Welcome to Season 12! {scrappy crafts}

Well here we are!  Season12!  We’re coming up on the 3rd year of SYTYC and I can hardly believe it.  Someday I’ll tell you guys the full story of why I started this blog and how it really saved my sanity.  Maybe for the 3 year anniversary.  But I digress.
With this season there are going to be a few minor changes with the contest.  Just 3 little things that I think will make everything run more smoothly and more interactive and fun for you guys too! So, here they are:
#1 – In the past we’ve kept the weekly themes somewhat a secret.  Well, no more!!  I’ve heard from a lot of you that you would like to participate in the contest, but being an official crafter is just too intense for you & your busy schedules.  So, I’ve thought of a way for you all to play along.  This brings us to the second change…
#2 – The “I’m Crafty!” linky party is coming back!  I held the linky party for about a season over a year ago and had so much fun with it so I’ve decided to bring it back!  I’ve put a list of the themes for this season along with the dates that the corresponding linky parties will open  are in the new tab up on the menu, as well as in the sidebar. Didn’t have time to do a project along with the theme?  Don’t worry about it!  I’m sure we’d all like to see it!  I’m excited to see what great stuff you guys can come up with.
#3 – The last change is with the schedule.  I’ve had the same basic weekly schedule since I started SYTYC, so it’s about time for a change up, right?  So, here is the new weekly schedule:
Monday – New Challenge posted and poll opens at 8:30 am ET
Tuesday – Last week’s winning tutorial posted
Wednesday – Last week’s eliminated crafter interview
Thursday –  “I’m Crafty” Linky Party opens at 12:00am & the challenge poll closes at 11:59pm PT
Friday – Challenge results posted along with linky party favorites
How does that all sound to you?  I’m pretty excited about it.

So, now that all of that is cleared up we can get to the good stuff.  This week’s challenge was a fan request and a past favorite –

Scrappy week

Do you remember who the new crafters for this season are?  They are pretty hard to forget, but here they are if you have, somehow, forgotten.  You can also see their pictures an more about them on the Meet the Crafters page.
And don’t forget!  The poll closes a day earlier than normal from now on.  So make sure you get your vote for favorite Scrappy project before Thursday night.  And make sure you’re getting your own scrappy project ready for the linky party Thursday!

Craft #1 – Switch Flops – Nancy @ Nancy’s Couture

I was soooo excited when I found out this weeks theme was scraps.
I knew right away it was the push I needed to dig into my fabric
scrap bins.
I found a fun way to use these scraps!  I have a closet full of
vibrant color clothing.  My shoes on the other hand are pretty
blah.  Black, brown, and white. I always try to go with neutral color
shoes so I will be able to wear them often.  I can’t bring myself
to buy a pair of shoes that I will only be able to wear with one or
two outfits. With these scraps I  can afford some vibrant colored
shoes to match my clothes.

 I am loving my
new” shoes.  The possibilities are endless.  You can
use any fabrics- cotton, jersey,  silk, denim, even ribbon.
Even better you can wear them different every time you put them
on.  It’s like having a new pair of shoes every time you open
your closet!!!  I love feeling like a have a new pair of shoes
every time I open up my closet.  But even better that they don’t
take up the room of a bunch of shoes.

 Going on vacation?
Save room in the suitcase.  Wear your switch flops and pack all
the straps in your suitcase.  They’ll take up about as much space
as your toothbrush and you’ll shoes to go with every outfit!
  I had fun creating this project that will use up some of
my scraps and even better my  future scraps!!!

Craft #2 – Metallic Reverse Applique Clutch – Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations

First off, let me say that I am so excited to be a part of Season 12 on SYTYC! Thanks, Missy!
So for the scrappy project, I really had a hard time making decisions. I have a TON of leftover fabric from various projects, but I’m not a huge fan of the typical “scrappy” items. I racked my brain forever…until I thought of reverse applique. I’d been wanting to try it forever. And I’ve been needing some new summer clutches.
LOVE it.
I was so hyped I had some scraps of that gold fabric. I love metallics, especially gold and I think it is a nice little surprise under those stripes. The striped fabric came from an old curtain from a thrift store I had cut up to make a skirt…but never made 🙂

I also tried the reverse applique on another clutch, just for fun. I love idea of one large chevron stripe. It’s a nice way to mix up the chevron craze.
I hope you love them. They will definitely be a new staple in my summer wardrobe.

Craft #3 – Wood Scrap Lantern – ChiWei @ One Dog Woof

Scrappy projects…hmmm, well, there’s fabric scraps, paper scraps, wood scraps and food scraps?  My sewing machine is on the fritz, and I didn’t want to work with food scraps (?!), so I chose wood for this challenge!  I work with some guys who have woodshops and do woodworking at home, so I asked them for any small scraps of wood they might have had laying around.  I got extremely lucky and received a plastic bag of small beautiful pieces (zebra wood, purple heart, maple, walnut) and several long pieces leftover from molding work that were headed to the kindling pile (oak, poplar, walnut, cherry).  Would you believe it, I did not buy a single piece of wood for this project?
I definitely needed help from the husband on cutting the scraps into exactly what I wanted, but I did end up learning how to use the table saw (again, since the last time was in 7th grade) and making quite a few of my own cuts, especially after the hubster got sick.  The scrap pieces were cut and ripped into bits and blocks, pieced together, glued, and clamped.  We did have to get several more clamps, as some of these pieces needed several clamps in different directions to hold them steady and prevent warping as the glue dried.  Once the 4 panels were complete, I added a top and bottom frame piece, and then started the final assembly.  The posts were from the molding leftovers, ripped into (somewhat) square posts.  The “lantern” part was just a stock light kit from the Home Depot, drilled into an extra piece of wood and glued at the bottom between 2 opposite panels.
I only sort of had a plan in my head on how to pull this off, after getting my inspiration from a picture of an actual wood lantern on the internet, so I really just winged it.  When asked to describe my vision, all I could say was that it was going to look like you played Tetris while drunk.  Close enough, I guess!  The final piece is larger than I expected and makes quite a statement sitting on our side table!

Craft #4 – Patriotic Pillows – Crystal @ Crystals Craft Spot

I love to decorate for holiday’s but I don’t really have the budget or the storage space to go all out for every singe one.  My solution pillows and pillow covers.  They are quick to make, inexpensive, can be made for any theme, easy to change any time, and they are pretty easy to store.
The Fourth of July is coming up and I needed some decorations so I pulled out some red, white, and blue fabric scraps and went to work. I had just enough to make an adorable patchwork pillow.  If you can sew a straight line you can make this! add a little stuffing and it’s ready to go.
With the left over scraps from the first pillow I was able to make a cute bunting design to add to this envelop style pillow cover.  Again minimal sewing, an old pillow, and a clever way to make the perfect letters (quick and easy of course!) completes this pillow.  With the basics of these two pillow styles and your choice of fabric, it makes decorating for any room or holiday easy and fun!

Craft #5 – Row Bird Houses – Erin @ Erin’s Creative Energy

When tackling the scraps project, I decided to choose my medium of work based on what I had the most scraps of.  Well, wood clearly won!  It takes up the most space and I really need to tackle more wood projects.

I absolutely LOVE the row houses that I see in photos of Europe, all lined up in vibrant colors.  Living in suburbia, I typically only see safe dull neutrals, it drives me crazy.  I love color and want to see more of it.  So, the brilliantly colored row houses in Europe was my inspiration for my Row Bird Houses.

All the wood used was old fence pickets.  The paint was found in my cabinet, some of it probably 8 years old…or more!  I mounted them on a fence picket and hung them on my new fence.

The only materials needed (besides the tools) were old fence pickets, paint and screws.

The only thing left to do is wait to see which feathery residents take up roost.  I can’t wait to see who moves in first!

Craft #6 – The Map! – Megan @ The Crafty Conundrum

At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this week’s theme, but I’m not one to make something just for the sake of making something -I like to make things that I either need or would use often.  I thought a fun easy toy for the kiddos would be in order.

And though I myself am not a big fan of the show Dora (can you say “repetitive lyrics?”), I have a little princess who LOVES it.  So I made her her very own THE MAP, complete with a velcro storage pocket to keep all the INTERCHANGEABLE pieces.  Now little miss can go on her own fabulous “journeys” (and sing annoying songs ….) right at home!


We’ve got a Fairytale Castle, Dora’s house, a lake with a boat, Snowy Mountain, Apple Tree, Arco Iris (Rainbow), River with fish, Flower Garden, and a big flowery hill.  Each one SNAPS into place so you can rotate the destinations.  How adorable is that?!


Craft #7 – Scrappy Mural –  Jenna @ Silver Lining Crafts

This mural is made of scrap paper in layers. The dimensions are 11″ x 11″. It’s scrappy because is made of my scrapbook paper scraps and my crafting book pages. This mural represents me because it has all different designs kind of like me! It has the word LOVE cut out to reveal the under designs. The frame around it is left over cardstock painted black. Its great for a family room or kitchen! I really enjoyed making this! 🙂

This is the whole Artwork.

The mural is in the family room!

                                                                LOVE cut out.

Good Luck Ladies!

Craft #8 – Pant Hem Zippered Pouch – Meg  @ Mega Crafty

Whenever I can use scraps in a project it makes me pretty happy. But when I can make an entire project out of something I would have thrown away, I get downright giddy. I feel like I’ve made something out of nothing and wound up with a little bonus that shouldn’t have been included as part of the deal.

These two zippered pouches are made from the material leftover after hemming a couple pairs of dress pants.

Bright scraps of fabric I had lying around were used to line the inside (because I really love a pop of color or a surprising pattern on the inside of a bag).

One of the pouches was embellished with a ruffle I made out of the second leg’s cuff trimmings. The other bag features two buttons from my stash of “extra clothes buttons”. (You know the ones that come on clothing tags.)

For just the cost of a couple $2.00 zippers I wound up with two cute little bags that can hold all the essentials.

So if you’ve got some pants to hem you could just throw away the extra material… or you can make one of these super cute, super easy-to-sew zippered pouches!

Craft #9 – Quilted Stationary – Alicia @ The Creative Vault

I have an addiction.
I keep every last scrap of fabric and paper that has ever entered my home.  I mean, you just never know when you’re gonna’ need them.  Like today!  Thank goodness it was scrap week because my scrap bins were bursting!
I love sewing on paper so I dug into my stash and made some quilted stationary.

Quilt Block Card:  This was an extra quilt block that never got used so I stitched it to a square card.  For the envelope I attached some of the leftover fabric from the block to the inside.  It’s complimentary to the card and adds a nice little surprise.

Nautical/Americana:  For these I dug into my fabric, notions and paper scrap bins as well as the recycle.  The anchor card design is made from a fabric background with a fabric anchor appliqued with gold thread.  The flag card is a combination of fabric, red ribbon, white trim and a paper star.  The “freedom” card uses a combination of fabric, trim, paper and even uses the red plastic cover that they use to cover the tray of Cuties oranges at the grocery store.

Bright & Bold Birthday: For the balloon cards I used some black and white gingham fabric and attached it to bright cards by playing around with the different fun and decorative stitches on my machine with hot pink thread.  I then cut out a stencil in vinyl and painted a neon balloon on each one.  For the bunting cards I made teeny tiny flags and attached the tops using a straight stitch and added a birthday greeting.

So there you have it.  A fun and useful way to use up those scraps you’ve been hoarding!

Craft #10 – Crazy Quilt Kindle Cover – Chrissy @  There are UFO’s under my stairs

Nothing says scraps to me more than Crazy Quilting, a technique that was all the rage in Victorian times. It was a way to use up odd shaped pieces of fabric from making clothing or other household sewing projects, as well as a way to show off intricate needlework as each seam was covered with embroidery or embellishments like lace and ribbons.


Here we have old-fashioned style meeting new-fangled technology in a Crazy-Quilt Kindle cover.
The kindle (or what have you) is held securely in place with clear elastic so it won’t cover the screen. There are two thin layers of batting and a linen covered piece of heavy duty interfacing to protect and support the kindle. A simple loop and toggle closure is the final touch.
I’ve tried to give my piece a more modern feel by sticking to a neutral palate of white, cream and beige in the fabrics and adding hints of color with pinks, browns and greens in the embroidery. This can also be a fun way to keep memories of past projects that were special to you. This cover has fabric from my wedding dress, my best friend’s wedding dress, my sister’s wedding cloak, and my daughters’ blessing gowns.
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    Excited about these changes and now we can play along 🙂
    These crafters this season seem awesome! 🙂 It was difficult to choose who to vote!

  2. Ria says

    I too am unable to access the place to poll, so here’s mine.
    #5 Bird Row Houses – love our native bluebirds & by building these the friendly bluebirds should nest but the invasive, aggressive (3 different times have killed nesting bluebirds & built their nest on top of the bodies) & EXTREMELY territorial English House Sparrows.