Thrift Store Crafts {week 2}

*If you missed the results post, you can see it here.*

Here we are you guys…week two!  It has been one of my favorite weeks in the past.  It still is for the most part, but since moving here to Boston I haven’t really found any great thrift shops to hit up.  Do you locals know of any good places in the Three Rivers to South Shore area?

Anyway, back to the task at hand.  It’s Thrift Store week!  I’m amazed at what these ladies can come up with using  thrift store stuff!  The poll is in the sidebar and will be open until Friday night.  Good luck ladies!!

Craft #1 – Book Lamp – Angela @ The Wray Sisters

This was such a fun week as I got to step out of my glue gun and scissors comfort zone. This week I got to use power tools, and learn how to rewire a lamp which, by the way, is surprisingly easy! For thrift store week I created my own book lamp.


I went to the thrift store and picked up a few books, a lamp, and a lamp shade. With the help of the of my drill, I drilled holes through all of the books and slid them down over my lamp. Creating the lamp shade was the tricky part. I took the shade off of the lamp and stripped the shade down to its wire base. I wanted the lamp shade to have the look of a wire basket. I wrapped additional pieces of wire around the shade to give it the basket look. Then I painted the shade in a metallic bronze color.


I love my homemade thrift store book lamp!


Craft #2 – Lace Wall Art – June @ Creations by June

Week two..THRIFT Week!!!
 At first was going to hit the thrift shops, then thought.. why?  I have been hitting thrift stores and auctions for quite a while so just did some looking in my goodies to make something with at a later date.. or NOW!  I love lace and have a habit of picking up old curtains and lucked out with a mystery box at an auction that had some great lace curtains.. but stained and some tears….. and some old quilting hoops…..  Easiest. thing, ever. Line up the pretty parts of the lace in the quilting hoops….cut close to the edge and spray paint!
Nothing like some bright red wall art on my boring white walls!

Craft #3 – Kitchen Island – Jama Cool People Sew

This has to the best challenge ever!!!

I L.O.V.E the thrift store and visit mine often {atleast a few times a week}.

It is just so much fun to find rejects and turn them into treasures. There are days that I hear lamps whispering to me…”take me home and make me pretty.” I know that some of you understand what I am talking about.

Anyways, there was a sofa side table with a marble top that was destined to be something amazing staring at me this week. I needed a small kitchen island and knew the top of that table would be perfect!!!

After finding some old shutters the kitchen island project began.

First I measured and used the miter saw to cut the shutters down. No husband needed. I just got brave and did it. It was kind of empowering.

I used a few screws to create the shelf in the island and top, which secured the base and then placed the marble on top and used a strong adhesive glue to hold it down. Lastly a quick coat of pretty paint!

I am already loving it! I gave it a small lip, so I can pull stools up to it for my kitchen “helpers/mess makers.”

Craft #4 – Disney Jewelry – Brittany @ BK’s Craft Blog

Calling all Disney Nerds!


You know how people say we spend a third of our life sleeping? I feel like I spend a third of my time in thrift stores. I buy almost all of my clothes there and it makes me feel pretty good about my carbon footprint (it balances out my long showers).

This week’s challenge was a doozy since I alter almost all of the clothes I buy on the cheap. Not wanting to rest on my laurels, I decided to stretch my muscles and make some fun, kitschy jewelry; enter the toy section!The round Mickey head cut outs are game pieces from a Disney Trivial Pursuit-like game and Slinky Dog and Mickey are toys. Add a fake pearl necklace from the thrift store, some ribbons I had, and findings I grabbed at the hard wear store down the street. TA DA! Disney Magic ala two necklaces, a choker, and a brooch.

Craft #5 – Patio Serving Shelf – Wendy @ Craft Goodies

To be honest, thrift isn’t really my thing…{can you hear my husband yelling a loud “NO KIDDING!”} I just enjoy being able to make things so I don’t always pay attention to the final cost. That made this challenge at first very daunting but in the end especially rewarding. I came up with something that I LOVE and didn’t spend a thing!!!
How’s that for a freebie?
It started with a phone call from a sweet friend and a delivery of this:
We had already saved it once, thus the pink covered cork board where the screen once was, but it was in sad shape. Three of the corner pieces were broken and it was barely staying together. So I completely took it apart, cleaned it, cut it down a bit, and then with a few treasures from around my house,re-made it into a “country-esque” serving shelf for my back patio.
It’s perfect for holding books and a drink, or even a side dish or two this summer when we get to eat outside. There’s even a few hooks along the bottom that could hold a few small lanterns for a romantic late-night snuggle…
All I can say is HOORAY for THRIFTING!!!

Craft #6 – Quilted Bean Bag Chair – Amanda @ Simply Homemade

 My husband is a genius, but I’ll never admit that this was his idea. A few weeks ago, he asked me: “When are you going to rip up some of our blankets and turn them into bean bags?” Me: ?? Really, I had no idea what he was talking about or where he got the notion that I was going to “rip up” anything….but then my crafty self thought, “that’s flippin’ brilliant idea!” Unfortunately, I didn’t have any blankets or quilts that warranted being re-purposed so I went a-thrifting at my local Goodwill and found
Then turned it into this:

My anonymous model loved sitting and reading in it 

but abhorred the hat. Go figure.


Craft #7 – Padded Shelf Bench – Kimberly @ Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me

When I hear “thrift,” it doesn’t necessarily conjure up images of a dank and dimly lit, crowded, slightly smelly, rundown building full of cast-offs and dusty broken down odds and ends (although that IS the reality in most thrift stores in my area).  When I hear “thrift” what I imagine is getting the absolute most for my money.  For my thriftiest projects I like to go shopping in my dad’s garage because 1) he’s kind of a notorious hoarder and 2) he doesn’t charge me anything.  When I saw this baby sitting lonely and forlorn amid his stash, it was love at first sight.  My dad was loath to give it up, since it really is high quality – nice hardwood, sturdily built – but I’m glad he decided to part with it, because I knew this shelf was begging to be more than just a shelf.  

I simply tossed it on it’s side, sanded it forever and a day, spray painted, taped, and spray painted some more (to give the inside of the cubbies some interest).  Then I got some foam on the super cheap with a sale and a coupon, found some thrift store fabric (upholstery grade, yea!) and a thrift store zipper, sewed up this cute little cushion cover that can be removed for easy cleaning and voila!

It’s the perfect place to sit and snuggle with a good book!  I think my favorite part is that by laying it on it’s side, the shelves are much taller, which accommodates all of our kids’ books – even the super tall ones!  There’s also no danger of it tipping over on our kids PLUS we now have some much needed seating!
The break down?
Shelf – free
Spray Paint (1 white primer, 1 white satin, 1 green apple satin) – $9
Foam (on clearance PLUS 40% off coupon) – $6
Thrifted Fabric (3 yards!) – $2
Thrifted Zipper – 25 cents

So for $17.25 I made a strong and sturdy, fun and multi-functional piece of furniture for our play room.  I’d say that’s some serious thrift.

Craft #8 – Retro Canister Set – Sarah @ Sara vs Sarah

When I found this set of canisters, they were a nightmare straight out of the 1980s.  Remember the country geese phase?  These went with those.  The lids were white, scratched up and dented.  Yet, I did see some potential.

After getting all the white paint off the lids, I pounded out a couple of dents.  Then I turned to a couple of 1950s thrifted cookbooks for some images that I could decoupage around the can.  Ta-da!  Retro canisters.

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