We have a winner!!


Man! So you guys like a close race don’t you?  Only 2 votes separated Jamie & Autumn.  How crazy is that?! But in the end Autumns Modern Denim Quilt pulled ahead.  How more modern can you get than ombre with diagonal straight stitching?  And she sure did those exceptionally well.  I’m a total fan.


She had so many great projects this season with a few wins under her belt.  She was sure a favorite this season. Here they are:


And for her fabulous work this season and for her 1st place win she gets some fabulous prizes from a few of our awesome sponsors!

A $25 gift card to Sassy Steals,

Sassy Steals is home for GREAT deals on homemade treasures and the PERFECT solution for small shops to sell their inventory fast…AND there’s even more! Every Friday one lucky winner will win a few of the handmade items featured the week before.
One weekend each month, they host an online Sassy Steals Boutique. This event features several vendors and over 100 items at amazing prices for the entire weekend!  CRAZINESS, right!!!  I told you that you were going to be TOTALLY loving this site!!!  Here are a few ways to keep in touch with Sassy StealsFacebookTwitter,PinterestNewsletter!!!
Patterns from Yarn Blossom Boutique
Hello my name is Melissa and I am the creator behind Yarn Blossom Boutique!  My love of crochet began as a teenager when I taught myself how to make afghans and other simple projects.  My knowledge and experience grew over the years.  However, I would go months without picking up a crochet hook because of my love to create anything crafty with my hands.  In college I studied interior design and floral design and enjoyed working in these fields, but my biggest dream came true when I became a mommy and was able to stay home with my kids (now ages 4 and 3).
I loved being a new mom, but really missed having a creative outlet.  Then I remembered how much I enjoyed crocheting and discovered it was the perfect medium for me!  I was constantly making items for my kids or friends and after being asked repeatedly if I sold my creations I began to think about starting an Etsy shop.
In March of this year I took the plunge and Yarn Blossom Boutique came into exsistance.  I LOVE creating crochet patterns.  It is the perfect design outlet for me and gives me the opportunity to share my creations with others and see them have joy in working with their hands as I do!
& a $30 gift card to the Simply Handmade Shop

As a crafty busy mom of 5, my Etsy business is my way of feeding my frenzied fabric/craft supply addiction and getting my designs out of my head and into real life.

Simply Homemade actually started out as a cloth diaper shop but with the original name (Bitty Bumz) I realized there was no way to ever branch out so I started the painful process of re-naming, re-stocking, and re-designing. Now I can pretty much sell anything my little self feels like making including diapers. Currently it’s bags, clutches, and earrings but I have plans to eventually sell patterns and kits for the DIYer! For those of you who love originality, I’m working on the “design your own bag” listing. Choose your favorite strap, body, flap, hardware, and fabrics to create a one of a kind bag. I’m really excited for this one!

I take great pride in my work and I always take the extra time to offer well made products. I love sending my handiwork out into the world to be loved by someone new and I’m really excited to have the opportunity of sponsoring this season of SYTYC. Missy is one of the sweetest and most wonderful ladies to work with so I appreciate her willingness to let me on as a sponsor. Good luck to all the amazing ladies this season!!

During the duration of this season I’m offering free shipping for any purchase with the coupon code SYTYC 


$25 gift card to 10Terra

10Terra cases are a cool way to protect your iPad, iPhone, or Nexus 7 devices in an environmentally sustainable way.   We make all of our products from sustainable or recycled material.  Our sleeves and cases are made from bamboo and eco-felt.

Now, through October 1st we’re raising funds through Kickstarter to pay for a production run.  You can support us on Kickstarter by pre-ordering one of our products.  If we fall short of our fund raising goal, your credit card will not be charged.

By pre-ordering through Kickstarter you’ll not only be the first in line to receive our new eco-friendly products, you’ll also help us expand the number of smartphones and tablets we can produce cases for.

Thank you for your pledge!!

10Terra is committed to customer delight, sustainable products, and social responsibility.  If you are interested in learning more about our charitable work, please visit our site here.


A $40 gift card from Kollabara

Kollabora is a new online community and learning platform for modern makers and crafters. Taking its name from the latin word collaboro, meaning ‘to work together,’ Kollabora was born out of a desire to form connections between people who make great things and inspire those who are new to crafting to pick up a project and experience the enjoyment of being absorbed in the art of making something. The site provides inspiration through a curated collection of designer and community created content. All the know-how
necessary is available through a library of instructions and tutorials to help users acquire new techniques and the very best project materials are available through Kollabora’s online marketplace.
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