Upcycled Crafts {week 5}

So my week started out a little rough (fyi – driving from Cleveland to Minneapolis with only your 2 year old daughter takes way longer than planned when you get the flu and have to stop every 10 minutes…and it’s no fun), but it got drastically better when my best friend/sister-in-law and her family flew in for a visit.  How did your week go?

Celeste from Celestial’s Creations pulled in a win with her Fish Bowl Matching Game.

It was a huge hit and we’ll have the tutorial up soon.

We had to say goodbye to Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs.

Her Car Caddie didn’t make the cut but she has some fantastic stuff on her blog, so make sure you go check it out.

We’ve still got 6 amazing ladies in the running:

Terra @ Mama Says Sew
Jessica @ Mad In Crafts
Bessie @ Besserina
Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane

and they’re competing for some fantastic prizes from our sponsors:

3rd place will receive … a Rose Garden Puff Stitch Beanie & a Lucy Rose PDF Pattern from Cherished Bliss & a pair of ornaments from Belle Adore!

2nd place will receive … a gift basket from The Toasted Coconut, a gift basket of handmade items & Norwegian fabric from Bless, by Tone & 3 sewing patterns from The Crochet Diva!

1st place will receive … a $25 gift card to Lily Bella Fabrics, 4 ebooks from Whimsy Couture, a gift basket from Sweet Old Etcetera & a $30 gift card from CK Originals!

Thank you sponsors!!

This weeks challenge is the Upcycled Challenge.  The poll will be open until Friday at 9 pm MST.  We had mixed opinions on the hidden results polls.  I think, based on the comments and emails I received about it, that most of you like instant gratification :).  We’ll be going back to the old poll system this week.

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Craft #1 – T-Shirts to Pajamas – Emily @ Nap Time Creations

I loved this challenge! I really enjoy re-making clothing to something different and new. Kids can always use new pajamas, so I was excited to tackle making my own patterns and trying make some cute clothes. I used Carters PJ line as inspiration. I know its not knock-off week, but a girl needs some inspiration!
My t-shirts turned into adorable pajamas.
This project took three shirts, used in different combinations to create two different (yet similar) sets of pajamas. Getting the models to co-operate was a challenge! (Faces covered to keep anonymity) I put cute felt trucks on the front, which the boys love. One is a cement mixer and the other a dump truck.
I think the feature I am most proud of is the fact that the pants can be footies OR footless. Whatever you want, or whatever the weather needs. They just fold up or down depending on how you want to wear them. nice!

Craft #2 – House Number Art – Jessica @ Mad In Crafts

materials collage
I took my first trip to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore last week, and I think I may be hooked.  There is DIY inspiration on every aisle… for cheap!  When I saw the house numbers, I immediately knew I wanted to use them for this week’s upcycling project.  I paced around the aisles for another material to complete the project and was thrilled to find these old cabinetry samples on a 75% off sale!  Quality wood, pre-stained and finished for 25 cents?  Yes, please.
house number art instagram
I transformed the numbers into a great modern piece for our stark upstairs hallway.  I have seen similar looks in high end design catalogs, but by upcycling used materials I was able to make this whole piece for $7!
detail collage
I used contrasting hardware to emphasize the industrial look of the piece (also because that’s all I had on-hand :P).  I love the character that the used house numbers add to each panel.  Some of them are reflective; some are textured.  I am so happy with the finished product!

Craft #3 – Sheet Music Flowers – Bessie @ Besserina

I upcycled vintage sheet music into a grouping of folded paper flowers.
I have a collection of old music, I love the worn pages, the graceful pattern of notes.
Although I’ve never been able to actually read the notes, 🙂 I got a D in 10th grade music class, but I still think sheet music is beautiful.
So I gathered some pages and started folding until I came up with these.
Each one has it’s own texture and size.
Hanging together I think they will make a whimsical conversation piece!

Craft #4 – A Red Piano – Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane

Could you imagine my excitement when my friend gave me this beauty? She thought it was beyond repair!  It was sorely beat up, missing pegs, a broken key, cracking finish, but I knew underneath it all  was a gem.
All I needed to do was convince my hubby that this piano would be great… then I had to convince him that this piano would be great  RED!
A little elbow grease… okay OKAY, a lot of elbow grease later, the piano makes a statement!  I covered the piano bench with black and white hounds tooth fabric, and a big fat cushion!  I really love how it turned out, it is such a fun piece!
It is amazing what paint, sandpaper, glaze, and polyurethane can do to an old worn out piano!

Craft #5 – Boy Booty Bag – Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations

Everyone needs a place to keep their loot.  I have always felt bad that it’s not more socially acceptable for guys to carry bags.  I wouldn’t want to walk around and have people make fun of my “murse.”

Young boys are untainted by a lot of those social expectations.  My son loves to load up my bags and purses with all his toys and carry them around.   More than once I’ve gotten to the store to find my wallet under a pile of little toys (you think I’d have noticed before that…hm.)

There are a few problems for someone who is about 3 feet tall carrying adult bags.  Either the straps are too long and the bag drags on the floor, or the bag is really big, gets too full of toys, and can’t be lifted.

For the upcycle challenge, I started with these:

Two child size belts, a corduroy sport coat, the bottom of my mom’s too long curtains, and a few scraps from an old shirt.

And turned it into this.

A pirate booty bag.  Ready to load up with all his treasures.   And just the right size for his size.

Using a piece of clothing provided me with buttons, pockets, and other details that ended up giving the bag a lot of character.


I added some ship steering wheels  to the lining to give a more nautical look.  The jacket pockets made great pockets for the inside and outside of the bag. Throw in a treasure map and you’re ready to set out on a pirating adventure.
I knew my son was young enough for a boy bag this week when he said, “Mom, I want to punch something,” and he meant that he wanted to use my scrapbook supplies to punch some flower shapes in paper.

I love that kid.  And he loves his bag.

Craft #6 – Swirled Circles Lamp – Terra @ Mama Says Sew

What do you get when you mix a thrifted bedsheet and an old lampshade? A much better lampshade of course!
I picked up this lampshade at a garage sale for $1. The white flat sheet was $1.99 at my local thrift store. After a lot of work, they came together to make a lampshade that I love.  I also spray painted a base I already had {no before pic-sorry!} with an oil-rubbed bronze spay paint.  The lampshade is inspired by one I found here.
I was hoping the red would show through when the light was on and give it a nice rosy glow, and it did! I love the way the swirly circles look with the light on and the light off.
This project took a lot of time, but I’m happy with the results.
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  1. says

    This is almost impossible!!! How am I supposed to choose? Each week the projects just get better and better and my crafting to-do list just gets longer and longer!! Agh!

  2. says

    I’m guessing the piano still doesn’t work? If so, meh. Looks pretty but I need function too.

    I’m sad Circle Lamp is getting the boot, so cute!

    • says

      Now that the competition is over, I can comment… The Piano does work, the only thing wrong with it is the top of a black key is missing, and our piano tuner has an extra… believe me I would not redo a piano that did not work…. way to much work for that. Thank for the comment.


  3. Rachel says

    A little frustrated – week after week I see ‘copy cat’ crafters making it through to the next round. How many ‘t-shirt to pajamas’ craft projects have you seen. Dont get me wrong, they are ADORABLE, but a simple google search will show a gazillion similar projects. In addition – what is so crafty about re-painting a piece of furniture … Thats not an upcycle – its a restoration!

    Although its still fun to see what people come up with each week – I think the ‘competition’ aspect has become a bit unfair.