Thrift Store Crafts {week 7}

Hey ladies!  I hope you all had a good weekend.  I spent mine in NYC with my sister and 5,000 other bloggers at the BlogHer conference.  It was such a great experience.  I love to be an environment with so many people that have the same passions and hobbies that I do.  And the shopping wasn’t too bad either :).  We even got to hear from President Obabma through a live video address to kick the conference off.  It was pretty cool.

This week’s theme is another fan favorite…Thrift Store. I’m pretty excited about it.  I love to see what things people can make out of “junk” they find.

Remember that voting closes a day early this season, so make sure you have your vote in by Thursday night.

And if you want to craft along, remember there’s the I’m Crafty! Linky Party every Thursday as well.


Craft #1 – Crocheted T-Shirt Rug – ChiWei @ One Dog Woof

I wasn’t at home very much this week, so for the Thrift Store challenge, I had to pick a simple “lap project” that was easily portable and could be worked on anywhere, be it on the train or a hospital room.   I used to have those Ikea lambskin rugs by my bed, but they’re pretty much in tatters now, after being used for so many years and occasionally chewed on by my dog, so I figured it’s time for a new rug.  Despite the beautiful pictures of colorful braided and woven rugs online, I fell back on what I knew how to do – crochet – and created a Crocheted T-shirt Rug out of thrift store men’s cotton t-shirts.
Since I knew I was going to be on-the-go, I stopped by my local Goodwill last week and went searching for anything that was of a jersey knit.  I was hoping for a women’s maxi dress or maybe a jersey sheet, but ended up just picking up some xxl men’s t-shirts in assorted colors.  I tried to make sure to only pick items that were plain or only had designs above the arm holes, so that the entire torso area was usable.  Also, by choosing t-shirts with the “on sale” tag, each t-shirt only cost $0.99!  Following the instructions of various tutorials for t-shirt yarn, I cut strips in the shirt and formed several balls of t-shirt yarn.
Then it’s off to crochet!  The great thing about this project is that it only uses 1 stitch, a single crochet, to build the whole thing.  I used about 15 blue and gray t-shirts, and crocheted it on a tight gauge, so it ended up being a pretty dense and heavy rug, perfect for keeping my feet away from the cold hard floors.
This was a great project to keep your hands busy while keeping someone company, socializing, or just watching tv.  Plus, I know I’ll appreciate not having to step onto a hardwood floor in the middle of the night this winter!

Craft #2 – Test Tube Vase – Erin @ Erin’s Creative Energy

Thrift Store week was a lot of fun. I hit up a few stores
just to get the creative juices flowing, but once I found this thrift store,
inspiration took over.


Wandering the aisles, I came across some test tubes tucked
amongst the treasures, and fell in love. I needed to put my spin on the Test
Tube Vase, and wanted it to be different from all that I’ve seen before. It
needed to be a statement piece.


Using a scrap piece of curly maple from the garage, I paired
it with a thin piece of bass wood from Hobby Lobby, which came in under $3, and
the test tubes which were .75 cents apiece. The bass wood was stained a dark
walnut, with holes drilled for the tubes. My husband once showed me a guitar
made of curly maple, which the craftsman dyed an electric blue. It looked
amazing. Upon his suggestion, I knew I needed to do the same, however I opted
to use turquoise because the figure in the wood reminded me of rippling water.
I tried and tried again, until I got it just right. 


The piece really came alive, once the finish was applied,
sanded, buffed, and waxed. The color is incredibly vibrant, and my version of
the Test Tube Vase looks showroom worthy! I honestly feel I created a
masterpiece, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.   



Craft #3 – Old Decoration to New Sewing Box – Chrissy @  There are UFO’s under my stairs

I found this lovely(?) box with a handle at Savers for $1.99. It even came with some nice fake straw…
I cleaned it up and painted it a nice fresh ivory color.


I lined the inside with ticking and made a padded and tufted lid for each side.


It’s a perfect sized sewing box for my daughter who has been begging me to teach her how to embroider. (She needed her own because I’ve discovered I’m not very good about sharing my crafting goodies.)
 She is absolutely thrilled with it and can’t wait to start stitching along side her mommy!

Craft #4 – Princess-y Room Decor  – Megan @ The Crafty Conundrum

I had lots of fun with this week’s challenge… Only problem was I found LOTS of fun things at the thrift store and garage sales.  My husband will probably not let me out of the house again -at least not with money in my pockets. hehe.

I went to a garage sale and found this mirror for $2 that looked kind of princess-y (is that even a word?), so I bought that and spray painted it pink.  And then at the thrift store I  found a cheap, boring lamp shade.  They wanted $1.50 for it, but when I said a lamp was kind of dumb without a lamp shade, they gave it to me for free!  Woohoo!  So I got the lamp (ugly, pink floral thing) for $3.00.  Got two scarves (pink and gold) for $0.50 and a pretty white satin dress for $5.00.

I spray painted the lamp white and used the pink scarf and cut up the dress to cover the lamp shade so it is reminiscent of a princess gown.  Then I embellished the top with some white lace ribbon I had.  My girl is pretty thrilled with it… her brother (who she shares a room with her) was not so thrilled… but hopefully he will have his own room soon anyway.  Haha.

So in total, only spent $8.50 (plus spray paint and ribbon I had) and I have quite a bit of fabric left over from the dress. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.


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