling to do list. I can jot down things I need to get done like return a library book, or pick up the dry cleaning. I can also use it to make a grocery list. When I run out of room or I need to take my list to the store, I can just pull the paper down through the ruler and rip it off leaving me with a clean slate to start a new list.
Besides the to do list, the organization board has a monthly calendar, a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklist, and a weekly menu planner. It also has a cute pail to hold all of my dry erase markers. Since all of my lists and calendars are inside the frames, I can just write on top of the glass to check off when I have completed a chore or to write out my meal plan for the week. When I need to I can just wipe off the glass and start all over.
collage 5
I love my new organization board!
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