Season 18 Winner!

Season 18

Wow. We’ve powered through another So You Think You’re Crafty Season together and with more than 2000 votes, we’ve got a Season 18 winner!

Wild Card Challenge Results

Season 18 Results

Crafter Reveal

Project #1 Paper Cone + Pine Cone Wreath – Holly, Ribbons + Glue

Project #2 Crocheted Nativity Set – Erica, 5 Little Monsters

Wild Card Challenge – Season 18 Winner

Our Season 18 winner is Erica, with her Crocheted Nativity!

Paper Cone Wreath

Erica will be back tomorrow with a fun tutorial for this set!

Wild Card Challenge Runner Up

Holly has been a strong challenger this season. Her Paper Cone Wreath garnered hundreds of votes and we’re excited to feature it at a future date!

Handmade Gifts Challenge Season 18 Week 6

Well hello, welcome to our handmade gifts challenge reveal!

First things first, congratulations to Debbie who won our $50 World Market gift card. Yay! Thanks for entering.

Handmade Gift Challenge Results

SYTYC Handmade Gift Challenge Results

Crafter Reveal

Project #1 Crocheted Stocking Advent – Erica, 5 Little Monsters
Project #2 Glitter Candle Holder – Holly, Ribbons and Glue
Project #3 Handmade Gift Wrap – Ashley, My Craftily Ever After

Handmade Gifts Challenge

This week’s winner is Erica, who shared her Crocheted Advent Calendar. This is Erica’s third win.

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

Erica will be back tomorrow to share the tutorial for this fun project! Be sure to check in.

Saying Goodbye…

This week we’re saying goodbye to our week one Stashbuster winner, Ashley. It’s sad to see Ashley go, but you can continue to follow her efforts over on her site My Craftily Ever After. 

Ashley has brought us some great projects this season…

My Craftily Ever After Collage

Stashbust Bracelet | Zentangle Coloring Page | Painted Feathers | Butcher Block Cutting Board Fairy Castle Light Box | Holiday Packaging

Come back next Tuesday to enjoy our crafter interview with Ashley!

Disney Inspired Challenge Results Season 18 Week 5

It’s time for our Disney-inspired reveal. Once again there were more than 3000 votes in our weekly challenge. Thank you so much to all those of you who voted!

Disney Inspired Results

Disney Inspired Results

Crafter Reveal

Project #1 Jasmine’s Cave of Wonders – Virginia, Fynes Designs

Project #2 Rotten to the Core Sign – Holly, Ribbons and Glue

Project #3 Fairy Castle Nightlight – Ashley, My Craftily Ever After

Project #4 Mickey and Minnie Pillows – Erica, 5 Little Monsters

Disney Inspired Winner

This week’s winner is Erica, who’s Mickey and Minnie pillows really captured your attention!

Minnie and Mickey Pillows

Erica will be back tomorrow to share the tutorial!

Saying Goodbye…

This week we’re saying goodbye to our Kids Can Do winner Virgina. She’s finished at the top with each of her amazing projects, proof positive that you never know how things are going to turn out.

Here are a few of the great projects Virginia has brought us…

Fynes Designs So You Think You're Crafty Projects

Wreath | Peg Doll Family | Upcycled Jewelry Box | Rise and Shine Mug | Cave of Wonder

Come back on Tuesday to read up on Virginia when we showcase her crafter interview.

In the Kitchen Challenge Season 18 Week 4 Results

Congratulations this week’s at home winner, Amy. She wins a Target gift card!

Man, I don’t know about you guys, but it was so hard for me to pick a favorite in our In the Kitchen Challenge this week. Each one of our crafters are giving it their all. I am so impressed by all of their hard work! Really.
In the Kitchen Header
I have NEVER in all my years seen a weekly challenge so very close. With just over three thousand votes, our winner pulled ahead by exactly one vote. ONE. Here’s the crazy…third and fourth place? Also separated by one vote!

In the Kitchen Challenge Results

So You Think You're Crafty Season 18 Week 4 Results

Project #1 Cork Trivets – Holly, Ribbons and Glue

Project #2 Rise and Shine Mug – Virginia, Fynes Designs

Project #3 Crochet Dishcloths – Erica, 5 Little Monsters

Project #4 Butcher Chart Cutting Boards – Ashley, My Craftily Ever After

Project #5 Wood Planter Box Centerpiece – Katie, The Crafty Blog Stalker

In the Kitchen Winner

This week you selected Holly’s cork trivets as the winning project!

Cork trivets. Styled after wood burned trivets, these cork trivets are easy to make.

Tune in tomorrow to catch the full tutorial for this fun craft!

Leaving This Week…

This week we will say goodbye to Katie. It’s rough to see her go. Her fun table centerpiece box was only 26 votes off the winner…So close.

Katie has been an outstanding competitor and has shared some seriously great projects!

The Crafty Blog Stalker

Fringe Paper Wreath | Kids Painted Cork Board | Paper Mache Piggy Bank | Table Centerpiece

Come back next week to learn a little bit more about Katie and check out her awesome craft projects!

Paint Challenge Season 18 Week 3 Results

Congratulations to this week’s “at home” winner, Susanne, who walks away with a Home Depot gift card. Join us for the vote next Monday to learn what’s up for grabs!

Our contestants are knocking out these challenges one by one, with incredible speed. I am so impressed with their ability to come up with something fantastic every single week. So You Think You're Crafty Paint Challenge

We had some strong entries this week and more than four thousand of you weighed in with your opinion. It’s time to share the results of our paint challenge.

 Paint Challenge Results

SYTYC Season 18 Week 3 Results

Crafter Reveal

Project #1 Paper Mache Pig – Katie, The Crafty Blog Stalker

Project #2 Wood Photo Stand – Erica, 5 Little Monsters

Project #3 Cameo Box – Jessica, Designer’s Sweet Spot

Project #4 Blessed Sign – Holly, Ribbons and Glue

Project #5 Painted Feathers – Ashley, My Craftily Ever After

Project #6 Upcycled Jewelry Box – Virginia, Fynes Designs

Paint Challenge Winner

The winner of our paint challenge is Erica, who created this inspirational quote stand.

Wood Photo Stand

Come back on Friday and learn how Erica put this awesome project together from scratch!

Saying Goodbye…

Always my least favorite part of our Friday post…Today we say goodbye to Jessica. She’s been a great competitor having shared three fierce projects.

Designer's Sweet Spot SYTYC challenge entriesWool Wave Pillow | Argyle Snake Travel Pillow | Cameo Box

Next week we will be sharing a great interview with Jessica. Be sure to join us!

Kids Can Do Results Season 18 | Week 2

Congratulations to our Kids Can Do week giveaway winner Jillene Petersen, who’s won an Amazon gift card.

It’s time to share the winner of our Kids Can Do challenge!

Kids Can Do Challenge at So You Think You're Crafty

We had some GREAT entries in this week’s challenge. There are a few I definitely have my eye (or Pinterest account) tuned into for creating with the kids this winter.

Kids Can Do Challenge Results

So You Think You're Crafty Season 18 Week 2 Kids Can Do Results

Crafter Reveal

Project #1 Grab Box – Shonee, Hawthorne and Main

Project #2 Kids Halloween Pillows – Erica, 5 Little Monsters

Project #3 Peg Doll Family – Virginia, Fynes Designs

Project #4 Decorative Cork Boards – Katie, The Crafty Blog Stalker

Project #5 Zentangle Coloring Pages – Ashley, My Craftily Ever After

Project #6 Halloween Necklace – Holly, Ribbons and Glue

Project #7 Argyle Sock Snake – Jessica, Designer’s Sweet Spot

Kids Can Do Winner

This week’s winner is Virginia, with her adorable peg doll family.

Our Family Peg Doll Craft. I love this! This family of peg dolls is simple enough for little hands and cute enough to be on display in any home.

Virginia will be sharing the full tutorial for this cute craft tomorrow!

Saying Goodbye…

Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to Shonee, who’s grab box didn’t quite make the cut.

Kids grab box. A great craft project for busy little hands.

We’ll be sharing an interview with Shonee next week!

Next Week’s Challenge

Come back next week and check out our crafter’s projects around the theme “paint.” You’re going to love what you see!

Stash Bust Winner – Season 18, Week 1

Drumroll please…

So You Think You're Crafty Stash Bust Season 18, Week 1

It’s not unusual for the results of our challenge to be SUPER close, but this one was a nail biter. More than 2000 votes were cast in this week’s Stash Bust challenge and the top three projects were within 10 votes!

Here are the results…

SYTYC Stash Bust Results Season 18 Week 1

This week, Project #2 the stash busting bracelet takes the prize! Congratulations to Ashey, from My Craftily Ever After, who entered the project.

Here’s an introduction to our other crafters…

Project #1 Pom Pom Wreath was entered by Fynes Designs

Project #3 Milk Glass Jar was entered by Ribbons and Glue

Project #4 Fringed Paper Wreath was entered by The Crafty Blog Stalker

Project #5 Patchwork Doll Blanket was entered by 5 Little Monsters

Project #6 Pom Pom Wall Hanging was entered by Being Spiffy

Project #7 Patchwork Pillow was entered by Designer’s Sweet Spot

Project #8 Straw Storage Container was entered by Hawthorne and Main 

Great job everyone!

Sadly, Jill will be leaving the competition this week. Be sure to tune in on Saturday for a quick interview with Jill and check out some of her favorite creative projects!

Season 17 Final Results

After two months of amazing projects, late nights and a ton of hard work, it’s time to “crown the winner” of our competition.

Drumroll please…

The winner is…

SYTYC Final WinnerCongratulations to Lynda, from Oh So Shabby, who’s our Season 17 winner.

Lynda Oh So ShabbyTune in next week for Lynda’s awesome upcycled girl’s vanity tutorial.

Upcycled Girl's Desk

You’ll also be able to catch Lynda’s interview next week!

Our runner up…

I also want to take a moment to congratulate Crystal, from Stitched by Crystal. Crystal has been a fierce competitor in our competition this season and man, oh man, is she good.

Stitched by Crystal QuotePlease come back next week to see Crystal’s tutorial and to learn more about her in her crafter interview!