Thrift Store Crafts {week 2}

First off I have to apologize for being an idiot last week.  I had my domain set up to auto re-register for me, but apparently it wasn’t so auto.  Now I feel like an idiot for letting the blog expire for the day.  Thank you all for putting up with me and being patient 🙂

Now, moving past my embarrassment… Bessie made a spectacular first showing for the season and won herself the first round!

Wasn’t her little Flour Sack Outfit so adorable?  Congrats Bessie!

We had a SYTYC first last week.  There was a tie for the last place.  Since that had never happened before I wasn’t sure how to handle it. Who should go home and who should stay?  After getting some input, from the crafters, facebook & twitter my plan was solidified.  Both Allie (with her  Triple Braid Necklace) and Terra (with her Twine Vase) get to stay this week!

However, keeping them both this week creates a problem for the rest of the season so…2 people will be sent home this week 🙁  That means your votes this week for the Thrift Store Craft challenge are doubly important!

Polls will be open until 9 pm CST so make sure you vote and send your friends over too!

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Craft #1 – Rattan Redo by Heather @ Dragonfly Designs

I found this little table at a Thrift Store for $5.
The rattan was falling apart, it was chipped and scuffed and needed some serious TLC.
After sanding, priming, painting, distressing, glazing and sealing ~ my table was transformed!
But what to do about the rattan?
Why cut it out and replace it with a custom cushion of course.
And the cushion was super fun to create!
My sad thrifted table became a lovely little bench.
It was loads of work but the end result….

Craft #2 – Typographical Art Globe by Jessica @ Mad In Crafts

globe pedestal collage

I was STOKED when I found this plastic globe at a local thrift store for $2!  I have seen globes in so many home décor catalogs, but they are always way out of my price range.  After admiring the work of ImagineNations, I was inspired to turn this average globe into an art piece.  Any work of art should sit in a place of honor, so I also used a few parts from an old brass lamp to create a lovely pedestal for the globe.

diy typographical globe with pedestal

I am a nut for typography, so I decided to create the  continents out of letters in three different fonts.  I feel like the typography gives the piece, which could look really stuffy, a very contemporary look.

thrifted globe revamp

This is completely a DIY that any crafter could do too!  With supplies you might already have in your house, you can transform an old globe and a nasty lamp into a hip conversation piece for your home!

Craft #3 – Floor Poufs by Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations

We picked up this dirty, under-filled bean bag at a garage sale for $1.  We caught the seller at the tail end of his sale, and I think he was desperate to get rid of it.

I cut the cover into circles and used the bean bag filling to make five floor poufs.

The color of the poufs didn’t really match anything in my house, so I used fabric circles and yarn to make some fun covers.

These poufs are great for foot rests, back rests, story time, building “towers,” and making hardwood floors fit for seating during a movie.  I also think they’d make a great little time out spot (you know, for the kids who like to knock over your poufs when you’re trying to take pictures…).


Craft #4 – New Fall Shirts by Robin @ The T-Shirt Diaries

I started out with a pile of T-shirts I bought on dollar day at Goodwill.

My little guy was in desperate need of a few new shirts for fall so I decided to cut these shirts up to make something that would fit him.

So I laid out one of his favorite old hoodies, cut up four different shirts, and started sewing.

Here he is “not” modeling his new shirt.

It has a pocket in front to hide treasures, a hood to keep him warm, and apparently it is perfect for a day on the town eating frozen yogurt.

Craft #5 –  Fear Less, Hope More by Bessie @ Besserina

Thrift! One of my favorite words, {and things to do!}
 I created this large piece of wall art from an old wooden frame that I thrifted, a linen tablecloth from an estate sale, and some vintage foral cotton sheets, also thrifted!
The frame is a whopping 3 1/2′ x 2 1/2′ and I love it! It’s perfectly worn. The backing is old linen, and the letters were each hand cut and sewn. 
Fear less, hope more
Eat less, chew more
Whine less, breathe more
Talk less, say more
Hate less, love more
and all good things
will be yours.
-Swedish Proverb
Inspiring, unique and adds so much interest and curiosity and to our living space!

Craft #6 – Tiered Eyelet Skirt and Flower Top by Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations

Like many crafters/hoarders, I have a growing pile of thrift store finds waiting to be re-vamped, but for this challenge I didn’t feel like any of those options were fun enough. I went shopping last minute and got so super lucky! I found an awesome peach eyelet queen-sized bedskirt (top left) and a 4 piece something (bottom right) that may or may have not matched the bedskirt with these really great orange pleats surrounded by a vintage-y lace. SO cute. I didn’t know what I’d use them for when I bought them (which is usually what happens to me in thrift stores), but I knew I needed them.
Finally I knew that precious peach eyelet needed to be a little girl’s skirt.
 And so was born the two-tiered, lined skirt for my friend’s little girl with a matching flower shirt.
 The only way we could get any pictures of her was to play peek-a-boo. How sweet is she?! I made the orange pleating part into a casing and slid wide elastic in to create the waist. I just love how the little skirt turned out. My friend’s daughter loved it too. She was super sad when I had to take the outfit home with me to take more pictures.
The little top is one I found on clearance at Wal-Mart and the American flag on it is completely covered by the flower. It also has the vintage-y lace from the fabric I got at the thrift store sewn to the sleeves and collar.
Then since my friend is expecting another little girl, I just had to make a little matching onesie dress.  Even though I made this one second, it might be my favorite. So precious. The two little girls are planning on having pictures taken in their new matching outfits after sister #2 makes her appearance!
Hope you love them as much as I do!

Craft #7 – Chic Framed Necklace Holder by Margo @ Art Surrounds Us

When searching through the thrift store I found this beautiful frame that needed some sprucing up. Then I came across the cork board and I knew what I wanted to do with them. All I needed to to was add a couple more supplies and I was ready to go.

We are updating my daughter’s room and what I had made before for all her necklaces wasn’t working anymore so I took the idea and ran with it and made her this new more “mature” one to use.














Craft #8 – Dress Up Suitcases by Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane

Let’s Play Dress Up!
My kids love to play dress up!  But somehow dress up clothes end up in every room in our house!  I thought it was high time I upgrade the cardboard dress up box in the closet.  So I headed to the thrift store and found these beautiful…. well okay kind of stinky, kind of old, hard plastic suitcases. At $2 a piece I couldn’t be more excited!
 I decorated two suitcases one for the boys and one for the girls… I have to admit I had a lot of fun *blinging* out these suitcases!  I just love the circle pattern, and the ribbon edging! I couldn’t stop at the outside, I had to make sure the inside was bright and fun too!
 I made my little boy a cowboy themed suitcase, complete with rope trim, a denim luggage tag, and hanky lining ~ Yee-Ha!
My kids love it..I could not get through the photo shoot without them wanting to dig in and play!
What else could you store in an old suitcase?

Craft #9 – Car Clock by Emily @ Nap Time Creations

I was so excited for this challenge because I tackled a long overdue project. I had been wanting to get a car-themed clock for my kids bedroom for a while now. I had looked everywhere, in stores and online, and couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. So, of course, I just made what I wanted. I found this great “rainbow” clock at the thrift store for $5 and transformed it to exactly what I had been looking for. There’s not much scrapbook paper and a little mod-podge can’t do!
I think my favorite part is the dump truck in the middle that rotates (like a seconds hand). On the original the rainbow went around and I wasn’t sure if I could remake this part, but I did.
It really goes great with the room and was just what I wanted. LOVE IT!

Craft #10 – Octagon End Table by Terra @ Mama Says Sew

I found this end table at a thrift store a couple of months ago and loved the octagon shape. That, and the fact that it was only $4.99. So I grabbed it, not knowing what I was going to do with it. So it sat. And sat. Then I got around to sanding it. And it sat some more. Enter So You Think You’re Crafty. Suddenly, motivation to get it done!
I stained the top and painted the bottom, then used a glaze to make it look antique instead of just old.
Once it was finished, I took it out to the side of a country road at sunset after a rainy day to get some pictures.  {And probably made every passing car think I was nuts.}
I love the detail on the front doors.  That was one of the reasons I knew this end table had potential when I saw it.  Aren’t thrift stores great? And I remember being so embarrassed going to them when I was little. Times change.


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