Week 7 Results

Hey there everybody!  I hope you all had a fantastic week.  First, here is the list of which projects belong to which crafter for the “recycled” challenge.

#1 – Emilie
#2 – Vanessa
#3 – Carrie
#4 – Cheri

And here are the poll results:

That means that Cheri wins with what appears to be the hands down favorite, the Little Boy Hats! Aren’t those adorable? An just in time for cooler weather sewing!  The tutorial will be up in the Tutorials archive.

But that means that we have to say goodbye to Vanessa.  Hasn’t she had some great stuff this season?  She has such great style.  Keep up with her and her going-ons at her blog Tried and True.  We’ll get to learn a little bit more about her on Wednesday.

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