RIT Dye Results

So I don’t know what the deal with the linky button is.  I have no idea why it never lets you add it to your post and why this week it didn’t even have the linky code.  I’ve changed out the code multiple times and it’s still not working.  I guess it’s time to pull in the big guns. So ‘thank you’ to you that have stuck around anyway 🙂

But anyway, I loved this fun kid friendly tabletop setup from Eva at Tales of the Scotts.  I love having craft supplies out for Abi.  Her desire to create ebbs and flows during the day and getting stuff out and putting it away over and over all day gets pretty old. And i’m a huge fan of a table cloth you can draw on 🙂

Kid-Friendly Tabletop - The Tales of the Scotts

So you should go check out Eva’s blog and see the rest of her fun ideas. But in the meantime, here are the results for the RIT Dye projects.


And the Crafter/Project match-up:

#1 – Hand-dyed and Screen Printed Quilt– Catherine @ CathGrace
#2 – Dyed Ruffle Ombre Quilt– Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique
#3 – Batiked Drawstring Bags – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade

Catherine pulled in another win with her quilt this week!  Congratulations Catherine!

hand dyed and screen printed quilt - catherine

And did you see that she just came in as runner up over at Project Run and Play a week or so ago?  Super talented, that’s what she is.

But we have to say “goodbye” Camille this week.  I loved her Ombre Tablecloth.  It’s perfect for Abi’s birthday party coming up in June (it’s not too early to be planning, is it 🙂 ).

DIY Ruffle Ombre Tablecloth - Camille

As the second runner up Camille is in store for an awesome prize pack.  More info on that will be coming soon :).  But in the meantime head over to her blog, Sugar Baby Boutique, to see all of her great projects!

And get excited for next week; it’s the Audition Round!


Elegant Week Results

So this is where I would normally post one of my favorite links from yesterdays “I’m Crafty” party.  But this week I was a totally space cadet and forgot to open it so you could link up!  Oh man, sometimes I wonder how I even make it through the day without burning the house down. Sorry about that! So instead I have two quick things to say before the results.

First – Thank you, thank you to all who answered the survey I put up yesterday!  Your suggestions are tremendously helpful.  There were two main issues that were brought up and I had already been working on figuring out how to fix those (and discovered a new poll system that I think will work much better – you’ll see it in play during the upcoming auditions).  It’s nice to know we’re on teh same page :).  I did think of a few more questions I wanted to ask after it was too late to add them to the survey, so you may be seeing them on Facebook and Twitter soon.

Second – Oh. My. Goodness you guys!  Do you know babble.com?  I’m sure you do.  Well, So You Think You’re Crafty was named one of their Top 50 Mom Craft Blogs of 2013!


I am so honored that this here little blog made the list.  I do try to make this an inspiring place for everyone that visits, But I know that all the recognition is due to the amazing crafters that have participated who work there hearts out every week to put together the best projects they can.  So thank you Babble, but also THANK YOU CRAFTERS for all you do.

Ok.  Now that that’s all out of the way we can get to the real fun.  The Elegant Week Results.


And here is the crafter/project match-up:

#1 – Elegant Sparkling Centerpiece – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
#2 – Eclectic Art Laptop Bag – Catherine @ CathGrace
#3 – Downton Abbey Inspired Knotted Pearls – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
#4 – Elegant Bathroom Re-do – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique

This was one of the tightest races yet; only 14 votes between first and last!

But in the end it was Catherine and her Elegant Art Laptop Bag that pulled ahead.

Elegant Art Laptop Bag

Who would have thought to make a bag out of a painted art canvas? Totally awesome idea, Catherine!

But we have to say goodbye to Valerie this week.

Knotted Pearls - Valerie

I think her Knotted Pearls were a fun idea.  They’d be great for one of the many Downton Abbey inspired costume parties that will be happening, what with the Downton Mania everyone seems to have (I haven’t started watching because I know I’ll forget that I’m a grown up with responsibilities and a family until I’m caught up.  It’s better that I just don’t go there 🙂 ).

Make sure you go check out Valeries blog, Occasionally Crafty, so see all the other great stuff she and her sister have worked up!  You won’t be disappointed 🙂

And check back Monday for some fantastic projects using RIT Dye!

Red Week Results

Sorry this is coming to you so late in the day.  This week I’ve been taking a little more time to be “mom” and spending a little less time on the computer.  So lets keep this short and sweet.

Here’s the results for the Red challenge of season 14:


And here is the crafter/project match up:

#1 – Charming Red Necklace – Catherine @ CathGrace
#2 – Love Embroidery Hoop Art – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
#3 – Red Baron Toy Plane – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
#4 – Valentine’s Outfit – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique
#5 – Little Red Riding Hood Cape and Basket – Christy @ Inklings & Yarns

That gives Kim @ Maiden D’Shade her 2nd win of the season.  Congrats Kim!

Red Baron Toy Plane - Kim

What a fun little make over that plane was.  It would look great in any boys room.

But we have to say goodbye to Christy this week and I’m super bummed.

Little Red Riding Hood Cape & Basket - Christy

I’ve wanted Abi to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween for years, but something always comes up and it never works out.  But this little cape and basket would be perfect!  Be sure that you go over to Inklings & Yarns to follow along with all that Christy has going on.

Be sure to come back on Monday for some Elegant projects 🙂


Glitter/Shine/Metallic Results

Are there any New Englanders out there?  Are you all ready for this crazy storm that’s supposed to be coming today?  I hope I am.  It will be my first experience with a Nor’Eastern.  In the year+ that we’ve lived here I always happen to be out of town when the storms come through.  Not that I’m complaining 🙂

Did you guys see the great projects linked up yesterday?  There were so many great ones!  This Heart of Gold Valentines Shirt by Ginger at Gingerly Made (hi Ginger!) really popped out at me this week.  I’m a total sucker for sequins lately and I love the sparkly simplicity of this one.


But anyway, on to the results, right? And it just occurred to me as I was typing this up that I don’t really ever link the results with the post do I?  I’m going to have to remember to do that from now on so that you can easily find the pictures of the projects. So, here is the link to the Glitter/Shine/Metallic post 🙂

And the match up:
#1 – Glitter Envelope Clutch – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
#2 – Illuminated Valentine Canvas – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
#3 – Beaded Crystal Hair Clips – Catherine @ CathGrace
#4 -Sparkling Mini Album – Christy @ Inklings & Yarns
#5 – Magnetic Travel Games – Amber @ Mule ‘n Nag Crafts
#6 – Gold Leaf Table – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique
#7 – Mod Sunburst Mirror – Amelia @ The Night Garden
And the winner is…Catherine @ CathGrace!  Aren’t these hair clips gorgeous?  They’d be the perfect way to spruce up a casual outfit.  I can’t wait for my hair to grow back out so I can try some of my own.
Crystal hair clips - catherine
If you remember from last week there was a little issue with the poll.  We didn’t have an elimination then, but there has to be a double elimination this week.  I’m so sad to have to see Amelia & Amber go!
I have just the perfect spot in my house for that Mod Sunburst Mirror.  Amelia, would you mind shipping it out to me :).  And when I look at those great Magnetic Travel Games from Amber I envision many fun, calm, quiet road trips with the family. Wouldn’t that be the life?
Be sure to keep up with what they’re working on at their blogs – Amelia @ The Night Garden and Amber @ Mule ‘n Nag Crafts.  I’m betting they’ve got some great things up their sleeves :).
And be sure to come back bright and early Monday morning to see all the great Red projects the remaining crafters have come up with.


Knock-Off Results {and party highlight}

Hey there?  Are you all keeping warm out there?  I’m so jealous of all the photo’s I’m seeing on Instagram from all you in the South.  It was 75* in Texas the other day while our high here in Boston was 10*.  So cold!  But one good thing about winter are the holidays, and Valentines Day is coming up here pretty quick.  Yesterday, Rachel from Architecture of a Mom linked up such a cute centerpiece that’s perfect for this time of year.  And who doesn’t love a good bunch of pom poms?

valentines-centerpiece - architecture of a mom

And now – the results!


And the crafter/project match up…

#1 -Anthropologie Jacket Knock-off – Catherine @ CathGrace
#2 – Color Block Knock-Off Dress – Ginger @ Gingerly Made
#3 – J. Crew Knock-Off Dress – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
#4 – Knock-off Nativity Candle Holder – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
#5 – Interactive Calendar Center – Amber @ Mule ‘n Nag Crafts
#6 – Anthropologie Rosette Round Pillow Knock-off – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique
#7 – “Antique” Mercury Glass Lamp & Burlap Drum Shade – Amelia @ The Night Garden
#8 – Anthropologie Nimble Chain Scarf – Christy @ Inklings & Yarns

That makes Catherine the clear winner with her Anthro Jacket Knock-Off.  Can you guys even see a difference?  It’s so gorgeous!  There will be a tutorial coming up on Tuesday so keep your eye out for it.  I know a lot of you are anxious to start on one of your own 🙂

Anthropologie Jacket Knock Off - Catherine

But now for the worst part of every week.  We have to say goodbye to somebody.  This week the race for 8th place was super tight, but in the end it’s Ginger that will be leaving us this time.

Color Block Dress - Ginger B

I loved her Color Block Dress.  It would be perfect for when it finally warms up again outside.  Be sure to stay up to date with all she’s got going on and coming up over on her blog, Gingerly Made.

Check back Monday for for next week’s challenge.  It’s another of my favorites – Upcycled.



For the Boys Results {& a party highlight}

Hey guys!  Did you get a chance to see the projects linked up to the I’m Crafty! Party yesterday?  There were a few that I had a really hard time deciding which was my favorite.  I finally settled on the Fringe Necklace Tutorial from The Gingerbread Blog because I’m a sucker for a good necklace (even though I never actually wear them).  Isn’t it so fun?  And super simple to make one for yourself.


And now what you’ve all been waiting for…the results from the “For the Boys” challenge.


And the crafter/project match up…

#1 – Soda Tab Belt – Ginger @ Gingerly Made
#2 – Busy Board – Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts
#3 – The Creepy Clown Hat – Catherine @ CathGrace
#4 – Trio of Belts & Storage Rack – Amber @ Mule ‘n Nag Crafts
#5 – Pull-String Robot Piñata + Candy Filler – Amelia @ The Night Garden
#6 – A Castle Fit for Little Kings – Christy @ Inklings & Yarns
#7 – Airplane Engine Art – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
#8 – DIY Darth Vader Stencil – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
#9 – Shark Stuffie – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique

And that makes Christy the winner with her Castle for Little Kings.

castel for little kings - christy

Wouldn’t that be a great activity for these cold winter days?  Be looking for the tutorial next week.

We had a tie for 9th place this week.  Both Amelia & Ginger had 27 votes.  So to break the tie, we’ve added the votes they received last week to their votes this week.  Which means that today we have to say goodbye to Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts 🙁

busy board - ginger snap

I thought her Busy Board is such a great idea!  In fact I went and got a clipboard yesterday so I could make one up for a road trip we’re heading out on this weekend.  I’m betting Abi is going to love it.  Make sure you go over and check out & follow her blog  Ginger Snap Crafts.  She’s got some great stuff going on.

On the Wall Results

And the winner of our first season 14 challenge is…

Kim @ Maiden D’Shade

DIY Shelf w hanging storage

Congrats!  Isn’t that a great idea for a TV wall? Such an easy and good looking way to fix the clutter problem I’m sure we all have on any flat surface :). Be on the look out for her tutorial next week.

And here are the results for the rest of the ladies (you can see the projects again by clicking here)…

On the wall results

And the crafter/project match up…

#1 – Hanging Succulent Garden – Ginger @ Gingerly Made
#2 –  {chalkboard} menu board – Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts
#3 – French Country Fireplace – Catherine @ CathGrace
#4 – HOME – Valerie @ Occasionally Crafty
#5 – “Inner” Laundry Mantra Signs – Amber @ Mule ‘n Nag Crafts
#6 – Deer Hart – Amelia @ The Night Garden
#7 – DIY Shelf with Storage – Kim @ Maiden D’Shade
#8 – Watch Me Grow Ruler – Christy @ Inklings & Yarns
#9 – Message Board – Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique
Super good news you guys!  There is no elimination this week!  All 9 ladies will be back again bright and early on Monday with their best “For the Boys” crafts.  And remember – there will be a linky party on Thursday for you to share your favorite craft of your own from the past week.  Bonus points if it’s “for the boys” 🙂

Halloween Challenge Results

*Don’t forget to enter the 10Terra giveaway.  It’s closes on Tuesday!*

Lets start out with some happy news for one lucky So You Think You’re Crafty audience member.

If your name is Carol Samsel I’ve got some good news for you!

You’re the winner of the Whimsy Couture 6 epattern set giveaway!  Email me as soon as you can and we can get all the details worked out.  Congrats!!

And now for the good news for one of the crafters.  Here is last week’s poll results:


And the crafter/project match up:

#1 -DIY Halloween Direction Post – Hannah @ Young & Crafty
#2 – Hanging Pumpkin Lantern – Jamie @ Three Scoops of Love
#3 – Spooky Old Letters –  Lauren @ Lucy Baby Designs
#4 – Monster Bean Bag Game – Ann Marie @ White House Black Shutters
#5 – The Raven – Autumn @ It’s Always Autumn
#6 – Halloween Shelf – Jessica @ The Domestic Fruit Loop


Which means that Ann Marie is the winner with her Monster Bean Bag Game!!

How fun is that?  I know quite a few little ones that would love to have that at their Halloween parties.


I can tell how hard voting is for you guys by how close the polls are and this season must be a really evenly matched.  But we have to say goodbye to Lauren @ Lucy Baby Designs.


I think those letter blocks are so great!  I love the fun colors and they look amazing on her mantel.  I’m going to miss having Lauren in the competition, but be sure to keep up with all she’s got going on over at her blog!

Be sure to come back bright and early on Monday for the next challenge Sentimental – which goes along great with a second post I have scheduled for later that day.  See you then!