Voting is still open! {and thank you!!}

Hey guys!  Just wanted to drop in with two quick things.

First, the voting is still open!  Because of the problems we had with the poll (which turned out to be my fault due to some typo’s in the coding :\ ) I’ve decided to extend voting until tomorrow night.  And the results will be announced on Monday along with the new challenge.

So go vote!

And second,  Thank you so much for all the kind things you’ve emailed to me since my announcement on Wednesday.  I re-read the post yesterday and realized it was a pretty downer post.  Don’t worry!  I’m happy and I’m hopeful, I really am.  I was just trying to be realistic with you all about my thoughts on leaving.

And it’s not like I’ll be leaving the online world for ever – I’ve made too many friends and have too much fun here.  I will still have the 3 hours a day Abi is at preschool, and the nights that my husband works late to do my crafting (there’s no way I’d be able to just give that up).  So I’m still going to have my shop (that I’m still working on stocking with the stuff I already have made) and my other blog.

What’s great about them is that there isn’t always a deadline looming over my head during family time. There’s not a tight schedule that people are waiting on like there is here on SYTYC.  If I decide that I would rather go to the park than post the new cinnamon bread recipe I made, then I will go to the park and I won’t even spare a thought about that bread :)  It will allow me to focus on me and my family and I’m so excited!

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