Season 16 Final Results

We’ve come to the end of the season. It’s a bit bittersweet. I’ve come to really enjoy each of the contestants this season and I am not sure I am ready to move on! However move on we must. This week you were tasked with selecting a winner between Jessica‘s awesome lace stenciled headboard and Hayley’s room reveal.

Season 16 Collage


The projects were amazing and this week’s voting fell right inline with what’s happened throughout the rest of the season. Each week we’ve seen amazing projects and the voting has been ridiculously close. With 3,462 votes cast, we do have a winner.

Cue the confetti! Drum roll please! It’s time to “crown” the winner of SYTYC Season 16!!!! Congratulations to….



Be sure to come back next week for the tutorials!

I though you might enjoy a quick look at some of the fab projects that have won this season.

Removable Fabric WallpaperHow to Create Removable Fabric Wallpaper

Refashioned Dress

Refashioned Dress Tutorial 

Squirt Gun Curtains

Squirt Gun Curtains 

DIY Whisky Fire Pit

DIY Whisky Fire Pit

hot air balloon necklace tutorial

Hot Air Balloon Necklace Tutorial

Alphabet Ruffle Quilt

Alphabet Ruffle Quilt


Nautical Beach Bag Tutorial

PVC Market

PVC Kids Market


Season 17 Audition Results

Oh my goodness. This week has just flown by! It’s been fun watching the votes come in on the back-to-school projects and I am super-excited to share the results of our Season 17 Auditions today.

Crafter Reveal

Season 17 Auditions


1. Teacher Name Plate – Emily, The Benson Street
2. Washi Tape Locker Accessories – Carissa, Creative Green Living
3. Back-to-School Bench Organizer – Melissa, Fab Decor
4. Back-to-School Boot Bracelets – Mandy, Mandy Jean Chic
5. Homework Desk – Dru, Polka Dot Popplars
6. Huge Memo Organization Station – Justynn, Creative Life Antics
7. First Day of Preschool – Shaffer Sisters
8. Just for Kids Command Center – Ariean, One Krieger Chick
9. Embroidery Floss Pencils – Brenda, Brenda Bird Designs
10. Children’s Artwork Pencil Pouch – Krisha, Jacks & Kate
11. Back in Style – Ashley, Apples by Ashley
12. Back-to-School Message Board – Michelle, Delicate Construction
13. Pretty Embroidered Pencil Case – Crystal, Stitched by Crystal
14. Altered Journal and Pencil Box – Carrie, CASBa Creations
15. Back-to-School Wreath – Laura, Laura’s Crafty Life
16. Owl Lunch Bag – Daniela, Bonito Servico
17. Kids Back-to-School Station – Lynda, Oh So Shabby
18. ABC Lined Paper Dress – Justine, Sew Country Chick
19. Locker Chandelier – Carrie, Crafty Night Owls
20. Monster Recycling Box – Randi, Sowdering About

Season 17 Results

The competition was tight, but we’ve narrowed down the field to 10 amazing crafters…

Season 17 Contestants


Our Season 17 contestants are…

Lynda, Oh So Shabby
Justynn, Creative Life Antics
MelissaFab Decor
Crystal, Stitched by Crystal
Ariean, One Krieger Chick
Daniela, Bonito Servico
KrishaJacks & Kate
Dru, Polka Dot Popplars
Emily, The Benson Street
Michelle, Delicate Construction

Next week…

Come back next week for our Season 16 finals, along with tutorials from Oh So Shabby and Creative Life Antics!


PVC Challenge Results (Season 16. Week 8)

PVC Challenge


Thanks so much for everyone who voted in the PVC challenge!

PVC Challenge Results

ChartExport (9)Projects were ranked one through 10. This graph is a visual representation of the ranking and in this case the smaller number represents the winner.

Crafter Reveal

Project #1 Hot Air Balloon Mobile, Naomi, 52 Create
Project #2 PVC Puppet Theater, Jessica, Cutesy Crafts
Project #3 The Market, Hayley, Welcome to the Mouse House

PVC Challenge Winner

That means this week’s winner is Hayley, from Welcome to the Mouse House.

DIY Grocery Store


Be sure to come back on Tuesday when Jessica will be sharing her tutorial for this fun bag!

Saying Goodbye…

This means we will be saying goodbye to Naomi. I have had such fun getting to know her. Please come back on Wednesday when I will be sharing some of my favorite posts from Naomi and an interview!

Ruffles Challenge Results (Season 16, Week 6)


Ruffles Challenge Results

Projects were ranked one through 10. This graph is a visual representation of the ranking and in this case the smaller number represents the winner.

ChartExport (6)I honestly cannot believe how close these votes get as we head toward the finals. Though it probably looks as though the projects are separated by miles, they were not. The difference between first and second place this week was three votes. THREE!

Crafter Reveal

Project #1 The Ruffled Mermaid – Haley, The Mouse House
Project #2 Ombre Ruffled Tote Bag – Beth, Remarkably Domestic
Project #3 Pink Ruffles – Sheena, ASANTB
Project #4 Alphabet Quilt – Naomi, Fifty Two Create
Project #5 Sail Away Summer Ruffle Outfit – Jessica, Cutesy Crafts

Ruffles Challenge Winner

That means this week’s winner is Naomi, with her amazing alphabet quilt.

Alphabet Ruffle QuiltI don’t have any kids young enough to appreciate this, but I would love to make one anyway! Tune in next Tuesday for Naomi’s tutorial.

Saying Goodbye

That means we have to say goodbye to Beth. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Beth just a little bit this season and if I had to choose one word to describe her, it would be “classic.”

Beth’s site is full of amazingly fun tutorials, in particular her accessories are absolutely genius. Here are a few of the finds I have enjoyed:

Beth Remarkable Domestic1. Fairy Castle Garden
2. Spring Shrimp Pasta Salad
3. Ombre Knot Bracelet
4. Woven Bracelet
5. Embroidery Hoop Spider Web
6. Healthy Chia Pancakes

So much great stuff. Head over and pin a few and stop back by Wednesday to learn a little bit more about Beth in her own words.


Around the World Challenge Results {Season 16, Week 5}

Around the World

Around the World Challenge Results

Projects were ranked one through 10. This graph is a visual representation of the ranking and in this case the smaller number represents the winner.


Crafter Reveal

Project #1 Paris Quilt – Sheena, ASANTB
Project #2 Sheet Music Globe – Jessica, Cutesy Crafts
Project #3 Pictorial Wall Compass – Melissa, Delighted
Project #4 Embroidered Fabric Flight Case – Naomi, Fifty Two Create
Project #5 Olympic Rings Bracelet – Beth, Remarkably Domestic
Project #6 Around the World in 80 Days – Haley, The Mouse House

Around the World Winner

That means this week’s winner is Haley with her Around the World in 80 Days dress and accessories!

Around the World

Tune in next Tuesday for Haley’s tutorial!

Saying Goodbye…

I am super-sad to be saying goodbye to Melissa Delighted. Melissa has won two of our previous challenges – Kids Can Do’s Squirt Gun Curtains and Outdoor’s Whisky Fire Pit.

Melissa is amazing and I plan to follow her to see all of the crazy-inventive projects she’s got planned for the future.

In the meantime, check out some of the fun projects she’s got posted over on her site…

Melissa Delighted


1. Easy Lace Skirt
2. Shutter Wall Art
3. Reclining Patio Furniture
4. Pin Tuck Bedding
5. Tutu Etsy Shop
6. Hi Low Skirt

World Market Gift Card Winner

The winner of the World Market gift card is Casey. Congratulations Casey!

Kids Can Do Challenge Results {Week 3}

Kids Can Do Challenge

What a great week. I’ve loved all of our competitors “kids can do” projects (there are a few I will be trying myself) and I am excited to share the results of this week’s voting.

Kids Can Do Challenge Results

The left side bar represents rank 1-10, so in this case the lower number signals a better result. Make sense? Good.

Kids Can Do Challenge Results {Week 3}You can see how close the voting is. The lead changed several times during the week and every single crafter was in first place at least once.

Crafter Reveal

SYTYC Kids Can Do Challenge

Kids Can Do Winner

Super-duper excited to announce the winner of this week’s Kids Can Do challenge is Melissa Delight, from Delighted, with her squirt gun curtains.

Squirt Gun CurtainsI have to tell you I think any kid would DIE to do something like this. I know my boys would LOVE it!  Come back on Tuesday to check out Melissa’s winning squirt gun curtain tutorial.

Saying Goodbye…

Of course, with excitement comes a little bit of sad. Today we have to say goodbye to Jesika, from Craft Geek. I’ve had fun browsing through Jesika’s site in the last week and thought I would share a few of my favorite projects.

Craft Geek1. Friendship bracelet headphones 2. Knapsack 3. Earring storage 4. Applesauce cookies with caramel frosting 5. Thrift store table upcycle

Come back on Wednesday, when we will be interviewing Jesika!

Next Week’s Challenge…

Come back next week to learn more about and view the Outdoor Challenge entries. You’ll love what you see…Perfect projects that you can still get in on before the end of summer!

And we have a winner!!

Season Winner

Man!  This has been a great season hasn’t it? I have been so impressed by all of the crafters this go around and Amber and Heidi in the finale especially.  You ladies did a fantastic job and I can’t thank you enough! In the end it was Heidi at greendoodle that pulled ahead with her “New Digs for the Drive In.” CONGRATS!!


She was a favorite all season and had quite a few great projects.  Here they are:









So congrats Heidi!  We will get to learn a little more about her and see her fabulous prizes tomorrow so stay tuned for that!


Season 16 Audition Results

Howdy!  I hope you all have fantastic plans for the weekend.  I’m headed to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with a friend this afternoon.  I’m pretty excited about it (and I’m sure I’ll be instgramming it if you want to come along too :) @missy_dear).

So, how about the results from this weeks audition round to kick the weekend off right?  OK!


And here is the crafter/project match up:

#1 – Metal & Wood Mixed Media Art – Janiene @ A Bunch of Bishops
#2 – Wild West Cigar Town – Sarah & Corinne @ Small World Land
#3 – Roadside Rescue Redo – Holly @ Heart Break Kids
#4 -Embroidery Hoop Art – Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts
#5 –  Embroidered Dress – Naomi @ Fifty Two Create
#6 – From Baby Crib to Doll Bed – Sheena @ ASANTB
#7 – Ready to Sail Away High-Low Skirt – Melissa @ Delighted
#8 – United Colors of Love – Hayley @ Welcome to the Mouse House
#9 – Handmade Rug – Jesika @ Craft Geek
#10 – Summer Wreath – Natalie @ Nat Mac’s Knick Knacks
#11 – Nature Blocks – Randi @ Sowdering About
#12 – Ombre Rock Vacation Memento – Beth @ Remarkably Domestic

so that means that next season we will get to see a whole lot more of these 10 amazing ladies!

Hayley @ Welcome to the Mouse House
Melissa @ Delighted
Jessica @ Cutesy Crafts
Holly @ Heart Break Kids
Jesika @ Craft Geek
Naomi @ Fifty Two Create
Janiene @ A Bunch of Bishops
Beth @ Remarkably Domestic
Natalie @ Nat Mac’s Knick Knacks
Sheena @ ASANTB

Congrats you guys!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your first challenge in a few weeks.

I’m bummed we won’t get to know Randi or Sarah & Corinne better this next season, but I hope you two will try your hand at it again in the future!

But in the mean time, make sure you all come back bright and early on Monday for the finale of season 15 between Amber and Heidi.  It should be a good one :)