The Snowball Skirt

*Project by Mandy @ SugarBee Craft Edition*

It’s the finals – eeek!! I just want to say I am SO EXCITED to be here – wow!  I had a tough time coming up with a final craft, especially with no theme to guide me.  I decided to go with a sewing project – it’s probably my favorite crafting medium and I have yet to use it in the competition.

Here’s to hoping I can get your vote for The SnowBall Skirt:

Now, I made this skirt for non-sewers – really!  This is A SEWING PROJECT FOR THE SELF-PROCLAIMED NON-SEWER. I want everyone to know that they can tackle simple sewing projects and have fun creating with a sewing machine.  The skirt is easy – just one rectangle and a little straight-line stitching.  It has a faux-waistband, so you don’t have to mess with figuring out how to make a real waistband or put in buttons or zippers – this skirt is just elastic.

I will show you how to measure for the skirt, give a tutorial on constructing it, and even give helpful hints on the best way to roll tulle rosettes (aka, snowballs – hence the “snowball skirt”).  I will also throw in a how-to on making a bib necklace with your scraps of fabric and tulle.

Sorry about the above pictures – by the time my Kindergartner got out of meeting with a reading club, it was near-dark so the pics are being lit by a street light.  Not to mention it was freezing – you can see that with the huddled-neck of my youngest daughter.  Here’s some details in normal light:

My guesstimate on cost for these skirts (including the coordinating bib necklace) are about $6 a skirt – what a deal, right?  Want to whip one up for that holiday work party??  Or make a coordinating set like me so you can WOW everyone when your family walks into church?? (and when they ask – did you make those?? – you can proudly say, YES I did!)   Vote, The Snowball Skirt

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