Week 5 – ROY G BIV

Hey hey everybody!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I had fun just hanging out with the family and selling all our old furniture on Craigslist.  For the first time in our marriage I get to buy new (not just new to us) stuff and I’m so excited!
So Jessica won the “For Me” challenge last week with her wool pea coat.
I think it’s adorable!  And here’s where I get to brag for her for a minute.  She emailed me a day or so before the project was due to tell me she had to go out of town unexpectedly and that she hadn’t started on the project yet so would need a day extension on it.  I said that was fine, so imagine my surprise when not only did she get it to me on time, but it was one of the first to hit my in-box.  That’s right, she whiped this baby out in like a day!  It would have taken me twice that long just to get up the guts to attempt something like this, let alone actually construct it!  Congrats Jessica!
But we have to say goodbye to Angie this week.  I thought her blog conference tote bag was such a clever idea.
I’m a huge fan of having separate bags inside of one big bag so I personally loved this project.  It would be a prefect concept for a picnic tote or library bag too.  Angie has a fabulous blog over at Country Chic Cottage so make sure you keep up to date with all her goings-on over there!  We’ll miss you Angie!
Have you guys ever heard of They Might Be Giants?  They are a fantastic band I grew up listening to growing up thanks to my older brother.  Well, they will be introducing our theme this week.

Craft #1 – Rainbow Displays by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

If you are like me you had to google ROY G. BIV to even know what it was. But once I figured out it was the colors of the rainbow I knew what I wanted to do. I am not a decorater when it comes to the Holidays. I LOVE homes that are, I’ve just never done it. So I wanted to start with my fireplace and create something that can be diplayed on it year round. Something that could be changed out for each month, but wasn’t too much work. So I decided to create these pieces which I can pair with a holiday pennant garland and take my mantel from plain to walaa! So here is what I ended up coming up with! Rainbow Displays.
Each one is in a different color, (obviously) but each one also has it’s own style and technique giving it a fun collection of textures. On days that we have a birthday at our home I will be displaying ALL of them for that day with a Birthday Pennant Hanging Below.
And for the remaining months I will be pulling the three colors that best represent the holiday that is coming with a matching pennant flag below as well! (I’m actually going to add a white, black, and brown to the mix as well) Here are the sample displays…
In the winning tutorial I’ll show you how to make each display, and how I am going to pair them each month! And if you come visit my blog, I’ll be posting my pennant flags as I create them as well for each month!!!

Craft #2 – Rainbow Life Rules by Kim @ A Girl & A Glue Gun

So i love color. i have a pinterest board dedicated to it! and i just painted my kitchen and wanted a new piece of art that incorporates lots of colors to tie in all the odds and ends i have! so roygbiv it is!

I actually found this wording on a canvas at ross. and i realllllly like it. (My daughter likes the work less part) so i just made it a colorful printable using picnik. Then i used Staples for the actual print and Styrofoam to mount it like a canvas!

and i {of course} had to keep going and make some rainbow hearts (with glue gun! she feels neglected) to play up all the fun color!

it’s bright and colorful and looks great in my kitchen!


Craft #3 – Chevron Swirl Dress by Jessica @ Running with Scissors

To have one project use the full spectrum of primary and tertiary colors was a lot more color than I usually create with.  So I chose to combine all the colors into a little dress.
The bodice is all pieced together, meaning I cut strips from each fabric and sewed it all together.  I chose to have a chevron pattern as the colors create a zig-zag around the body.
I wanted a wide ballet neckline and a simple cap sleeve.
For this dress I chose to use gray as the neutral rather than white to kind of mute the overall palate a little.
The skirt is a full circle (perfect for twirling) featuring graduated bias tape in the varying colors.
I made my own bias tape the different widths to have them gradually get thinner as they worked their way up the skirt.
More info and photos on my blog:

Craft #4 – Recycled Ruffle Skirt and Hair Tie by Deidre @ A Craft A Day

My daughter absolutely LOVES skirts and leggings in the winter.  She loves even more, when I make it for her.  This skirt is one of my favorites to date!
The skirt is made from a women’s shirt and knit material.  The leggings are attached to the skirt at the waistband, allowing for more comfort than separate pieces.
The skirt features a fold over waistband and is extremely comfortable for your little one.  I added a little bit more visual interest by simply sewing on some stitches with embroidery floss.  The skirt can be made with more or less detail, depending on your taste.

 The hair tie pulls the whole outfit together.  What mom doesn’t love matching hair ties?  It’s bright, ruffly, and girly.  Three things little girls love!

Craft #5 – Braided Rainbow Headband by Mandy @ SugarBee Crafts

I am loving the Rainbow theme – – probably because I love bright colors.  My daughters have always loved drawing rainbows, in specific color order, since they were each toddlers.  So I knew I needed to make something for them – and a headband was perfect!

This is a craft that anyone can do!!  I love simple crafts with big impact. And it turns out so cute!!

Here’s to hoping for your vote for the 

Braided Rainbow Headband!!

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  1. Jana says

    I’m not normally one to comment but I wanted to say each of you did a fantastic job this week. Well done on a super-fun theme–it was hard to choose a favorite!