Interview with Hayley, Welcome to the Mouse House

You guys, I am so excited to share today’s interview with you. Over the past couple of months, I have gotten to know Season 16 winner, Hayley, and she is one amazing girl. While her projects are wonderful and she’s very creative, what really shines through is her happy, positive spirit. I will miss emailing with her every week (hint to Hayley, stay in touch mmmkay?!)

Hayley Welcome to the Mouse House

Hayley has shared some great projects with us this past season.

SYTYC Welcome to the Mouse HouseRemovable Fabric Wallpaper | Rainy Day Redo | The Busy Blanket | Vintage Ladder Arbor | Hot Air Ballon Necklace | Ruffled Mermaid Costume | Watermelon Mojitos | Kids Grocery Market | DIY Pallet-style Artwork

Interview with Hayley, Welcome to the Mouse House

1. Tell us a little about you and your blog.

My name is Hayley and I blog at Welcome to the Mouse House, where I chat about crafting, sewing, decorating, cooking, and just general family life.

I started the blog 5 years ago to keep our families up to date on our kids, but the blog grew more than I ever thought it would! I love the direction it has taken and it is so fun for me to share my creativity with my readers.

2. How and when did you start crafting?

Growing up, I was always a crafter…. coloring, painting, decorating, sewing.  For Christmas and  birthdays, I would always ask for art supplies and craft kits and would ooh and ahh over new colored pencils and watercolors.

Even during college, I would figure out ways to make my apartment pretty by making curtains, painting walls, making artwork, and designing new bedding.

I was the college student that spent a good part of my time building a dollhouse. Seriously. I built a McMansion dollhouse and it has electricity. My friends definitely thought I was wacky.

3. How often do you craft?

Because of my blog and my Etsy shop, I find myself crafting almost every single day. I am constantly decorating my house, sewing clothes for my kids, helping my friends fix up their houses, and finding new mediums to work with.

4. Where do you get your inspiration?

I try to avoid getting my inspiration from online, because I feel like it sways me too much. I often find an item at a shop or a thrift store and I look to see what can make it better or different. I do the same with fabrics…. I buy fabrics and wait for it to inspire me.  A fabric may sit in my craft studio for a year before I realize that I have the perfect dress for it and it always works out!

5. What is your favorite medium to work in?

Fabric. Or paint. It is hard for me to decide.

I have been sewing since I was a little girl and it is a huge passion of mine.  I can honestly say that I sew about 5-7 days a week and my daughter’s closet is busting at the seams with handmade goodies (my son has quite a bit, as well!) Fabrics are gorgeous and pretty and oh so fun to collect.

Painting furniture is also a huge part of my life… I find furniture pieces that have great bones and I know that paint is the simplest way to make an old piece new again.  It is awesome to see the transformation for very little money.

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

Wine. In a box. Haha, just kidding. Trashy reality shows, like Real Housewives or The Real World.  I seriously watch those on my laptop while I sew or craft.  It is awesome.

7. What makes you smile?

It is so cliche, but my kids crack me up on a daily basis. My daughter is three and a half and my son is almost six.  The things that come out of their mouths is hilarious and so innocent! I wish I had kept a running journal of all the funny moments because I worry that they will wash away from my memory.

8. What is your favorite thing to do (other than crafting)?

Shopping for craft supplies?  Does that count?  Other than that, I love to just chill out with my husband, eat some good food, and watch The Walking Dead.  Oh, and I love coffee.

Hayley truly is a wonder with fabrics. I thought I would share just a few of the amazing fabric-related tutorials over on her site…

Hayley CollageVintage Sundress | Tea Towel Skirt | Pi T-shirt | Pinafore


You can find loads more over on her site here.

DIY Number Artwork

I can hardly believe that Season 16 is over and we’ve launched Season 17…When you have something like SYTYC to mark the time, it seems to go by sooo much faster!

In any event, we’re wrapping things up with a few tutorials and some crafter interviews this week. I know you’ve been waiting for today’s post – Hayley’s winning DIY number artwork tutorial.

Haley Welcome to the Mouse House

Take it away Hayley…

DIY Number Artwork

First of all, thank you SO much to everyone who voted this past season… I competed with some seriously awesome ladies and I am  excited that I made some new friends during the process!

I am here to explain how I created the wooden artwork for my son’s bedroom makeover. He wanted a “number themed” bedroom, but I also wanted to make sure it was sophisticated.  At the last minute, I came up with an idea to display a variety of numbers above his bed!

I love that you can see it right when you walk in.

Here’s how you make it…


  • lots of furring strips (can be found at any hardware store)
  • sheet of plywood cut to the size you want
  • liquid nails
  • wood stain
  • rag
  • saw
  • sandpaper
  • nails
  • heavy duty screws
  • various sizes of numbers (I purchased some of them at the hardware store and some of them at the craft store)
  • spray paint for numbers

Start off by cutting the plywood to the finished size you want your artwork to be. This will be the back of the artwork.

Cut the furring strips into various lengths. I cut them into various lengths for interest – some were about 12 inches, some 6 inches, and a few were odd sizes like 4 inches, 8 inches, etc.

Working in sections, apply a good amount of Liquid Nails to your plywood.
Stick down the furring strips. As you can see in my photo below, I staggered them… simply for visual interest.  I liked the look of the random placement. I also staggered and had the ends overlap the plywood.

Once the furring strips are laid out, nail or staple gun the pieces to the plywood back. Make sure the  nails/staples are long enough to secure them, but not too long or it will poke through the back.

Give the surface a good sanding to get rid of any majorly rough areas. Wipe clean with a rag.

Now, grab the stain and cover the entire piece, including the sides.

Once your entire piece is covered in stain, go back and wipe with a rag to remove some of the stain.

Now, lay out the numbers in whatever fashion you want and attach them with screws.

For some further visual interest, I placed a reflective “8” onto a small canvas. You can do whatever you want!

Screw to the wall, making sure you either anchor it or drill right into the studs. This thing is heavy and we don’t need any accidents!  We used deck screws and anchors.

Visit Welcome to the Mouse House…

It has been such a pleasure to get to know Hayley. She’s so incredibly talented! I thought I’d share of the few projects I have found and enjoyed over on her site as I’ve gotten to know her this past season.

Projects by Welcome to the Mouse HouseDIY Kitchen Lampshade | The Busy Blanket | United Colors of Love | Dish Towel DIY | Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Wildcard Challenge (Season 16, Finals)


Season 16 Finals

I cannot believe how quickly this season has past. We’ve gone from 10 amazing crafters all the way down to two finalists. It’s been super-hard to say farewell to our other Season 16 contestants as we’ve moved forward, but I know they are all cheering on Hayley and Jessica today.

There was no theme for this week’s final project – the girls were allowed to showcase any project they liked. Interestingly, both chose home DIY projects. I don’t know if that will make it harder for you to select the winner or easier, but without any additional preamble let’s get to it!

The Projects…

Season 16 Collage

Lace-Stenciled Headboard

Jessica, Cutesy Crafts

I’m so excited that I made it to the finale of So You Think You’re Crafty!  For this final round, I decided to make something that has been on my to-do list for a really long time, an upholstered headboard.  I wanted to add a little something extra to it, so I stenciled the fabric using a lace!

Lace Stenciled Headboard

Home decor fabric can be so expensive, so I decided to try out using a canvas drop cloth instead.  That’s right, the kind used for painting!  It was actually surprisingly well made.  I will definitely be using drop cloths again in the future!

Lace Stenciled Headboard

Lay some lace over the top, spray paint, and…

Lace Stenciled Headboard

…you’ve got yourself a cute print!  I love the fact that it’s neutral but still pretty and unique.

Lace Stenciled Headboard

This was my first furniture building experience, and I am so pleased with the results!  The most difficult part was probably fitting the piece of wood into my minivan.  Seriously, worst hardware store trip EVER!  It was worth it though, because look what I made!

Lace Stenciled Headboard

That’s it!  I’m so happy to have spent the last ten weeks crafting with all of you!  I’m gonna go take a nap in my new bed now. – Jessica

The Number Room

Hayley, Welcome to the Mouse House

Hey guys!  I am SO excited to share my final project with you.  I have even more photos on my blog for you to check out.

So here is the thing… I had a totally different idea in mind for the final week, but my 6 year old son Ethan wanted something specific, something BIG.  This is a kid that has never asked for anything and he meant business.   He wanted a “Number Room”. He has Autism and numbers are his thing…In fact, he calls himself “The Number King,” so when he suddenly expressed an opinion about his room and told us exactly what he wanted, I decided to listen.

Here is the best part… this was all a surprise for Ethan. He had NO idea that we were actually going to change his room. We did all of this while he was out of town with Grandma.  Here is his  room before (which I loved!).

I sat down with him and just asked him a few questions… favorite number, what colors, what he was thinking, and what he imagined. When he told me that he wanted bright green walls, blue accessories, and white, black, and gray everywhere else… I fell out of my chair.  What???!   How would I do this?

Okay, calm down Hayley, you can do this…So, I chose a green that I could deal with (thank goodness most of his walls were already white beadboard) and I started brainstorming the rest.

My absolute favorite part is the wall art I created above his bed.

It is a bunch of furring strips cut to various lengths, nailed to a board, and stained.  I then added odd shaped numbers to it.  Do you love it as much as I do?

Across from his bed, above his dresser, I framed numbers (I will have the printables on my blog soon).  I also bought a vintage teaching clock and a few accessories for the shelves.  The chair features a cute bicycle pillow I found at Home Goods.

You may be gasping, but Ethan requested white bedding.  Yes, white.  He is a man after my own heart.  I bought him a white duvet cover that can be easily removed and washed.

Ethan told me that his favorite number is “7” so I appliqued a “7” onto a pillow.  I spray painted his old red lamp navy blue, added some baskets and blankets, and of course hung the cool license plate book holder.

One of the main things he requested were clocks and a magnet board.  I added some clocks to his shelves and then a magnet board to one wall.  I found some vintage magnets for the board, which he immediately started playing with.

He was in love.  And that means the world to me.

The Voting…

And that brings us to the end…Please vote for either the lace stenciled headboard or the number room. Voting will be open through Thursday, August 15, at 5 p.m. MST. The winner of Season 16 will be announced Friday, August 16.

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DIY PVC Children’s Grocery Store {Tutorial}

Today’s winning PVC project – a DIY PVC children’s grocery store – is being shared by Season 16 competitor Hayley

Welcome to the Mouse House

This is Hayley’s third win this season.

She took week one with her amazing removable fabric wallpaper

Removable Fabric Wallpaper Tutorial

She also picked up a win in our week five challenge with her fun hot air balloon necklace

Hot Air Balloon Necklace Tutorial

Learn more about her amazing PVC project – The Market – and pop over to her site today for more of the details.

DIY PVC Children’s Grocery Store Tutorial

Hey guys!  My name is Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House and I am here today to share how I created The Market from last week!


Now, obviously, everyone’s measurements are going to be different, so I am not going to provide those.  My space may be larger or smaller than what you have to work with so measure your space and determine the lengths you need before heading to the hardware store.


PVC Supplies:


  • 4 equal lengths to create a square for the top
  • 2 lengths for the legs
  • 2 3 inch pieces of PVC
  • 2 90 degree connectors
  • 2 45 degree connectors
  • 2 “T” connectors
  • 4 “U” hooks

(Excuse my chaotic photo… this was done very late at night and I was pretty much delirious!)

 Create the awning by joining your 4 equal lengths together.  Use the 90 degree connectors at the top corners and the “T” connectors at the bottom corners.

Now, you are going to create the legs. Attach your 3 inch piece of PVC to the “T” connector. Then, attach your 45 degree connector. Finally, attach your leg piece.

Clear as mud?

 Attach the other leg and it should now look like this!

Using the 4 “U” hooks, attach to the wall, using anchors if you don’t find a stud… and no, I am not talking about my husband. 


To attach the awning to the bookshelf, you can either glue it or you can find connectors with holes for drilling.  Totally up to you!

At last, it is time to attach your fabric.  

Before attaching it to the frame, I sewed bias tape and the chalkboard banner to my fabric to finish the raw edges. Then, I just hot glued the fabric to the PVC pipe.  Super easy!

The shelves for the groceries is simply a cubby unit from Target flipped on its side!

The shelf that holds the cash register was just a piece of scrap wood we had in the garage and I covered it with chevron shelf paper.  The one end is attached to the wall with a 2×4 and the other end is just leaning on top of the shelf.

Easy as pie!


I hope that helps!  If you guys have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to message me on Facebook or find my contact info on my blog.  As always, I would love to see your creations over on my Flickr page, too!

DIY Hot Air Balloon Necklace {Tutorial}


Today’s DIY hot air balloon necklace tutorial is shared by Haley, from Welcome to the Mouse House.

Haley Welcome to the Mouse HouseThis is Haley’s second win this season. Following her week one win, she shared a tutorial for removable fabric wallpaper – definitely one to pin!

Removable Fabric Wallpaper

Haley our around the world challenge with her Around the World in 80 Days ensemble.

Around the World

Learn more about the sweet little necklace today and hop over to her site to learn more about the other pieces in the project.

DIY Hot Air Balloon Necklace

Hey folks!  Thanks so much for all of the votes last week… Everyone did such a great job, so it was an honor to win this week.

I am here to share a tutorial for the hot air balloon necklace from the outfit!



Roll a nickel sized amount of white into a ball and then shape it into a hot air balloon.

Snake roll (is that a term?) several colors of clay.

Break each roll in half.

Start laying them on top, opposite from each other (it looks like a weird little lady, right?).

Continue with all colors.

Continue on until the entire balloon is covered.

Now, smush each color down and start forming into the shape of the air balloon.

Now is the time to create the hole that will be used for the necklace. Take your thick sewing needle and poke it through the entire balloon, making sure to go straight through.

Now, create a little white “basket.” Roll up some white (or another color) until it resembles a marshmallow…hehehe.

Place both pieces on aluminum foil and bake at 275 degrees for approximately 7-8 minutes. Turn the pieces and bake for another 7-8 minutes.

Take some regular polyester thread and cut for equal strands.

Using your glue gun (or quick set glue) attach the four strands of thread to the balloon and the basket.

This step is optional, but gives it a nice sheen…

Cover the hot air balloon and basket with a few coats of Mod Podge, letting it dry between coats.

Grab your elastic thread, sewing needle, fun beads and your new hot air balloon.

Measure the child’s neck and allow for stretch…

Start threading the beads…

Add your hot air balloon and keep threading…

Knot the ends…


Try on the child’s head before trimming the ends of elastic to make sure it fits.  You can always adjust, if needed.

Thanks for sharing your winning tutorial Haley!