Week 6 – Build With Wood

Hey! I hope you all had a great weekend!  Our move went well, but this move made me realize a few things: 1 – I hate moving and I never want to do it again & 2 – “small” moves are way worse than big moves.  I was not near as prepared as I thought I was because it was “just up the street so it was no big deal.”  Anyone else done that too?

So I was hoping with last weeks theme the weather would be influenced to go along with us into Spring-time but that obviously didn’t happen.  I hope that you were all safe and sound and dry and warm through all the crazy storms!

Kim was our ROY G BIV winner with her Rainbow Life Rules.

I love how colorful and modern looking it is.  I’ve recently realized that my decorating style has changed from more traditional to contemporary and this would look great on my wall!

We have to say goodbye to Shannon this week though.  I thought her Rainbow Displays were so fun!

I bought a ton of those foam cones a while ago and meant to make something similar but haven’t gotten around to it.  Her purple one with the little flowers and stuff is my favorite and I will  be trying my hand at that one for sure.  Be sure you’re following Shannon on her blog, Shannon Makes Stuff, so you can stay up to date with all her great crafty adventures!

This weeks theme makes me want a garage or outdoor work space really bad.  I have all the saws and tools and things, but they’re all sitting in storage until I have some where to use them.  Someday I’ll be able to Build With Wood again.


Craft #1 – Divided Money Box by Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts

So I’m going with something practical this week.  We are trying to instill good money habits in our kiddos, and were in need of a way to keep everything sorted.  Wood was the perfect medium (because previously we had glass money jugs that busted – in a million tiny shards!).

These have 3 different compartments for our needs, but obviously they’d be customizable.  So vote for me to get all the details on how to build a great and useful wooden divided money box.

And since I wanted the kids to have a vested interest in their box, I let them paint them (even though it’s not what I imagined)  – well, except for my oldest who didn’t care, so I painted his and had fun doing the herringbone pattern in a quick freehand.  Here they are, showing off their boxes

Here’s to hoping for your vote!! – Mandy


Craft #2 – Cottage Side Table by Jessica @ Running With Scissors

I just started building basic furniture last summer, and have loved wood working.  I’m excited to share my “refashioned” nesting tables I transformed into side tables!  My husband did assemble the table saw we got for Christmas, but the design plans, cuts, construction, and finishing for these tables I did all by myself!


I received these little nesting tables as a gift, and my kids broke off the legs and they were too short to do much with.  But I couldn’t just burn them in the fire pit, so I built storage boxes for each one and reconstructed them into side tables with slightly different styles.
The large green table has one large drawer, with a partial cut to look like two separate drawers.  I added “X” details on the ends which I made with a “linking log” type joint.  The main box is made with purchased MDF and pine.
The blue table is made with reclaimed wood, using old fence boards.  The box has a door and butler’s pantry latch for the closure.  My favorite aspect is the herringbone detail on the front of the door.
The yellow table was too small for a drawer or hinged door, so I left it an open style using the same “X” detailing around the three sides and having an open shelf for storage.
Each table ended up in a different room in my house and it’s been great to have an extra storage table and to have saved the original nesting tables and fence boards from the dump!
More info on my blog!

Craft #3 – Dining Table Re-Do by Kim @ A Girl and a Glue Gun

so when we got our list of themes…i saw wood…and it was the only one I instantly KNEW what i was doing! I have been trying to accomplish this project for a year…and i keep putting it off….finding other ways to spend my money or time. so i was reallly hoping i didn’t get kicked off before i got this stinking thing done cause I know if I did it would go on the back burner again!

you see…we are a family of 5. that sits at a table made for 4. For my last birthday my lovely dad was arm twisted into making me a bench to seat the extra kiddo.  So we finally fit.  but we aren’t social outcasts. we wanted to have friends over….and room to have them sit…

(don’t worry..we are getting there!) i took my old existing table…5 boards cut by a hunky home depot worker and built a new bigger top onto of my old table….

i painted the chairs and legs awhile ago (and glazed and distressed them)

i aint’ going to lie. many a time i was in over my head…but hunk number two (husbando) came to my rescue and i gotta say…LOVE IT!

it’s a shame the three little destructable aren’t allowed to use it…or even look at it.

Craft #4 – Modern Pendant Light by Deidre @ A Craft A Day

Unique light fixtures can often be hard to find at an affordable price.  So, instead of dropping that hard earned cash, make it yourself!
I made this pendant light with wood, some recycled materials, and my husbands drill.  With a tad bit of guidance, a vision and patience, this modern wood piece was created.
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  1. Pam S. says

    I’m sorry but I have to go with the side tables. Your money boxes were a perfect project with the children. And I hope to do that with my grandkids.

  2. Brandice says

    Love the round table turned rectangle…. way too ambitious for me to ever attempt, but it turned out awesome! Way to make room for everybody!