The Season Finale!! {& a giveaway winner!}

I said it last week and I’ll say it again, you guys sure know how to make a girl feel good.  Thanks again for all the comments and emails of congratulations you’ve sent to me.   Here’s a little update on how things are going.  The labor I mentioned last Monday turned out to be unproductive contractions.  Then the same thing happened on Thursday.  We are so lucky to have family/friends here in Vegas that are letting us bum off them we’re just here in Vegas hanging out & waiting.  It really should be any day now 🙂

But enough about me, lets get to the good stuff.  First off – the winner of the Sassy Steals giveaway…

Kate Mills

Check you’re email!  You’re now the proud owner of a set of four chevron bangles!

And now, the season finale of season 13!!  This season we decided to go for a theme instead of a wild card.  And that theme is Purple.  The poll will be open in the sidebar until Thursday night so vote now!

Craft #1 – Dartboard Jewelry Cabinet by Jamie @ Three Scoops of Love

I can’t believe it’s the season finale!  For my final project, I transformed a garage sale dartboard cabinet into a jewelry storage cabinet for my daughters’ closet.

After taking out all of the dartboard “insides”, I was left with an empty cabinet that was perfect for hooks and storage space for jewelry pieces.  To incorporate the purple theme for the week, I stenciled a lavender design on the front of the cabinet before distressing it and painted my frames for earring storage the same lavender color.

I finished it off with a small mirror in the bottom corner of the door, topped with a message that I hope my girls always remember — The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile.

Craft #2 – Modern Denim Quilt by Autumn @ It’s Always Autumn

I’ve been planning to make a denim quilt for a while now, but I wanted to put a modern spin on it. So instead of sewing together squares of denim and tying the quilt with yarn, I used strips of denim, arranged in a light to dark ombre pattern, and quilted it with diagonal straight stitches (all done on a standard sewing machine).

The quilt is large enough to be used on a twin bed, but I think we’ll use it more often for snuggling together downstairs on cold winter nights, or taking on picnics and camping trips.

The front of the quilt is made from garage sale jeans – I made sure to purchase some light, medium, and dark colored jeans so I could get a pretty color effect.

The quilt is backed in amazingly soft purple quilting flannel (for purple week!) and bound in a warm gold flannel. I love the gold, so I included a patch of it on the back for a modern color blocked touch.

I didn’t use any batting in between layers because the denim and flannel together were already heavy and warm enough – I didn’t want the quilt so thick that we’d never use it. Leaving out the batting allowed me to straight stitch quilt the entire thing on my regular old sewing machine – so I didn’t have to worry about renting time on a long arm machine or paying someone else to quilt it for me. I quilted in diagonal rows about an inch apart, which means there were over 150 rows to sew! I went through about 600 yards of white thread, and I love the contrast and texture the diagonal lines provie.

I made the quilt in four days, finishing it up as the first snow of the season started to fall. I foresee many family movie nights spent cuddled up under it this winter.

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  1. Kate Mills says

    SO excited about my bangles! Thanks, and we are all thinking of you and that little one! If you were here you’d definitely be in labor – a hurricane baby!

  2. Terri Lynch says

    For Autumn – You made it in FOUR DAYS….your blog needs to be ALWAYS AMAZING AUTUMN!!! OBTW, love love love the gold binding. So FAB!

  3. Michelle says

    I love the quilt! They are both absolutely fantastic, but there is just something about that quilt design and I don’t even like denim quilts!!