Tummy Time Mat

*This project is made by Cheri at I am Momma…Hear Me Roar*

When I started brainstorming about baby gifts I wanted to think of something I would truly want to receive for a baby.  My babies have always hated tummy time and we have lots of hardwood flooring in our home.  So?  I made a giant baby play mat.  (Nevermind that it’s in the grass, it’s meant for inside play.  I just needed a bright place to photograph it.)
This mat is guranteed to keep a baby happy and entertained.  It’s loaded with not only color, but lots of texture……fringe, satin edging, tangible animals secured by ribbon, textured stitching, beads protected from reach under clear vinyl.  It’s also super comfortable, with a couple layers of batting and thick fleece on top and bottom.  What?  You’re afraid it will slip around?  I sewed grippers on to the bottom so the mat will remain in place at all times.
Want to add your own toys?  Just link them into the grass loops by the rocks.  This way you can interchange some of the toys to keep your baby interested.

But, the best part is….it’s machine washable.  (Hang to dry.)  Let’s face it.  Babies are cute, but oh so messy.

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