Interview with Whitney & Alish @ Sisters Stuff

Today we get to learn a little bit more about Whitney and Alish, who were crafters in SYTYC Season 1.  They are the sisters behind the blog Sisters Stuff.  I love their blog!  Not only do they have fabulous crafts, but every Monday they post their dinner menu for the week.  It is a LIFE SAVER!  I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I can NEVER think of what to feed my family.  Their Skillet Lasagna is a favorite at our house.  It is soo yummy and super easy. To see their SYTYC projects check out their bio page.

1. When and why did you start Sisters Stuff?

We started Sisters’ Stuff May 2009.  We loved seeing other people’s ideas and thought it would be fun to share our ideas

2. What is your favorite part of blogging?

Making new friends and getting comments from readers.

3. It’s been a whole year since you were competing in SYTYC! What has been going on since then?

We have just been busy staying up with our Sisters’ Stuff blog AND

Keeping up on our personal blogs.
Being stay at home moms.
Went on a cruise.
Alish had a baby
Whitney is going to have a baby
Soccer Games
Church Callings
Piano Lessons
Swim Lessons
Cooking Dinner
Mowing the lawn
and the list goes on and on!

4. Are you giving handmade this year for the holidays? If so, will you be making it, or do you have a favorite place to shop?

Since Alish just had a baby and Whitney is having one that = not many handmade gifts.  We are giving personalized gifts for examples(photobooks, canvas, watch bands, vinyl calendar).  Our favorite place to shop is online 🙂

5. What makes you happy?

Family, Friends, Food and being caught up on things.

6. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Graduating from college with a degree and having a family.

7. What is your next dream to accomplish?

Alish wants so move closer to her family.  Whitney want to build a house.

Interview with Vanessa @ V&Co

I didn’t start doing these interview with the crafters until Season 3.  That means there are 20 fantastic ladies that I never got to interview!  To remedy the fact I’ll be posting some interivews with some of the crafters from Seasons 1 and 2.

I’m starting today with Vanessa from V&Co.  She was one of the very first blogs I ever discovered and I feel in love with it right away.  She has amazing style and ideas. And she’s freaking hilarious!

Vanessa was the 2nd runner up during SYTYC’s very first season, which means she put up with a lot from me as I was just figuring out what to do.  She gave me so many wonderful tips and really was instrumental to me sticking everything out and I’m so grateful for that.  You can check out her SYTYC projects on her bio page.

1. When and why did you start V & Co?

december 2007, to keep in touch with friends and to let jake know what we were up to on a regular basis while he was getting ready to deploy and while he was deployed over seas for a year in afghanistan.

2. What is your favorite part of blogging?

favorite part about blogging is that i’ve gotten to document everything that i’ve done in the past three years and i get to see how i’ve grown, changed, and re-invented. i also documented tough times (deployment, and son’s struggles) i’ve recieved words of encouragement, sympathy and help. i’ve also been able to give it back as well as i find others that go through the same sort of situations. i also love the friendships and support system i’ve gained through the blogging community.

3. It’s been a whole year since you were competing in SYTYC! What have you been up to since then?

i’ve been working on a few big side projects that have made me slow down a little on the “craft blogging” but i continue to blog about crafts and my life, decorating, and of course i always have to through in there my funny kids and husband. out of the cyber world i continue to volunteer at my kid’s school, and try to figure out the best way to keep the new bigger house organized and on a schedule.
4. Did you give handmade this year for the holidays? If so, did you do the making, or do you have a favorite place to shop?

haha! no, actually the thought of doing a whole handmade Christmas gives me hives, i have too much going on on a regular basis, and add blogging, and all the other side projects…i couldn’t even imagine going there…nope this year its all about buying stuff, but we’re not going to buy a ton of stuff this year, we’re doing two gifts: one want and one need, we’re trying more and more to make Christmas about celebrating Christ and family togetherness.
5. What makes you happy?

oh gosh, what makes me happy is watching my children like eachother, and realizing more and more that i married my best friend who just becomes that much closer with each year that passes by. everything else in life is just fluff…but my kids and my husband are the things i love the most and the things that make me the most happy.

6. What is your greatest accomplishment?

my children
7. What is your next dream to accomplish?

being a traveling grandma…i want to show up at my kids’ homes in a big ol RV…but a more short term dream would be publishing a  crafting book. 🙂

The Modern Leaf

Though I’m not sure when leaves were ever old fashioned, here’s what mine have been doing lately.

The perfect Fall accent for any room, these pillows are made of soft tan linen, chocolate piping, and your own color-changing leaf. The variegated colors come from layers of recycled T-shirt knits.

Have you ever glanced at your Thrift Store’s T-shirt rack and noticed the color spectrum? This was a craft project just waiting to happen.

Start rummaging through your husband’s old T-shirt drawer. Toss off the old pillows. And bring some leafy hues in to your life.

Girls Gobble Gobble Dress

This dress is inspired by the turkey. The neck has three layers of fabric like the different layers of the turkey feather tail.

It has a cute little pocket made with a doily and a turkey silhouette on it. It’s perfect to stash a little toy or treat during Thanksgiving.

It goes over a long sleeve shirt (as seen here) and a short sleeve shirt, or you could just leave it as is if you live in a warmer climate. It’s a quick dress (or top) to make and is sure to make the little girl who wears it very thankful!

Harvest Spoon Rest

When I think of the word harvest, I think about going out and gathering the harvest. Then, I think of cooking the harvest.



One thing that I needed was a spoon holder for cooking our harvest, so this was the outcome. I chose to make the spoon rest in the shape of a leaf since it is all autumnal like. You can now cook your heart out and have a place to rest the spoon you are using! Or, it would be a wonderful hostess gift.

These Boots Were Made for Kicking…

Kicking leaves that is! The most fun one can ever have with leaves if raking them into a big pile and then having at them. So of course, you should have some cute boots to go about this in.

These boots are not only cute, but are completely upcycled and the styles are limitless.

Winter Green Blanket

When I first thought about this week’s challenge, I know I could have gone two ways: go green by recycling or make something green. I decided to make something green.

This little blanket is perfect for when you want to spend a little time snuggled up on the couch to do some hand work. I wanted it to be cute and winter like, but not necessarily Christmas like, so I could keep it out longer.

I made mine smaller so I would finish this challenge on time, but you could easily change the size.

Glitter Wreath

At this time of year, glitter reigns supreme as my favorite craft supply. Because nothing says holiday like a bit (or a lot) of sparkle. This wreath was made with cardstock and generous amounts of glitter, so the leaves will shimmer year after year. Take off the bow and it can also double as part of a Thanksgiving centerpiece!