And the winner is…

Well Session 2 has come to an end. It’s been a great session with so much talent. Before I officially announce the winner I’d like thank the 10 crafters.

Thank you so much for your participation! I love everything that you guys come up with. You’re an amazing inspiration to us. I know that I’ll continue to follow all your blogs and I’m sure many others will be too. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Congratulations Shannon! Your swim bag took the cake this week and made you the Session 2 Champion! The tutorial for her bag is in the tutorial section. It’s a good one! Check up on her at Shannon Makes Stuff.

I’d also like to recognize Kalleen for her amazing projects this session. She was quite the contender this session. Of the nine weeks, Kalleen was the winner of 6. Great job! She’ll continue to have fantastic things At Second Street.

Enjoy your week off while I get Session 3 all ready for you. We’ll be back on Monday the 19th with the first challenge and a fantastic giveaway from one of our sponsors, Lisa Leonard!

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Session 2 Finale!

*Updated to Add – If you’d like to know which audition craft , or any craft really, was made by who… all crafts are given their rightful owners and labeled in the “Past Crafts” tab*

Can you believe we’re already here? If you’ve missed any of the previous weeks you can see them all in the “Past Crafts” tab.

The winners of the Forever You giveaway are announced here. There’s three of them and one might be you! Go check!

Before we get to the main event I just want to make you guys aware of one quick thing. I received an email the other day from a woman asking for help. Gena wrote me to tell me about her sister Sarah. At age 27 she was diagnosed with stage IV ocular melanoma. As it is unresponsive to chemo or radiation their only option is surgery. She is currently recovering from her most recent surgery and has had to stop working. As cancer has been a big part of my own life through the sickness of many of my family members I know how devastating emotionally and financial it can be. If you would like to give Sarah any support that you can please visit her blog, Love Infinantly Squared.

Ok. Now for the crafts… remember you’re voting for the champion of Session 2. This weeks theme is “Wild Card” and it’s not anonymous (I think at this point you can tell who’s is who’s anyway 🙂 ) Polls close Friday at 9 pm MST.


Craft #1 – Perfect Swimming Bag by Shannon

First off I would like to send a big thank you to those followers who voted me on to the finals! It means allot to me! And I also couldn’t be competing against a more creative gal!!! It’s been a fun, fast, and tough ten weeks!

For my final shebang I decided to create the perfect bag to take with your family swimming! Whether you head to the local pool or out to the beach, you will have enough room for everything! With summer in full swing around my parts of the country and with it around the corner for the rest I thought it would be perfect to pull out bright summer colors and prints.

So here you have the PERFECT SWIMMING and recreational bag!

The top of the bag has two separate sides. They both close and open with draw string tops.

One side is fully lined with waterproof material so once you are done swimming you can toss in your wet clothes, and the rest of your bag will stay nice and dry!

The other side is a dry side. It is filled with pockets that you can slide in your wallet, keys, makeup, or diapers! You name it! It’s perfect for your hair supplies and your dry change of clothes for after you swim!

Now onto the bottom. The entire bottom is waterproof, so you won’t need to worry where you set your bag! Two of the sides around the bottom have pockets to slide in water bottles! You can never have enough water at the pool! They are also perfect for slipping in sun screen or diving toys, or flip-flops!

On one of the other sides there are three pockets that have flaps on the top. They are perfect for goggles, sun glasses, or spray on tanner!

The final side around the bottom has a large flap that opens completely and closes with Velcro, making it easy for children to get in and out of.

When you open the flap you will find another waterproof compartment large enough to fit 6, yes 6, large beach towels, folded nice and neat!

So grab all your swim gear, change of clothes, and load up your bag. Throw it over your shoulder and head out for a fun filled day!

When your ready to go home, the top of your bag won’t be as filled because your change of clothes will be on, so simply push down the draw string compartments, throw your smaller bag over your shoulder, and head home!
This bag is also perfect for a small camping trip, or a couple of days in a row overnighter! Slide your sleeping blanket and pillow into the bottom and fill up the dry side with your clothes! Once you wear your clothes, simply put them in the waterproff side, to keep your dirty clothes seperated! All the pockets in the insides can be used for your bathroom supplies! So where ever you are headed this summer, grab the PERFECT BAG and GO!

Craft #2 – Handmade Minnie Party by Kalleen

Hot Dog! We had a party and you’re all invited!

We celebrated with Minnie, but all these ideas could easily be changed to fit any theme. I fell in love with the red polka dots and minnie ears and used them on everything.

Including the cake!
We have ears, say cheers!
These party hats aren’t just fun to make, they’re also easy and inexpensive.
A birthday outfit is a small touch that can make anyone feel extra special. Kate cried when it was pried off to go in the wash.
What party is complete without a pinata? All I needed was a Huggies box, a roll of crepe paper, tape and glue. No messy paper-mache or waiting days for it to dry.
Mouse hands were made for the kids to wear while hitting the pinata. Such Joy! Of course we needed goodie bags for all the loot. It was a great party, thanks for coming!

Baby Gifts – Week 2

Craft #1 – Oversized Veggie Plushes – Vanessa

Veggie Plush 01

As a baby, my son absolutely hated tummy time from day one. As rational
adults, you understand how important their floor time is but as an
emotional mother, it’s torture to hear your poor little one crying their
eyes out. Eventually, as my son got older, tummy time became a little
easier with the help of a few props (water mat, Boppy, etc). I designed
these Oversized Veggie Plushes to help others with the always important
(and sometimes dreaded) tummy time!

Veggie Plush 02

The Peapod Plush is perfect for babies that aren’t yet mobile but are
beginning to push up on their arms. It’s softer and much cuter than your
average Boppy! As the baby gets older, he or she can use it as a body
pillow, back rest and of course, as a soft but efficient weapon to whack
their little sister.

Veggie Plush 03

The Carrot Plush not only looks great on a couch but can be a useful tool
when playing on the floor. Big enough for a parent to rest their exhausted
head on and yet, small enough for babies to lean against and upon. Older
babies will love crawling all over the Carrot, snuggling with it while
being read to and of course, using it to deflect the blows from their big
brother’s Peapod Plush!

Craft #2 – Welcome to Scranton – Emilie

My good friend is a lover of The Office and all things Scranton (like myself), so when she recently had a baby girl, I knew just what to make her.

This gift basket includes six Office themed onesies, a rattling Dwight Schrute doll and the first and second seasons of The Office on DVD to save the sanity of a Mom and Dad with a new baby.

Here’s a close-up of the Dwight Doll. It has no parts which can be taken off and swallowed by little mouths and has a rattle to soothe and entertain baby. Because what’s more entertaining than Dwight Schrute?

And here are the onesies. My friend’s baby is a girl, so I personalized the Dunder Mifflin Logo onesie by making it purple instead of blue. All of the images were designed by me except the Dunder Mifflin logo and the Schrute Farms logo (which was found for free on the Internet).

Vote for this Baby Gift Set and you’ll win 10,000 Schrute bucks and drinks with Meredith at Poor Richard’s Pub in Scranton!

Craft #3 – Union Suit – Kristin

I have always been in love with those cheesy red union suits……you know the kind cartoon characters are always wearing under their clothes?! I’ve had one on my to-do list for a long time. And babies need clothes, right…a lot of clothes! So they might as well be cute. Not to put pattern companies down, but I’ve never had the best luck with their sizing. But it is surprisingly easy to draft a sleeper like this with the help of a ready-to-wear garment. And snaps not only make it easy for changes, but you can avoid the dreaded zipper (in case you’re scared of those!). I used a black and white stripe knit that I had leftover from another project. It gives it a nice baby-convict vibe. 🙂 Or maybe Ralph Lauren, depending on how you look at it.

Craft #4 – Baby Bibs – Kim

But not your average baby bibs.

These baby bibs are interchangeable. They come with a strap ending
with some suspender clips. You just clip on whatever bib you want
and chow down!

The bibs are also reversible and 100% washable (that would just
be pure ridiculous  if they weren’t!).

And for those really messy foods (can we say spaghetti) you can just
use the strap to hang a paper towel

Then just throw away the paper towel! (hopefully that will be the only
mess you  have to clean up….but we all know that’s not true!)

Perfect for restaurants! Just keep a strap in your diaper bag!

Craft #5 – A Year in a Box – Heidi

I go to a lot of baby showers and welp…
I thought this would be a great gift.
I bought a wooden box from my local craft store and painted it white.
I then customised the design of this oval, butterfly and circle (on the top of the box).
I used the name Joy for my friends baby to come 🙂
Inside this box you’ll find 13 cards that have pockets and flaps (a lot of fun little surprises)
Each card represents a month (0-12 months).
Each card asks a special question, the weight, length, for a photo and what the baby “likes” and “doesn’t like” for that month.
Thanks and I hope you like it.

Craft #6 – Inspirational Mobile – Mary Beth

This mobile is meant to provide visual stimulation as well as words of wisdom.  It moves gently with circulating air and is best hung from the ceiling or a light fixture.  The colors are a mix of calming blues and browns and can act as a simple reminder to catch our breath and just live in the moment.

Craft #7 – Tummy Time Mat – Cheri

When I started brainstorming about baby gifts I wanted to think of something I would truly want to receive for a baby.  My babies have always hated tummy time and we have lots of hardwood flooring in our home.  So?  I made a giant baby play mat.  (Nevermind that it’s in the grass, it’s meant for inside play.  I just needed a bright place to photograph it.)
This mat is guranteed to keep a baby happy and entertained.  It’s loaded with not only color, but lots of texture……fringe, satin edging, tangible animals secured by ribbon, textured stitching, beads protected from reach under clear vinyl.  It’s also super comfortable, with a couple layers of batting and thick fleece on top and bottom.  What?  You’re afraid it will slip around?  I sewed grippers on to the bottom so the mat will remain in place at all times.
Want to add your own toys?  Just link them into the grass loops by the rocks.  This way you can interchange some of the toys to keep your baby interested.

But, the best part is….it’s machine washable.  (Hang to dry.)  Let’s face it.  Babies are cute, but oh so messy.

Craft #8 – Modern Baby Booties – Carrie

One of my favorite baby gifts to give a new mom is a pair of Modern Baby Booties!

New moms often receive outfits as gifts for their babies and nothing completes an outfit like a cute pair of shoes! These booties are lined and have a faux suede sole. They are super soft and comfortable for babies feet!




Craft #9 – Baby Quilt – Natalia & Whitnee

This darling baby quilt is made from a Spirit Charm Pack. The combination of the applique and the simple piecing makes for a great unique baby gift.

Dinoland Suit Case

What I used:

– a hard shell suitcase (this won’t work with a cloth suitcase)
– brown spray paint
– a plastic canister (for volcano)
– two Capri-sun boxes
– a can of Great Stuff (found at any hardware store)
– gloves
– random greenery
– a sheet of model grass (I got mine at Michael’s, this can also be replaced with green paint)
– hot glue gun
– paints ( I used brown, gray, green, blue and red)
– Mog Podge

I originally bought the foam cone for the volcano, but later decided it wasn’t big enough.
Step 1: Remove any extra stuff from your suitcase, like this divider. You want a clean surface.

Step 2: I taped off the hardware and spray painted the inside brown.

Step 3: I cut two Capri sun boxes on an angle so they were the height of the inside of the suitcase. Then I cut half circles ,that were used for caves. Make sure your cut your caves so they are on opposite sides, so that when they are placed in the case, the caves are facing out.

Step 4: I glued down my Capri-sun ramps and my canister. When choosing an object for the volcano you need to make sure there is plenty of room for the case to close on top of it. You’ll need to account for extra bulk from the foam.

Step 5: Prepare to spray the foam. Wear clothes that can be ruined. It does not come off once it dries. WEAR GLOVES. This stuff can be pretty nasty. You don’t wan to get it on anything. Have extra gloves available. Attach the applicator and make sure to keep the bottle upside down while spraying.

Step 6: Create your volcano and hills with the foam. I started by filling in all the gaps around the containers.

Next I built up the volcano.

I covered everything else and then started adding rocks and bushes around the sides.

This stuff blows up pretty big. Using a plastic knife I smoothed it down over and over again. After a few minutes it would grow up again. Keep smoothing it down in the areas you don’t want it to grow. Once it looked good I let it dry over night.

When I came back the next morning I found that it had continued to grow and was now to big. The case wouldn’t close anymore. So I had to trim it down with a razor blade. I kept the trimmings and used them later.

When the foam is cut it doesn’t have the same texture, so I had to get another can of Great Stuff. Instead of spraying it on this time, I sprayed it into a paper bowl and used a plastic knife to spread it on. I kept pressing it down so it wouldn’t blow up too big. I let it dry over night again.

Step 7: I glued the grass and rocks down. I used the pieces of foam that were trimmed for my rocks. I didn’t trust the foam to not grow to big. * If you don’t plan on making the mistake I did, you can spray extra foam onto card board and trim it down after it dries.

Once everything is dry and in place make sure the suitcase will close!

Step 8: I painted everything. First I painted the rocks and volcano brown , the water blue and the bushes green.

Once that was dry I dry brushed gray over all the rocks. I wanted the volcano to look more gray, and it added texture to the rocks. I also highlighted the bushes with a few other shades of green.

My kids were literally playing with this the whole time I was working on it. I was glad because I realized the paint was not sticking to the smooth foam. It kept chipping off. To stop this I Mod Podged the whole thing. It seams to have worked. You can also try painting it with a primer before you paint.

Step 9: Glue greenery into bushes. I glued the ends and then stabbed them into the foam.

*It really wasn’t difficult, and didn’t take much time, except for waiting for things to dry. Remember it’s for kids and doesn’t have to be perfect.
I’ll be doing it again. I hope to make another case with a different theme in the future.

For You – Week 1

Craft #1 – Creative Journal – Kim @ The Sassy Crafter

It seems like creative ideas pop into my head at the craziest times. I often get busy with other things and before I know it I’m asking myself, “Now what was that great idea I had earlier?” I’ve learned that the secret is to capture the ideas by writing them down. But a plain old journal simply doesn’t cut it. I feel like I need a journal that’s brimming with as much creativity as I am.

This handmade journal is the perfect mix of old and new. It uses an age-old binding technique called coptic stitch that is both beautiful and functional. The binding allows the book to open completely flat — perfect for artsy types who want to sketch out their next projects! And the cover includes an unexpected twist, merging a photograph of warm vintage fabric with a sleek piece of aluminum.

In a winning tutorial, I’ll give you full instructions for transferring images onto metal. I’ll also provide detailed, photo-by-photo instructions on how to successfully bind books using the sometimes-intimidating coptic stitch. You’ll not only learn new techniques, you’ll also be able to make a great journal that captures your inspirations!

Craft #2 – Flowers in Her Hair
Emily @ A Skrpbookmom’s Diary

Make a bold statement by wearing this cute headband made from 100% wool felt and sparkly tulle. Made with the colors of the rainbow, it will match just about any outfit. It’s funky, flirty and just plain cute. These make great gifts for your friends, but beware, you just might want to keep it for yourself!

Craft #3 – Homage to IngoJessi @ Sweetie Pie Bakery

I chose to interpret the theme of this week for what it was-for you…As in, for me. As crafters, we are often sewing for our children, friends and family. I don’t know about you, but I never make time to give something to myself. I thought this week would be the perfect opportunity to do just that. I didn’t even have to check a project list to decide what I wanted to work on…

For me, the perfect project is where art, design and craft meet. I want something beautiful, unique, functional and most importantly-doable!

I chose to create a chalkboard for my kitchen, made from an old frame and some broken dishes. It has a wonderful “diner” feel to it. I love that. Scattered and shattered dishes in a bright white, contrasted against the black chalkboard, this piece could go with anyone’s decor. It’s a great piece of art for our kitchen, and as a bonus, we now have a place to write our shopping lists, schedules or love notes.

Craft #4 -Family Tree File Bag
Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

When I heard the theme of this week was “For You”. I immediately knew that I wanted my craft to be not only For You, but for you and you and you…Meaning everyone that comes after YOU on your family tree. What a better gift to give than the gift of yourself! This will not only benefit you but will benefit all that come from you.

(the words have been photoshoped on so my handwriting is not recognizable. These words will be embroidered on in white floss in the tutorial)

What is it? You ask. It’s a three ring binder camouflaged as a beautiful family tree purse. You can sling it over your shoulder to bring it with you everywhere you go! No need to miss one single day of writing about YOU for all of the yous in your growing family tree.

When opened the inside will be filled with 365 questions that will let those that come after you know YOU. You will also be amazed at the calming affect that writing about you will bring to your life. And it comes in such a fabulous package who could resist?

Tutorial will include the Binder Purse and the 365 Questions to be placed inside!
I believe that there is no better gift to give those after you than to know a little bit about you! And it’s also the perfect gift for YOU because you get to pass on the bits of information that are really important to YOU and from your point of view. This is perfect for those of us who wished we wrote in our journals but just don’t ever get around to it. And it’s perfect for those that do so our future generations know not only about our everyday routine but about the little things that make us who we are! So this gift is for YOU…and you…and you…

Craft #5 -Tag Wallet – Kalleen @ At Second Street

Who says you have to spend money to hold your money? I made myself a wallet out of things I already had, clothing tags and paper. Despite it’s humble start and small detail this wallet makes a big statement.

Don’t let the paper fool you. It’s surprisingly durable.

What label would you give it crafty, whimsical, fabulous?

It fits my many moods from crafter to wannabe fashionista.

Craft #6 – Flirty Denim Skirt Makeover – Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous

I had an old denim skirt that sat in the back of the closet forever just begging for some love. And let me tell ya, it recently got a lotta love!! I gave it a huge makeover and created this fun flirty, ruffle skirt out of it. The cool thing about this skirt makeover is, I didn’t even have to hem it. I just moved the existing hem line up 12″! I can’t wait to wear my “new” skirt this spring!
The before and after. I distressed the denim to update the finish and add character. Amazing the difference a little distressing does!

The denim flower added the perfect embellishment to this cute skirt.

Craft #7 – Flower Bag – Kristin @ Pea Pod Creations

Flowers are happy things.”
-P.S. Wodehouse

I love spring, and look forward to the flowers breaking through the soil. I think that this was part of what inspired me to think ‘flower’.

This purse was made from soft suede, trust me it really is as soft as a rose petal!

I love the color green, so the ‘split pea soup green’ is just an added bonus here. When I found the green dot fabric, I knew I found my purse lining… fresh spring peas anyone??

Details include hand made fabric covered buttons, hand stitched petals, magnetic closure…darts added to the bottom to make it a ‘fuller’ purse. With a winning tutorial I will show you tips and tricks so you can make this purse or another lined purse with this basic shape.

Craft #8 -Sweet Tea Etched Glass – Sarah @ Create Studio

You know you’re from the South if quality “For You” time is spent sipping a tall glass of sweet tea. Yum! And you know you’re a Southern Belle if everything you own is monogramed… including your Sweet Tea Dispenser!

My dear friend Anna is a true Southern Belle. She loves entertaining, sweet tea, and Tim, her new fiancé! She’ll be getting a brand new last name in May, and what better way to celebrate than with an etched glass sweet tea dispenser made by yours truly!

What bride doesn’t love seeing her new initial all over everything, Southerner or not!? In a winning tutorial I’ll show you two very easy and inexpensive techniques, so you can get a head start on all of your wedding gifts.

Craft #9 – Everyday, Three Way Accessory – Jenny @

I am always scrounging around for a chunky necklace or cute scarf to sass up an outfit. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide which to choose! (I know, the serious problems in life).

So for this challenge, I came up with a necklace/scarf hybrid called the Everyday, Three Way Accessory. It’s unique, functional, and best of all super cute!

A funky knot anchors loops and layers of lush jersey knit. Here are three ways you can wear it:

1. Simply throw the Everyday, Three Way Accessory on over a plain tee:

2. Double it up to create a necklace feel:

3. Or pull the ends through and wear it like a scarf:

Dressed up or down, one thing’s for sure. You are going to look fabulous wearing it!

Craft #10 – Monthly MemoriesCorey @ Life with Little Ones

This is a years worth of joy all bundled up inside a beautiful envelope! Grandparents, friends and loved ones will look forward to receiving these handmade 9″ x 12″ envelopes every month, for an entire year. Fill them with notes from your children, art work or other mementos that you wish to send. This is a wonderful way to help loved ones feel close to your family all year long. The envelopes are designed to correlate with holidays such as; Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving, each to be sent during the correlating month. I even included a special birthday envelope to honor the recipient with during the month of their birth. Each envelope is labeled and stamped with the month of delivery and sealed with a twine/ button closure.

I thought it would be fun to make a few smaller envelopes that can hold 4″X6″ photographs of your children or loved ones… Simply insert the smaller envelope into the larger envelope prior to shipping and , voile! Perfect memories.

One envelope per month for an entire year…. Twelve different chances to let someone know how very much they are loved.

Season 2 Auditions

Craft #1 – Adelle the Artsy Angel – Ann Gardner

Here’s Adelle. She’s an Artsy Angel….just floating by to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. She’d never mention it, but did you notice her stunning sense of style? Shimmering shoes, fluffy feathers, precious pearls (not to mention pretty polka-dots). This girl has it all!

“Adelle the Art Angel” is made from lots of scraps. Scraps of wood, fabric, ribbon, old broken earings, felt, wire, netting and whatever else that could be found in a junk drawer. She is artfully painted and lovingly hung on the wall of a 6 year old who can’t imagine anything more magnificent!

Craft #2 – Craft Station – Avery and Lisa @ Pearls & Potatoes

We love a great find and even more we love giving things a new fresh look. Our craft station is perfect for the girl who has little space and needs a place of her own to keep her ideas and supplies at. Here is an old cabinet that we found in the back shed that we have turned into a crafting haven. As the saying goes, ‘One person’s junk is another’s person treasure.’

*Craft # 3 – Recycled Wrist Pin Cushion – Kim @ Te Sassy Crafter

Fun+ctional. It’s a mash-up word that means a lot to me. While I think beauty can stand alone in the art world, I prefer the utilitarian but still artful nature of crafts. Take this pin cushion, for example. It helps me keep track of pins while I’m sewing, and it also makes me smile because it reminds me of the beautiful gaillardia flowers in my garden. It’s both “fun” and “functional.”
Plus it’s made entirely of recycled materials, which is a driving force in my work. The cushion is fashioned out of vintage hem tape, scraps from a felted wool sweater, and recycled foam from an electronics box. It’s mounted on an old cuff bracelet covered that I purchased at an estate sale and covered with extra-wide bias tape. Suddenly what’s old is new again, in an artful and fun+ctional way.

*Craft #4 – Swaddled-Up Car Seat Blanket – Kristin @ Pea Pod Creations

So here it is…I had two problems:

Problem #1: Have you ever had your baby kick off a beautiful baby quilt while in their car seat? Ahh, it’s the worst, not to mention if you were unfortunate enough to have your blanket land on a dirty store floor, or the pavement! I have had this happen and it’s just plain horrible.…I knew I had a problem…..

Problem #2: The dilema of how to keep little baby warm, the cold air would always sneak under blankets and make those little toes all cold…..yet we live where it’s not super cold all the time, so I wanted a blanket that could be versatle enough to be used when it gets a little warmer too……
Solution: A car seat blanket, that stays with the car seat. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I made this! In the morning when I drive the kids to school I can quickly get my little princess up last, put her in her car seat andsnuggle her up to brave the morning chill.

I fold up the top flap (it is designed to tuck under baby and stay snug) then fold over the two other flaps….in the morning’s I have her little arms secured under the blanket. When it gets a little warmer the bottom flap can be removed! The best part is that it’s really easyto sew, the front can be made as fancy……or as simple as you want. Or of course if you are anything like me, you could have several of these…you know just in case you arefeeling a little spunky, or playful, or even simple with just a monogram….Trust me you will want one(or many)for your little one, or to make for someone you know!

Craft #5 – Toilet Topper – Melisa @ The Little Green Bean

My contest submission is of the toilet topper I made from 2 drawers I got from an old desk & a shutter from an entertainment center. I got them both at the dump! I cleaned them up, added a coat of stain, removed the drawer pulls from the outside and put them on the inside for a bit of character! The shelf fit perfectly above out toilet in the space that was there! It was meant to be! Total cost of the project was $0!!! my favorite!

Craft #6 – Clothespin Dolls – Rachel @ Southern KnitWit

Everybody needs to be surrounded by pretty things, whether they know it or not! These little clothespin dolls are just the thing! They make me smile every time I look at them. They all have individual personalities! They are so easy to make too, as well as enjoyable.

*Craft #7 – Hungry Caterpillar King Corey @ Life with Little Ones

Hello! These are pictures that I took of a birthday crown that I made to give to my son for his second birthday in October. The theme of the birthday party was Eric Carle’s, The Very Hungry Caterpillar… I knew what I had in mind for his crown but the more that I worked on it, the more fun it became! I also knew that I wanted the focal point of the crown to be the trademark caterpillar. My idea to add the apple and the sun came to me after the caterpillar was in place. I used felt to create both the actual headpiece as well as the cutouts that were used to create the images. I hand cut and hand embroidered each piece onto the crown. I used ribbon for the suns rays and the border of the crown. I think that this is a fair sample of my work seeing as most of the crafting that I do is detail oriented and usually has a focus or a tie to my children. I love creating, especially for little ones, seeing as there is such a small amount of time in ones life to reap the benefit of a special birthday crown, and have it make their entire day! Gotta love that!

*Craft #8 – Fresh Vintage Quilt
– Jenny @ Jenny Garland Designs

Quilting isn’t for old ladies, girls. This darling, monogrammed wall hanging is sure to make a statement! Layers of applique, freezer paper stenciling, free motion quilting, ruffling, and bead work create a fresh vintage feel.

*Craft #9 – Inspiration Push Pins – Kalleen @ At Second Street

Every Crafter needs an inspiration board in their space. I thought I would customize mine with these push pins.

I love using something inspiring to pin up my pictures, to-do lists and sketches.

*Craft #10 – Valentines for the Birds – Jessi @ Sweetie Pie Bakery

Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays. I think I’m in love with the frill of it, mostly. I remember when I was in grade school, the biggest thing was to come up with the best Valentine box. I wanted to make something that reminded me of that childhood craft, minus the tin foil and construction paper.

This Valentine box is a birdhouse! There is a door that hinges open and shut, and secures with velcro. The house is complete with windows, window boxes with flowers, curtains, and a fireplace (if you get close enough to see inside!)

The bluebird can have mail delivered right to his door by your little cupid! The valentines are kid friendly, with envelopes that actually open and secure shut with velcro. You can write your little ones all sorts of love notes to be delivered this Valentine’s Day!

*Craft #11 – Hold My {twine} Heart – Linda @ Crataholics Anonymous

For my audition piece, I wanted to create a subtle Valentine themed focal piece for my front room. And I absolutely love how it turned out! I love the natural elements, which you don’t always see for Valentine’s Day. The asymmetrical layout makes it stunning.
I used a scrap piece of fabric to hang the heart and add a splash of color. To make the twine heart, I cut a heart shape out of styrofoam and then wound hemp twine around and hot glued in place.
I love how simple, yet sophisticated this turned out.

Craft #12 – My New Sweater – Sarah @ Creative Jewish Mom

My mom loves to make stuff all the time. The good news is sometimes she even makes something for me! Sometimes she’ll surprise me with it when it’s all done, but this time I had to keep trying it on as she was making it! She said she really didn’t know what she was doing, so honestly I was a bit worried, especially when the sleeves looked like elephant ears and were practically down to my ankles! But she tore them out, and started over and it turned out great in the end. Don’t you think so ?

Crocheted net +scalloped cardigan front standing

My friends just don’t believe me when I tell them my mom made my new sweater, so I tell them to come over some time and ask for themselves! Between you and me I think they’re just jealous of that flower.

When I need to get dressed up in a snap, I pull out this sweater and my favorite skirt, and it just makes me want to dance! I just love the sleeves, my mom says they’re called bell-shaped sleeves.

Crocheted Net Cardigan-Twist!

Of course I know it’s not polite to turn your back on someone, but I thought you’d really like to see that this sweater looks just a great coming and going!

Crocheted Net Cardigan Back Full

And by the way I really think you should vote for my mom so you can see all the really neat things she knows how to make. I don’t know whether I’m supposed to tell you this, but she decided to submit this crocheted sweater as her audition project because she said if she was actually lucky enough to win a regular round she’d never in a million years be able to make a tutorial for it, whatever that is!

Craft #13 – Funky Flower Frame – Holly @ Holly Christine Designs

This whimsical frame is funky and functional. A simple wooden frame covered with eclectic little flowers is the perfect home for your favorite photo or quote. I can picture this frame in a little girl’s room, in an office, or in a little nook in your living room.

*Craft #14 – Dinner Party Attire Emily @ A Skrpbkmom’s Diary
Dinner Party Attire, the perfect little outfit for your little guy to wear on that special outing. A sophisticated brown onesie complete with tie for those formal occasions (or just to make him look super cute!), adorable argyle socks made to keep those chubby little legs warm, and to top it all off, a little sunshine vest complete with buttons. Your little guy will be dashing in this outfit and will be the talk of the party for sure!

*Craft #15 – Mr. Postman – Sarah @ Create Studio

Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman.
Please Mr. Postman, look and see
You got a letter in your bag for me?”
-The Beatles
This Postman-In-Training is ready to brave the elements to deliver your mail in a timely manner with the help of his very own play set! The play letters are made of sturdy wood with velcro attaching the address, stamp, and return address labels, so while he’s playing he can also learn how to address a real letter.
Once his letters are all addressed he throws them in his mail bag and neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can keep him from a successful delivery!

*Craft #16 -Memo Board – Erika @ Oops! I Craft My Pants!


I know what you’re thinking. “Ummm *insert my name here*, what the heck IS that thing?”

Well reader, wonder no more. It’s a memo board!


Just insert some of your favorite pictures, a calendar, a grocery list, or anything else you can come up with, and it’s as cute as ever.


I can’t wait to hang it up in my tiny apartment. Maybe it’ll make life in the dreary old basement a little more bearable.

*Craft # 17 – Partial Car Window Shade – Shannon @ Shannon Makes Stuff

Do you have a child that rides in the middle seat and goes ballistic if the sun is in his/her eyes? Now you won’t have to worry about it anymore! Simply make one of these window shades and it’s as easy as a snap to block out. This window shade only partially covers the window so your child can still see outside and other back seat riders can as well. If you don’t need it at all, simply roll it up and clasp it with the magnetic straps, which is easy enough even a child can do! To hang the shade you roll up the clear vinyl strips into the window and it hangs itself, you can easily transfer it from one car to another, and you don’t have to worry about trying to get suction cups to stick to the glass and stay put in their place!

Craft #18 – Garden Delight – Becky @ Becky Mae Designs

These gorgeous choker necklaces is made from new and vintage pieces of jewelry. It’s a beautiful custom necklace that is easy enough for anyone to give it a try!


Banjo Strap

Here’s the how-to for my banjo/guitar strap cover.
I used:
guitar strap (since I don’t actually play an instrument, I bought mine here)
48″ x 5.5″ strip of fabric for inside of strap
multiple squares of fabric of varying lengths, each 5.5″ wide
48″ x 5.5″ strip of fusible fleece or batting

My measurements are based off my own strap. Since this is a cover that should be able to slip on and off of your strap, double check the measurements of yours before you start!
Start by piecing and sewing your patchwork squares together into a strip 5.5″ x 48″ long (as I said, adjust these measurements if you need to). Press the seams flat.

Fuse fleece/batting to the wrong side of the patchwork strip.

For a quilted look, sew straight lines parallel to the edge of the patchwork strip. Sew the first line 1/2″ from the edge, and the rest 1/4″ from the previous line of stitching.
An easy way to make the 1/4″ lines is to just line up your presser foot with the previous line and use it as a guide.

Hem all four short sides of your strips.

Pin your two strips, right sides together, on the long sides and sew.

Turn the strap right side out, press, and slip the strap inside.

That’s it! Now you can rock in style.