The Upside-Down Man

*Project by Mandy @ SugarBee Craft Edition*

Need a quick and easy, no-sew costume with items that you have around the house??  Here you go:
The Upside-Down Man

I love this costume for so many reasons:
–easy- no sewing required
–made from items you have on hand
–appeals to kids who still want to dress up but aren’t into characters, etc – costume is great for adults as well
As a poor college student I entered as the Upside-Down Man in a campus activities costume contest – just threw the costume together – and then won $50 – score!

To make it more fun, hop on one foot (which looks like a hand) and you give a “break-dancing” effect.  Or slowly bring your arms (which look like legs) together and you give a “standing-on-your-hands-doing-split-tricks” effect.  (As I was taking pictures of the tricks the young neighbor girl came over and was amazing – “is he really standing on his hands – wow!”)  For trick-or-treating, just hang a Halloween bucket on one of the shoes.

The Upside-Down Man tutorial will give directions on putting the costume together (which should take less than 10 minutes) and helpful hints for fitting it properly.

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