Upcycled Crafts {week 5}

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend!  I sure did, and with how great it was I totally forgot about all things blog.  It feels really good to do that sometimes, but I usually try to have the post scheduled. Sorry this one is late!

Kate @ See Kate Sew is on a roll you guys!  She was the winner again last week with her Scrap US Map Wall Hanging.

That would be so fun in a playroom.  You could add a little something to each of the places you’ve visited/lived.  How fun!

But we had to let someone go. This week it was Charity @ Cannwin.

That pacifier holder is genius (I spent 20 minutes last night finding a binkie for Abbi, and she doesn’t even like to use them…she just wants it next to her…)! You should totally go check out Charity’s blog.  She has got some great stuff.  And while you’re there wish her some luck.  She’s about to make a huge cross-country move.

This weeks theme is another one I love.  If I had been thinking when I was making the season schedule I would have make this last weeks challenge seeing how it was Green Week and Earth Day and all.  Anyway, this week we get to see their Upcycled projects.

I’ve had a few questions lately about how you should vote.  Really, it’s up to you.  you can choose your favorite, the most original, the most colorful, the smallest, the biggest… Whatever you want really.  I think most people go for the most most original or their favorite.

The polls will be open until next Friday, April 29th so hurry and vote before than, and send your friends over too!

PS – There’s a 20% off your entire purchase coupon for Michaels running in my sidebar {or header} this week.  It’s good on everything, even sale items! Go ahead and grab one {I think you may be able to even grab more than one…not totally sure, but it’s worth a try…}

Craft #1 – Not your Grandma’s Bifocals… – Becky @ Beckymae’s Journey

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old pair of glasses besides donate them. Well now you can create your own wearable art from the old lens of those out dates glasses. I had several pairs, so I was able to create several different pieces, you can put a picture of your beautiful children and create a pendant, (bonus…its large enough to see their face and also magnified) magnet for the fridge with your favorite saying, capture a piece of your grandma’s wedding dress lace and make a vintage necklace or create a more modern hairclip with your child’s favorite print. The ideas are endless what you can make from a old pair of glasses!

Craft #2 – My Fair Lady Ascot Races Dress – Shannon @ GoogieMomma

So what’s a girl to do if all she’s got to upcycle is an old referee shirt, some used lace curtains and some wire hangers?


Why, make a dress and go to the races, of course!


One of my all-time favorite movie costumes…and probably one of the most recognizable–this was a blast to recreate!


Besides the hangers, curtains and ref shirt, this outfit upcycled a curtain rod, some fabric scraps, yarn–even some grass from the neighbor’s lawn! But together–it all works!
(click here to see a photo of the original gown worn by the gorgeous Ms. Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady)

Craft #3 – Pinkalicious Chandelier – Tori @ Apostrophy Designs

I typically love sewing projects and found myself stumped for the Upcycled Challenge, so I decided to come up with a craft for my sewing table.

I took a drab, old, and dingy flower basket and turned it into a Pinkalicious Chandelier!

Not only did this turn out to be stunning and elegant, it is actually functional!

Can’t wait to start sewing up some PRETTY things to match my new lighting fixture!

Craft #4 -Vintage Suitcase Chair – Kate @ See Kate Sew

I love vintage luggage! It’s so nostalgic to me, I always am reminded of my grandfather’s travel journal that he wrote in the 40s. As a bonus, this suitcase smelled like my grandpa’s house when I bought it! Talk about nostalgia.

When I think of upcycling, I think of turning something into something completely different. So I picked up this old suitcase for under $3 and upcycled it into a chair. I even used some extra sheets for a double upcycled. I whipped out the power tools for this one; added some legs, tufted cushions and a few other details. And you’ve got yourself a statement piece. As a bonus, it’s sooo comfy to sit on.

I love that it still looks like a suitcase, it has an old world appeal.  This may be the start of my (and yours?) vintage chic decor. So kick up your heels and take a seat in this vintage suitcase chair.

Craft #5 – Bath Robe to Old Molly Dress – Tone @ Bless by Tone

This week has had me going back and forth. I’ve made no more than
three projects. This one was the last one I made – and I couldn’t be more
happy with it. I now have a new dress – and it fits perfectly. You see, I
had my mind set on making a pallets head board, but then of course a lot
of blogs posted it – just before this weeks challenge, and I had to start
thinking again. I had this bath robe, and it sort of reminded me of an Odd Molly dress, and I decided it
could turn into a look-alike. Not to mention the original costs $ 202 –
wow, it’s expensive.
I cut off the hideous collar and the excess fabric in the front. I sewed
it up again, making a fake buttoning. I added some lace (an old curtain)
at the bottom for some extra length. I used the ruffle on the collar as a
ruffle around the neckline. The z – really showing people it’s sleep-wear,
was covered with a piece from the curtain. I also added a heart in the
back – with the same curtain. Odd Molly dresses usually has some sort of
I am thrilled with my new dress, and I hope you like it too.

Craft #6 – Morning Glory – Jill @ Made it on Monday

I love repurposing clothes that would normally be passed over and instead making something beautiful. I used a men’s dress shirt, a very large woman’s shirt, and an old jumper to make a dress that could fit right in at Shabby Apple.
The marigold yellow top, ruffled accent around the neckline and down the front, and sweet sleeves beautifully pop in contrast with the gray, button down skirt.
An old elastic belt with a flower clip embellishment allows for a transition between fun and function—making this dress perfect for work, church, or a night out!
Who would have thought that these outcasts could be upcycled into something so lovely?
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  1. says

    Oh wow it feels strange being on the other end of the voting again. I just gotta say that I love, love, love the ‘My Fair Lady Dress.’

    Very original!

  2. Rebekah E. says

    I just love the vintage suitcase chair. I can’t wait to see how she did it. I have an old suitcase that I now want to make in to a chair.

  3. danielle says

    Craft #4 -Vintage Suitcase Chair, was my FAVORITE!!! loved the idea, and its simply adorable!

  4. says

    Totally wasn’t into the chandelier…until I saw it lit. Oh My Wow. LOVE the pattern it casts on the walls!!! The dress refit is gorgeous, but the eyeglasses repurpose is actually ORIGINAL. Well done!