Upcycled – Week 4 (with results)

*K guys, I’m so glad that poll daddy keeps the polls available to embed again, and with the current votes it had, and that the crafters all send me their stuff in html so it’s pretty speedy to get back up.  I’m still not sure why everything disappeared, but here’s the Upcycle challenge again.*

Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom was our winner last week with her ADORABLE Sweet Minky outfit.  I bet Abbi would love one just like that.

We had to say good by to Elle, however.  As someone with chronic cold toes I’m hoping she’ll have a tutorial up on her site, The Crazy Gecko, So I can make myself a pair.  Be sure to check out what she’s up too.

This week is another favorite from seasons past, Upcycled, and they didn’t disappoint this time either.

Craft #1 – Knit Jammies – Becky @ Corduroy’s Closet

To put it lightly, I’m kinda obsessed with sweaters. And when I see cute ones in thrift stores I can’t pass up on buying them. Even if they don’t fit right. All the sweaters below came to under $5 total.

But what do you do with sweaters that you are never going to wear because they look horrible on you but could be oh so cute? Up cycle them into jammies for your little ones! And with the leftover fabric you up cycle that even more into hats, mittens, booties, ect.

So for under $5 and in under an hour I now have 3 new pairs of warm winter jammies with matching hats and mittens. So simple anyone can make these. And so cute I don’t mind letting them stay in them all day and possibly running a few errands in them. (We are going on day 3 in a row of wearing the pink ones.)

Craft #2 – Custom Lined Canvas Bins – Amy @ Positively Splendid

Over the years, my household has acquired an abundance of two things in particular: 1) little items that need to be stored away in some semblance of order; and 2) diaper boxes. I actually think there could be some sort of mathematical equation that could show the direct relationship between the presence of those two categories! I have been in the market for some storage boxes to stow away movies, remotes and games in our living room, but each time I would look into purchasing some, I was stopped in my tracks by the appallingly outrageous prices asked by places like Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs. So, in the spirit of upcycling, I decided to make some on my own, for a fraction of the cost! Curious to know how I did it?

What began as three diaper boxes became in just a couple of hours a chic collection of lined, numbered canvas bins. The custom look of these really belies the fact that they all started off life as a vessel for holding diapers, don’t you think? My head is already dancing with ideas for all of the other rooms in my house that will get a set of similar containers!

Craft #3 – Knit Sheet Cheer Outfit – Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations

My New Years Resolutions:
1. Use fabrics from my stash.
2. Workout regularly.

Well… I’ve been following my workout routine pretty well and my girls are loving it.
They do my workout videos with me and they are in love with my sports bras.

So this weeks challenge has given me the opportunity to keep my other resolution.

I LOVE working with knits and I love trying new patterns and techniques.
These knit sheet sets are great for practicing. They are REALLY cheap for how much fabric is in there and I see them on sale ALL the time. BUY SOME! You can try all sorts of patterns and make muslins for clothes for yourself without feeling guilty if you mess up.

Sometimes you will come up with something sweet and adorable and wearable.

These workout outfits for my girls went together so quickly!
I’m so pleased with how they came out.

My girls were pretty excited, too!

I was definitely channeling my inner Fraulein Maria and Scarlett O’Hara; Great Women in ‘history’ have always made due with what they had.
It’s a great lesson and it’s FUN to upcycle!

Craft #4 – Upcycled Candle Holder Lamp – Meredith @ My Magic Mom

I wanted a new lamp and my budget didn’t correspond with what I wanted. So I took this week’s challenge to get my creative juices flowing to upcycle something to make a new lamp. After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with the idea of using candle holders to make a lamp.

I love the look of the of the glass now. It looks so much like milk glass. It was great to get a hand-me-down lamp to use for parts. That made the project so much more affordable.

For the finishing touch, I recovered a lamp shade to coordinate with the base and to get just the look I wanted.

Craft #5 – Coat turned Laptop Pillow – Lisa @ Crafting My Way Through Life

I was stumped for an up-cycled
project and decided to go though a bin of old clothes in my sewing
room to see if inspiration struck – and it did! I haven’t worn this
coat in years because it is a tad small and has some stains that won’t
wash out. But I’ve saved it because I was in love with the lining and
always knew it would eventually become something else.

Today was this old coats
day because it can be loved again as a laptop pillow. I’ve been
meaning to make something small that isn’t too bulky for my laptop to
rest on – beside my legs. For overall comfort and well sometimes the
battery gets a little too warm for my liking.

Part of the reason this coat worked so well for this
project was because it had many buttons. The buttons are an important
part of the design because they allow the laptop to rest on the pillow
without having the pillow suffocate the fan. Below is a front and back
All parts of the pillow cover are from the
coat. I added some quilting to make the new design pop. I even reused
the layer of batting that was in the coat. I am really enjoying it so
far and when I’m not using the pillow for my laptop it looks great on
my couch!
Thanks for stopping by to check
out my project.

Craft #6 – Boot Cut to Skinny Jean – Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy

Lets face it, we all know how HARD it is to find the perfect fitting jeans. I’m curvy and tall. I get gaps in the back, high water issues and sometimes a muffin top too… But after years of searching I finally found my perfect brand. Old Navy size 10 bootcut jeans long work best for my body! They have the perfect amount of stretch and strength, length and the perfect waists. A few years ago I head a rumor that they were going to be closing with the recession so the next time they had a sale ($10 each) I bought a TON!!! I’m SET… BUT since they are all bootcut I’m a little out of fashion now that Skinny jeans are all the rage. (this is just ONE of my drawers of jeans…)


Last time I wore Skinny’s I was a size 4. Very different from my current size and body. I thought I could never wear skinny jeans again because I have big knees (genetics) and large calf’s (from all the heels I wear???). Then recently a wonderful blogging friend convinced me to try them out… She was right about it, they look AMAZING on me. BUT the pair I bought myself isn’t the right brand for me! They have WAY too much stretch and after just a few hours I could pull them off without even unbuttoning them. Crazy! So I turned to my favorite brand… But I just can’t justify buying myself MORE jeans when I OWN like 20, never been worn, pairs already!!!


So I started thinking about it… How to not spend money and bring a little bit of fashion back into this mommy’s life! I decided to turn a few pairs into Skinny’s myself! All it took was a rotary cutter (I almost lost my finger with the rotary cutter on these jeans- SERIOUSLY, just wait until you all see the GASH!), 2 colors of denim thread and a denim needle! All of which I already owned. They turned out AMAZING! The first one turned out a bit more straight leg, the 2nd pair perfectly skinny all the way. I LOVE wearing them, I feel like a million bucks! And not to be left out I took my daughters HUGE flare leg jeans and made her some Skinny’s too! Adorable! Now I just need that perfect pair of tall scrunchy boots to wear over my jeans (for now my huge collection of stiletto’s will have to do!)!


Want to make your own pair? I’ll give you all the tips and tricks I learned while making mine!

Craft #7 – Ruffle T-Shirt Dress – Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom

I’m so excited about this week! I discovered this shirt at Goodwill a few months ago and since then, I’ve been dying to turn it into a dress and diaper cover.

This adorable striped dress is made from the body of the shirt with a sweet ruffle details across the bodice. The diaper cover is cleverly made from the sleeves!

It’s soft, comfy, and the perfect tshirt dress for summer play. Bring on the warm afternoons!

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  1. Sarah says

    I just found your site & love it. (thanks briton) I’m not really crafty but this post made me excited to try out projects. Love love love #’s 1,2,6, & 7. Too many I know but I’m desperate! But if I had to pick a favorite-2.

  2. Marykay says

    These are all AMAZING! Seriously, I want to make every single one of these. I have no idea who to vote for…

  3. Shannon says

    I just want to mention that on 12/14/2010, my family lost our home to a fire. It was started by a laptop that was on a pillow. Please never leave it unattended!