Upcycled {week 5}

Is it just me or are these summer weekends going too fast?  Mine sure are! At least we get to see the next challenge faster 🙂

Last weeks challenge was the Knock-Off challenge and we had some great stuff! Ashley T was our winner with her knock-off of an Anthro pillow.

Hello pin tucking. You are gorgeous.

But we have to say good bye to Camilla.  Her awesome Nautical Bag would be a fantastic beach tote.  Right?

Be sure you check out her blog, Candied Apples for more great projects and tutorials.  You won’t be disappointed, believe me.

And here are the rest of the “who’s who”:

#1 – Anthro Double Dutch Tote – Ashley L
#2 – Twinkie Chan Scarf – Amy
#3 – Anthro Pillow – Ashley T
#4 – Pier 1 Directors Chairs – Laura
#5 – Anthro Nautical Bag – Camilla
#6 – Pottery Barn Bike Basket – Randi

And now for this week’s challenge…Upcycled!  The voting will be open until Friday night (July 22) so be sure to vote for your favorite and send your friends, too!

Craft #1 – T-Shirt Yarn Knit Market Bag – Randi @ Dukes & Duchesses

For the Upcycle challenge, I took used yellow t-shirts from a thrift store {a steal at 99 cents a piece}, cut them into t-shirt yarn, and knit a sturdy market bag.
The market bag has a long shoulder strap and lots of room for all those fresh summer fruits and veggies.
The t-shirt yarn is very sturdy, making this bag just right for carrying groceries.  It would even make the perfect beach bag.
What a fun way to use up old shirts!

Craft #2 – Ruffle Bag – Ashley @ Cherished Bliss

Ok, first off I feel I should warn you I am a winter, black, grey, and layers kinda person. So this is not meant to be a summery purse, but I love it none the less and can’t wait to use it!
It all started with this skirt
I love this skirt, but I got it before I had kids almost 4 years ago. It doesn’t fit anymore. If I could count how many times I put it in a donate pile or in a garage sale and the quickly took it out because I always thought I can loose weight and get back it in. Which I am proud to say I could actually put it back on. But you know how nothing ever goes back the same after kids… it just didn’t look right anymore. But I still saved it and it kinda hurt me a little to chop it up. I was a little nervous I was going to ruin it and not like what I did with it… But I’m glad I finally got to use it and I love the purse!


and are you ready for my favorite part?! I have kids so you know how you’re always digging around for stuff and can’t EVER find it? Well… I left the zipper on the side so that it opens up even WIDER, you can actually see what you are looking for! So.much.fun!
It makes me giddy! : )

Craft #3 – Monogram Wall Hanging – Laura  @ EmmieLu Designs

Upcycle is by far my favorite theme because upcycling is what I love to do!! I love the idea of using something old and ick in a new and innovative way. This week I used the following ingredients:
– and old beat up plaque [which you could make yourself uber-easily using remnants from the home depot]
– antique buttons I scored at a thrift store for $1
I added a bit of paint and some hot glue … and here is what I came up with:

 This little beauty is not little at all, it is massive but lightweight and is adorned with a great little monogram for some newlyweds I know. They plan to hang it over their bed next to a cute little sign that says “always kiss me goodnight” …. how sweet??? 
I hope you all love love love it!

Craft #4 – Terra Cotta Vase – Ashley @ Not Just Grannies

With no shortage of old gaggy vases that abound at goodwill, I decided there HAD to be a way to upcycle one into a terra cotta style vase, so reminiscent of Pottery Barn. Here was my opportunity.

One Lowe’s trip and a few coats later, I was able to turn this

into this!

It is the perfect accent to my previously boring entry table.

Craft #5 – Placemat Tote – Amy @ Spicy Tuesday Crafts

My favorite part about summer is the colors. All the stores have bright displays out and I love to browse and see what the new color schemes are for housewares and fashion. My sister recently sent me a care package in which she included several fantastically bright placemats. And while I love how this yellow one looked on my table:
I decided I wanted to be able to enjoy it more than just at mealtimes so I made it into a summery bag!
I added a double-sided (for added stability) ribbon for the handles and mitred the corners so it will stand up on the table by itself. It’s fully washable and dryable and stain-repellant because in real life it’s still a placemat. It’s just big enough for an on-the-go summer — my wallet, keys, phone, and a granola bar for the kids. I could also toss in a magazine or novel for those long hours by the pool.
I love how it looks hanging on my kitchen chair and can’t wait to give it a try!

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  1. says

    I LOVE the idea of making yarn from old t-shirts, knitting them up into something awesome! I’ve never seen anything like that before. What a fun and creative idea!

  2. Elizabeth says

    What a fun, festive market bag! And who would have ever thought to turn old t’s into yarn? Great idea!