Week 7 – Ink

Don’t you guys just love the audition week we had last week?  Like I said before they are always one of my favorites.  Here are the 10 lucky ladies to be competing in Season 11 starting in just a few weeks:
Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah

Wendy @ Craft Goodies
Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog
Amanda @ Simply Homemade
Taylor @ Taylor Made
Morland @ Sew Ronimo
Congratulations!  I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves 🙂
The last we heard of our All Star crafters was during the Build With Wood challenge.  Jessica @ Running With Scissors was our winner that week with her Cottage Side Tables.
Aren’t those great?  I wouldn’t mind having those tables beside anything in my house!  The tutorial will be up tomorrow.
But we had to say goodbye to one more crafter  – Deidre from A Craft a Day – and it was sooo close!
This Pendant light was honestly my favorite from that week.  I love the lacy look that it sort of has with the punched design.  I’m thinking about making one for my craft room.  Make sure you keep up with all the other great stuff Deidre has going on over at her blog.
We’re down to the final three All-Star Crafters this week.  That means that from here on out each crafter will be going home with some fabulous prizes.  But the theme this week really made them work for it.  They all seemed a little stumped at first on how to do an Ink themed craft.

Craft #1 – Thread Sketches by Jessica @ Running With Scissors

The concept I used for ink week is basically having the illusion of pen and ink art, but sewing them with thread and stretching them on handmade wood frames to make finished gallery-wrapped decor canvases.  My goal is to see them and assume it’s a pen sketch on paper, but when you get close you realize it’s all actually sewn on fabric.
What seems to be ink, is actually thread.
In our master bedroom we have a bare, large wall, and I thought the trio of interesting canvases would be cool.  Each structure represents countries important to our family.
First, I have a lot of Britisth ancestors on my side so Big Ben in London made the wall.
Italy’s Colosseum in Rome is mainly for my husband who lived there for a few years before we got married and where we went on our honeymoon trip.
Our last name is French, my husband’s ancestor was a stowaway from Bordeaux to the Americas in the 1670s, so the Eiffel Tower in Paris was important to include.
The process uses free motion sewing to actually sew the sketches of the different European famous structures.  I wanted to make the stark white canvas look like aged paper, so after sewing I dyed each canvas in tea.
To finish it off, I made my own wood frames, and stretched and stapled my sketches across.


I love the finished look, these remind me of something you’d buy from Ballard Designs or Pottery Barn, but in this case they cost me less than $2.00 for the whole set!

Craft #2 – Coloring Sheet Pillowcase by Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts

Ink is such a broad topic!!  I thought of all different ideas, but kept coming back to drawing with Sharpie.  I created the Coloring Sheet Pillowcase – my kiddos have been BIG into intricate coloring sheets lately, so I knew they’d love this.

The best part – if you use washable markers, it’s reusable!!  I thought if this were an infomercial there’d be a tagline song “Color It In, Again and Again!!”

It’s been fun to make it to the top 3!  Here’s hoping for your vote for the Coloring Sheet Pillowcase!

Craft #3 – Disney Movie Quotes by Kim @ A Girl & A Glue Gun

so ink had me stumped…i mean ink!? i had to come up with something or my husband was going to be getting a tattoo. so i made some printables…and used my printer INK to print them out…I shall call these….

and because i’m insane and neurotic..i made over 40….there is something for anyone/situation…there are some from walt himself, some funny ones..some wise words of wisdom…or just some sweet lovey dovey ones…

i printed them on a variety of things….

I think these winnie the pooh ones would be cute as a baby shower gift — and the scary monsters don’t have plaque is going in my bathroom!

and this one is going in my kitchen….

you can go see EVEN more disney quotes at my blog

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  1. says

    I absolutely LOVE the coloring sheet pillowcase! It would be awesome to bring on a plane for kids who get bored, then can fall asleep right on it! The thread/ink art is great! Love the designs!

  2. Tanya says

    Kimbo…I want them all!!! if I only had a hallway that streeeeeeeeeetched! I would put them all there. Each one, each saying I can relate to at one point in time. I spent over an hour looking at all these! Girl you crack me up!! I wish I had someone like you living around me – we would get along like chocolate and peanut butter! SWAK! You got my vote!

  3. windie says

    the first one is beautiful, but how does it qualify for this challenge? its not ink! Disney all the way!

  4. Stephanie says

    I’m always for Disney – but hands down – it wins even if I weren’t for Disney! Great use of “ink”. LOVE IT – Kim – LOVE IT!!!! Signed, the blogstalker 🙂