Thrift Store Finds {week 2} – with results

Craft #1 – Spring Time…Poppies for Mommy & Me – Becky @ Beckymae’s Journey

Found a satin white pillowcase at the thrift store and a small woman’s satin skirt in dark deep red….and my love for poppies I created a beautiful dress for a sweet little girl. After completing the dress…I fell in love with it. So I try it on and the way I made the arm holes and neckline…it fit me too! So now you have a shirt for you or dress for her…all for the cost of……$3.24.
Shirt for Mommy!
Details of the flowers!
Dress for Her!

Craft #2 – Old School House Chalkboard – Tori @ Apostrophy Designs

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher and would’ve loved more than anything to have a chalkboard.
So I used a window pane that was found at a thrift store and turned it into an Old School House Chalkboard, perfect for any “little teacher”.
The old glass in the window was replaced with wood and then painted it with chalkboard paint.
I had picked up some side walk chalk at the dollar store and school was in session!
With a chalkboard like this, your ‘little teacher’ will give you an A+!

Craft #3 – The Ultimate Activity Book – Jill @ Made it on Monday

While browsing through Goodwill I found a big bag of all sorts of craft/office supplies—all for only $6.99. Figuring there could be some treasures inside, I picked it up, as well as a beat up photo album. I had thoughts of an activity book for a child. The bag full of goodies contained: manila envelopes, regular envelopes, folders, pads of paper, pre-folded brochure paper, calculators (4!), masking tape, colored pencils, rubber bands… too many items to list!
Using leftover fabric from a diaper bag I made, I sewed a book cover complete with pockets for the calculator and eraser, slide in spots for the colored pencils (the pocket wraps around the back as well), and a snapping strap for holding the roll of masking tape.
Inside the book manila envelopes and scrapbook paper were used to make pocket pages that can hold all sorts of activity items—envelopes, rubber bands, stickers, shapes, and paper as well as a few extra un-labeled pocket pages.


From what I know of kids (and I know a lot of them!), they LOVE to be able to attach things—tape, glue, stickers, paper clips—they love it all. So jumbo paper clips were put around the pocket pages to later use for attaching completed art projects to the remaining pages in the photo album.
Now the book is all set to be the Ultimate Activity Book. Perfect for quiet time, traveling, or just keeping busy and having fun!

Craft #4 – Doll House Book Shelf – Tone @ Bless by Tone

I have been really looking forward to this week’s challenge – I knew
exactly what I wanted to make when I got this week’s theme – a bookshelf/
Barbie house. And wow – did I search for the right book shelf – the
shelves needed to be big and deep. Someone told me about a second hand
store I didn’t know about – and finally I found just the right one.
I bought the tan and white shelf, added a wall on top and a “roof”,
painted it white and added some fabric in the back as wall paper. And know
the girls it was intended for, have a new Barbie doll house and when they
are done playing with Barbies, it is still a nice looking book shelf – and
it holds a lot of stuff. I also added a curtain in front of the “bathroom”
– Even Barbie needs some privacy when she taking a bath or using the
lady’s room.
I like that it is big and holds a lot – it can even hold the boxes for
when they are not playing. I am also happy with the fabric glued to the
back wall – it makes it easy to change around and give it more of a boy’s
look if that will be needed or make it plain white. The girls that
received this, were very happy and haven’t stopped playing yet…
I hope you like it too.

Craft #5 – Focal Point Art – Shannon @ GoogieMomma

I have a large bare spot in my living room—desperately in need of SOMETHING. But we all know how expensive artwork can be.
So you can imagine how excited I was to walk into the thrift shop and spy a HUGE wooden frame—in great condition, with a mat and glass—for only $7.99!!!
It was in such good condition I almost felt guilty ripping it apart. ALMOST. 🙂

With a bit of work, I turned it into a focal point for my living room.
Painted the frame, painted the mat, made new {super easy} artwork for the center…


And added a quote I love to the glass! The words have an iridescent look that’s really subtle…


and DIDN’T require a “cutter” of any sort—just my two little hands!

Craft #6 – Golf Ball Lamp – Macey @ Olivia Renn

I LOVE thrift stores!
I’ve been getting lots of my supplies from them lately. There are always fun and unique things in thrift stores which equals great crafting projects!
For my project today, I used old golf balls, an old lamp, and an astro turf doormat.

I drilled holes in the golf balls, painted the lamp shade a grey blue color (like the sky) and covered the bottom of the lamp with the green mat (like grass).

I wanted this to look kinda old, so instead of cleaning the golf balls, I left them how I found them, DIRTY.

I love the grass (door mat) on the bottom, it gives it kinda a funky look.

Here it is, all together. It would be so much fun on a office desk, or even a sporty kids room.

Craft #7 – Mommy & Me Spring Skirt – Kim @ Bugaboo, Mini Mr & Me

I have a confession. My name is XXX and I’m a thriftaholic. (Here’s where you would welcome me by name…) This disease has one very helpful side effect. More stuff for less dough. And that, my friends, is what my thrifty project was all about. I started with an unfortunately all too common thrift store product, generally scorned and usually better left behind – behind, like as far back as the 80’s. I’m speaking, of course, about the dreaded 80’s button-down skirt – ultra long, super pleated, tapered to a fault. The one everyone and their brother owned multiple of, in varying degrees of hideous pattern. Why should you never shy away from this abomination? Because with this 80’s skirt and a twin sized sheet in contrasting fabric, you too could create the Mommy & Me Spring Skirt Combo.
The matching skirts begin with a soft, semi-stretchy, brown zebra print cotton petticoat with comfy elastic waistbands. The top layer is a springy yellow and white, vertically striped cotton with a fun button closure in the front. Little Spring Skirt sports a three-tier ruffled underskirt and a simple yellow sash to be tied in a large bow in front. The back of the striped skirt is elasticized for movement and comfort for little wigglers. Big Mama Spring Skirt has a scalloped underskirt with white pom-pom detail in front.
The wonderful thing about this Mommy & Me Spring Skirt Combo? Button them up, unbutton them completely! They are totally versatile based on the look you want. Wear them together, or wear them separately! The underskirts are not sheer, and can be worn completely on their own.
I bought the bad 80’s skirt for $1 and the twin sheet for $2. Four skirts, with enough sheet left to make a flower barrette, pj pants and a pillowcase dress, for only $3? Now that’s thrift.

Craft #8 – Little Man Diaper Clutch – Kate @ See Kate Sew

A new mom with a pooping baby. Nothing is more exciting. And challenging. This little diaper clutch is designed to make diaper changes easier. It holds diapers and wipes and there is even room for a little extra. Diapers. Check. Wipes. Check. Baggies for dirty diapers? Room for that too. Burp cloth. Check. The top zipper makes everything easily accessible, you can see it all!

You can even use it for cloth diapered bums. Large enough for the necessities, small enough to clutch in one hand. I made these diaper clutches from a thrifted suit and thrifted zippers. The suit fabric is used for the outside and the lining making a sturdy, manly and fully thrifted clutch.  One for the car, one for the diaper bag and one for the stroller. Just. In. Case. Because poop happens…everywhere!

It is especially designed for boys. Little men. Who need manly things. Like a boxy herringbone diaper clutch made from an old suit.  With masculine features and two little buttons.

Baby boy friendly. Husband friendly. Everyone is happy.

Craft #9 – Jewelry Holder – Charity @ Cannwin

I’ve tried every possible wording I can to wittingly sell you on my craft.
The problem is, there’s nothing I can say that will top these images.
Even I’m surprised at how well my project came out.
So, I’ll let the pictures sell it, because really–aren’t they worth a thousand words?
I’ve wanted to do this project for awhile, but lacked the motivation to tear up any fantastic shoes I found. SYTYC has, however, brought out the fighter in me and this $2.50 pair of shoes became the victim.
Or maybe the shoes were Cinderella, and I was the God-Mother?
You’ll have to decide.
Either way, I’m not feeling much remorse for making this ring/earring holder.
In fact, I’m feeling pretty darn happy about the result of this endeavor.
Not only do I now have a place to display my rings, and my myriad of stud earrings (which go across the buckle strap), but it looks incredible!
Now admit it, this is the best eye candy you’ve seen in awhile?
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  1. Shannon says

    Wow! Very tough choice! Im partial to creative lamps…but never would have thought of doing that with a shoe…love the activity book and clutch…urgh!! I love it when there’s a tough choice:)

  2. Tami says

    I love the little chalk board. What kid doesnt want to draw and erase and draw and erase. What a fast cheap and creative craft. Fun for all kids!!

  3. says

    Excellent set of crafts. i liked the activity book the best idea, though it would have been a nice idea to keep the pencils on the inside so that they dont drop during travel

  4. says

    How do I chose just one! They are all so great in their own right! I know I will be doing the shoe craft soon, I’ll probably make the golf ball lamp with baseballs for my boss and I don’t even have a baby but that clutch is to die for!