Week 4 – For Me

Howdy Howdy!  I hope you all enjoyed your week of love last week and the great projects that were submitted by our crafters.  I sure had fun.  The hubby, the little and I went bowling on Valentines night.  It was so great.  Then I spent the rest of the week thinking about how cool Deidre’s plates are and about how I can’t wait to make them for myself.
Congrats on your well deserved win Deidre!
But with a win there has to be a loss.  This week it was Kirstin and her Heart Bokeh Photo Shoot.
How clever is that though?  I never would have thought to shape my own bokeh, and I have zero idea how or patience with doing a photo shoot with Abbi and still getting her listen to me so I’m doubly impressed with the project. We’ll miss Kirstin in the competition, but you can keep up with her goings on over at her blog KoJo Designs.
I think that as busy women we don’t take enough time for ourselves.  We’re always doing and making for others.  I love to see what women make when they HAVE to take the time to focus on themselves. That’s why the “For Me” challenge is one of my favorites.

Craft #1 – Blog Conference Tote Bag by Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

Whew…this competition is STIFF!  These girls are blowing me away week after week!  Angie with The Country Chic Cottage here and so glad to be back for “For Me” week.  Believe it or not, this challenge had me stumped.  Literally I had no ideas.  Most of the time I start out making something “for me” and someone else in the house claims it for themselves.  What could I make that truly would be for me?  I am headed to Blissdom this week and that seemed to be the perfect excuse to make myself something.  That is how my Blog Conference Tote Bag idea came to be…
I started with a tote bag I owned from Nest of Posies.  The point is being able to turn any bag you own into your own blog conference bag.  A bag that has a place to put all of your gadgets PLUS room for your wallet and some swag to boot.  I designed a drawstring camera bag that can literally be thrown into any bag or purse — not just for blog conferences.  It helps to protect your camera while being stylish.  I will have a detailed tutorial for it on my blog after the voting ends.
Other items in the bag include a stylish laptop sleeve, a small zippered pouch for your power cord, etc, and a ruffled camera strap to show off your craftiness.  I will link you to all of those tutorials over on my blog.
This project is just for me!  And ya know what?  It feels great to have made something for myself for a change.  I think we all ought to take the “for me” challenge occasionally.

Craft #2 – Miss Mandy Bag by Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts

This week’s challenge was so fun – a chance to make something for myself.  I needed a new bag and I had specific features I wanted it to include, so I decided I needed to make it – and what a perfect project for this theme.  I named it the “Miss Mandy” Bag because it was made just for me!

Most bags have fairly easy and similar construction – it’s the details that take this bag to a whole new level.  The star of the show is the piping detail – not only on all the edges, but also used on the front pocket panel for added design interest.

It’s just perfect for me – open top, over the shoulder, inner and outer pockets, not too small but not too big, and super bright and cheerful.  I am pretty proud that I made the whole thing from scratch (made my own pattern) and would love to show you some tips and tricks.

Here’s to hoping for your vote on the Miss Mandy Bag!!


Craft #3 – Super Soft Fabric Slippers by Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

For Me? When I competed clear back in Season Two this theme was the hardest one for me. So I was kind of bummed to have to do it again! I went with a total different outlook this time, and created something for me… because I know You will want a pair too! Here are my Super Soft Fabric Slippers! They are so comfortable and so stinking cute! Perfect for wearing around the house and not only looking stylish but keeping your toes warm!
They are completely lined with cuddly fleece. They wrap around your legs and feet nice and snug but not too tight, you won’t even know they are there. I added top stitching to all the seams to add that little extra touch. Aren’t the toes just darling?
But the sides are my favorite by far. I added a little decorative detail by adding the faux fur just around the edges of the leg piece. And the three bows that slip into ribbon loops that tie it close, make me smile.
I’m liking these a lot! And I know you will too! They are super easy to make and it will come complete with a pattern you can print! So why not celebrate and make something for YOU! We don’t do it enough! For more pictures of my Super Soft Fabric Slippers come visit me at my blog Shannon Makes Stuff.

Craft #4 – Wool Pea Coat by Jessica @ Running With Scissors

I was encouraged by the challenge to make something for myself, to finally finish something I planned years ago but have never had the guts to attempt.  Almost 3 years ago I bought a few yards of black wool with plans to make myself a nicer winter coat.
I’m really motivated to sew my own coats because my arms are always too long for anything I buy.  It’s like an orangutan or Frankenstein.  So after years of storing my precious wool, I used this week as motivation to make myself a black, wool pea coat.
Since a black pea coat is pretty generic, I decided to add one unique element by switching up the collar.
Rather than doing the usual pointed lapel type, I went high with a feminine off centered scoop collar.
I also used leather braid buttons.
This coat holds the heat.  I chose to line it in blue fleece, so with a full layer of both wool and fleece, this thing is as warm as a snow parka, but a nicer style to dress up or keep it casual.   There’s princess seaming on the front and back, which is typical for most pea coats to give it shape.


It’s too bad Spring is around the corner, I’ll have to wait until next winter to get a lot of use out of it.
I’m just glad I finally got the guts to cut that wool and get it made after 3 years!
It’s sad, but the photo below is the best shot, ignore the weird face.  
I cut off my head, but it just looked even worse if possible.
More info and photos on my blog, along with photos of how far my arms stuck out of my store bought pea coat I’ve been wearing.

Craft #5 – Leather Accessories by Deidre @ A Craft A Day

We all love accessories.  Finding things is different from the rest, however, is not always an easy task.
The necklace is a basic bib necklace made of leather, lace and beads.  It’s not too feminine but has a bit of a girly touch to soften it.
The head band is simple.  Little pieces of leather on a headband.  It pulls it all together.

Craft #6 –  The Big Yellow Purse by Kim @ A Girl & A Glue Gun

for me! huh! i hardly ever really make stuff for myself. I mean i make stuff to decorate my house…and i refashion stuff so it fits better…and when i make stuff for my kids it makes them happy and in return makes me happy…but i really never full on make stuff for myself!

So i pulled out a big pile of papers that i have ripped out of magazines and kept…(you know…before pinterest) and found this lovely yellow purse. and i thought..yes. i would love a big yellow purse…

so i got to it…

and I have to say..love making stuff for myself. i was trying to decide if i should put ruffles on the handles…and it thought..i love ruffles…so ruffles it was!

i lined the inside with this gray polka dot fabric….but i loved it so much that i added strips of it to the sides of my bag. (you know..cause it’s for me…and i can do what i want.) I also added big pockets…cause i ALWAYS need bigger pockets!!!

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    I really wanted to vote for the Mandy Purse BUT my kids insisted that I learn how to make the slippers!! lol All these crafts are AWESOME this week. Can’t we learn how to make them all?!