The queen of Upcycling (at least this week) is….

Guess what?  Tomorrow is Mothers Day (or Mothering Day – depending on your place in life).  Are you ready?  Don’t forget to call all those moms in your life tomorrow!  I’m spending the day with my hubby (it’s our 6th anniversary), Abbi, and my bro & sis-in-law.  They’re here visiting – and are the ones that set Brad and I up on our first date – so it’s fitting they’re spending it with us.  We think we’ll go spend the day in Cape Cod.

Now on to the stuff you came for – the results of the Upcycle challenge are…

and the crafter-project who’s who…

#1 – Tea Table and Stools – Kim
#2 – iPad Case –  Angela
#3 – Skirt to Purse –  Brittany
#4 – Patio Umbrella –  Wendy
#5 – Fresh New Wallet –  Amanda
#6 – Summer Dress  – Jama
And Kimberly pulls in another win!
I have one little girl that would love a tea party set up like this.  Someday, when we have a yard, I’m thinking we’ll have to make one.
But the goodbye goes to Jama from Cool People Sew.
Now that the weather is getting warmer I’m going to be in the market for lots of flowy fun dresses like these ones.  Make sure you keep up with all Jama’s up coming going-ons on her blog.
Next week’s challenge is going to be a nice sunny one so stay tuned 🙂




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