Upcycled {week 5}

*If you missed the Scraps result post you can find it here*

How many of you have a pile of stuff with grand plans to overhaul it all and dazzle everyone with your ingenuity?  I have a pile like that.  Only my pile fills our storage unit. Much like this…


I’ve moved that stuff from the west coast to the east coast (literally), but never gotten around to it.  I do have big plans for it all though (I’ve even been working on some of them!) and those plans have a big announcement that I’ll share with you all in the next little bit.  I’m super excited about it!

These ladies have gone a long way to giving me the motivation to Upcycle some of my stuff into great things.  The poll, just like last time and the time before that, will be in the sidebar and open until Friday night.

Craft #1 – Tea Table and Stools – Kimberly @ Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me

I couldn’t wait to cross something off my list for the upcycle challenge… I’ve been meaning to make a tea table and chairs for MONTHS.  I found the perfect little table for $2 (!) at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and couldn’t wait to dig in!  The problem was, I couldn’t find the perfect little chairs to match.  I was at my wits end until my husband told me I had to do something about…

… the empty kitty litter boxes in our basement!  That combined with the theme this week was enough to kick me into gear.  When I was finished, I had Tea for Two: Tea Table and Stools.

Everything on the table (and decorating the stools) was thrifted/recycled/upcycled for a chic little tea party.  The “stools” were spray painted and upholstered with pieces from a  vintage sheet, which was pleated on all sides and trimmed with vintage lace.  The attached cushions are comfy AND cute, and fortunately don’t affect the overall functionality of the stools – storage!  They flip up from the side and snap down tight.  The old end table got a facelift and a LITERAL lift – a stabilizing new base – and the top was hand-painted in a soft gold.  (An added touch for the party – all of the china, trays, vases, etc. were thrifted, cleaned and some were sprayed with paint to match.  The dessert tray was created with two saucers, some large wood beads and E6000.  Even the little hostess is dressed in vintage attire!)

The stools came together well, so I couldn’t help but make a third, just in case another guest dropped in unexpectedly.  When you’re all finished with the party, cleanup is easy – just whisk all of the fixings into a stool!  Another stool can hold a few beloved tea party goers (don’t know about you, but stuffed animal storage is sorely needed around here…)  All in all, our hostess thinks this upcycle is a huge hit!

Craft #2 – iPad Case – Angela @ The Wray Sisters

With 2 dinner napkins and a thrifted belt I created myself an iPad case.
collage 3
I love how it all came together. It is even lined with fleece to keep the screen from getting scratched up. Now I can throw the iPad in the diaper bag or my purse and not worry about it sticking to leftover fruit snacks or whatever happens to find it’s way to the bottom of my purse.
Here is a look at the inside  of the case.
collage 4

Craft #3 – Skirt to Purse – Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog


I’ve had this skirt for a year now; donated by a friend who thought I’d be able to do something with it. I have been looking for a new sack purse to carry all my summer goodies and just couldn’t find anything that was quite right. Plus I’ve been looking to down size all my craft stock for a move so this theme came at just the right time. I made this fun summer sack purse out of a skirt with three patterns on it.

Craft #4 – Patio Umbrella – Wendy @ Craft Goodies

I had a great project in mind–I was going to make over a mirror for my entry way. Hauled the mirror 1400 miles to my dad’s house so I could work on it there, went to get it out of the car and STEPPED on  it!!! UGH! But bad became good because I now have this little gem…
A sassy new umbrella for my patio set back at home!
 (And some fun pillows to match.)
So she started out like this:
…so sad, just beige and boring.
But now, with the help of my sewing machine and a few bright and beautiful tableclothes,
I get to enjoy my summer days in bold, colorful style!

Craft #5 – Fresh New Wallet – Amanda @ Simply Homemade

I have to tell you, this theme for some reason, had me running around in circles all week. I seriously started and abandoned 2 different projects and thought of a handful more. By Wednesday I was in a panic, so I meandered around my craft room hoping for some inspiration. I dug around my “to re-purpose”  box and found an old houndstooth skirt that was dying to become a pretty hand bag…..but I made wallets instead.

I’ve been meaning to draft a wallet pattern for a long time. It turns out this was just the push I needed. Each wallet has card pockets, a spot for cash, and a handy dandy zippered pouch! I sort of love them, and may turn some of the Husband’s jeans into wallets as well….shhh! Don’t tell.


Craft #6 – Summer Dress – Jama Cool People Sew

This was another fun week!
I had a few pieces of clothing that just didn’t fit the same 🙂
So I combined them and created something new.
Simple, but cool summer dress.
Crochet belt
Super easy and very thrifty!
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  1. Sylvie Ward says

    I am just loving everything this site has to offer.
    I just love the umbrella. While looking at it, I felt
    a sense of peace. My busy and chaotic life could
    give me some sense of semblance by just it’s presence .
    Keep up the good work. You people are so talented

  2. says

    All the projects are so great! Bummer about the gal that broke her mirror, but what a great idea for the umbrella! Thanks for hosting this competition, I look forward to check out the new challenge every week.

  3. Michaela.m says

    These are so cool! i love the ipad cover, but the purse is awsome! Well done!