Ultimate Kids Travel Bag

*Project made by Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby*

What do you get when you take an old pair of jeans, an old shirt, and an old clipboard and Hodge-podge them together?

The ULTIMATE Child Travel Bag… thats what!

With one family 40 minutes away and the other 12 hours away, we do a fair amount of traveling and need some comfort and distraction for our kids.

With handles, Velcro closure, front pocket, and side elastic pocket, it is just right for all of your traveling necessities!  (and arent those ruffles so sweet?)

But what does it hold you ask?  For our little girl it holds:
Coordinating travel pillow
One yard length x 55″ fleece blanket
3 small dollies
One coloring book
One roll of color wonder markers
Two books
One sippy cup
and One bag of goldfish crackers!

And as a bonus… were you wondering about that clipboard?  Its built into the back so that there is a hard place to color on in the car.  We are so excited to use this!  Now I need to get working on our Sons!

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