Burlap Tree Frame

When I think of leaves, I think of fall and the vibrant colors of all of the leaves. This project is very inexpensive and so easy to make. I used burlap for the background to give it a rustic look. To represent the leaves I used red and gold buttons and painted the tree and the words on by using a simple homemade stencil.

Harvest Topiary

When I found out the first theme of S.Y.T.Y.C I was really excited because fall is one of my favorite time’s of the year and I just love all of the fall colors! When I started brainstorming what I was going to do I just kept thinking that I really wanted to showcase those beautiful fall colors and really represent the theme “harvest” all at the same time.
So this Harvest Topiary is what I came up with! This topiary is the perfect way to spruce up your home with the feel of fall! It even smells great, instead of using a dowel for the center of the topiary I used cinnamon sticks! Clever huh? This project is not only fun to make, it will remind you of the fall’s harvest every time you look at it!
Hope you enjoy.

Harvest Topiary

Harvesting My Home & Garden

As Fall arrived, I was so excited to get to harvest some of the items from my first garden for decorating. Unfortunately, my pumpkin plant only had one pumpkin and my corn stocks were only about 3 feet tall, so I had to hit up the store for some more pumpkins and my neighbors for their corn stocks. It has been fun to have some decor at my house to bring in the Fall.

With your help I will get to show you how to use these items:

Harvest Basket Ingredients

To make this:

Harvest 012

Scalloped Turkey Skirt

This week’s turkey theme stumped me a bit. I don’t tend to decorate with turkeys. And I don’t have clothing with turkeys on it. No turkey wall art. It was definitely challenging. I had an AHA moment with some fabric scraps. I used scraps to create turkey pockets for a little girl’s scalloped skirt. Now I can’t wait for Thanksgiving so my little girl can wear her turkey skirt! 🙂

Green Apron

With a theme like green, the sky is the limit. I had a stack of favorite fabrics that I have been holding onto, not wanting to touch. I decided this theme was the perfect time to dive into them (as they all happened to have green in them ). I only had to use a bit of each of them to create this scrappy green apron. It’d be perfect for leftover scraps too.

Leaves Headband

So many options for a theme revolving around leaves! I decided to make a leaves headband. Using felt, a button, and an elastic headband- anyone can make one and it’s cute to boot. A fun little addition to your fall wardrobe and great for a girl or a lady. Enjoy!

Count Your Blessings

After a few projects centered around the “harvest” theme, I decided to do this “Count Your Blessings” wall hanging. “Harvest” can imply many things, but it reminds of fall, leaves, and thanksgiving. I wanted something uplifting on a sign and “count your blessings” seemed appropriate.
I had fun making it and love the end result. Hope you do too!

Mommy & Me Pillowcase Aprons

When I was given the theme “turkey” I immediately thought “cooking a turkey” which led to APRONS!!

This mommy and me apron set is made out of pillow cases. And perfect for cooking a turkey and making sure you stay clean underneath!

Not only that, but your little one will be able to be with you every step of the way!

With appliquéd flowers, (made out of a pillow case as well) and a cute tie to match, who wouldn’t feel so cute cooking her turkey!