Thread Sketches Tutorial

*Tutorial by Jessica @ Running with Scissors for her win during the Ink challenge of season 10*

1. Cut canvas  

Depending on the final size of your wall hanging, cut your fabric your set dimensions, allowing an extra 2″ on each side for the gallery wrap look.

2. Reinforce Back

I ironed freezer paper on the back to prevent the fabric from stretching, you could also use fusible interfacing or just starch the crap out of it over and over.  Freezer paper was the cheapest, quickest option for me.  You can purchase freezer paper at the grocery store near the tin foil.

3.  Print Images and Trace

I googled the landmarks to find sketch images and printed them out to fill a regular copy piece of paper.  I taped the printed image to my window, and taped the canvas on top.

I used a water soluble fabric pencil in blue to trace the image onto the canvas.

4.Sew Thread Drawing

Using a free motion presser foot, you sew around your trace lines.

 I just sew the whole thing in one sitting and I go pretty fast, so the sewing isn’t precise and it looks messy as if someone just sketched it on free hand.YOU CAN SEE A VIDEO OF ME SEWING THE EIFFEL TOWER HERE FOR A BETTER VISUAL OF HOW IT’S SEWN

5. Tea Dye

I wanted to age my white canvas by dying it with tea.

To get the crumpled, uneven dye look, I first got all three wet, crumpled them in a wad, and jammed them in a pitcher.  You need a container where the tea can get down around the fabric, but tight enough to hold the fabric so it can’t move freely.

I poured hot, concentrated, regular cheap tea in the pitcher over the fabric and let it sit around 10 minutes.  Next I poured it out and rinsed the canvases and let them dry.

6. Build Frames

I bought 2 1×2 firring strips for my frames and cut them down to make 14″ square frames.  I just braced the wood, then used glue and a finish nail gun to finish it off.

7. Stretch Canvas

I lined up the image to be centered on my frame, then with a cheap hand stapler and shallow 1/4″staples attached the canvas to the frame.

I marked the center of each side on the frame and canvas and first stapled top and bottom centers, then both side centers.  Next I stretched the canvas equally into the corners, then stretched and stapled between all the way around.

You could attach a hanger, but I just balanced the canvas on the frame to hang.

Easy and it only cost me the $2 for the wood frames!

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  1. says

    These are so so amazing!! I’ve done similar sketching but nothing as detailed – I can’t wait to try it! I would love to see the video but it doesn’t seem to be linked – I’ll check back. Thanks!

  2. says

    Jessica is so crafty!! I’m very impressed that you work with wood. I saw your crates and I wouldn’t have the guts to make something like that by myself (I’d make my husband do it).

    • says

      Thanks, I would make my husband do it, but his job is so busy lately he’s never around which is why I ended up getting sick of waiting and just learned how to use all his tools! If he were around more I’d definitely get some man help!