Drive In Movie Night

*Project by Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane for the season 9 Kids Can Do challenge*

I am so excited for this weeks theme!  I have been working so hard on my projects, it was fun to do a project with my kids.
With the weather getting colder, we decided to have a Drive In Movie Night!  I taught my kids the delicate art of dumpster diving, and we found some boxes to make cars!  My kids drew plans of what they wanted their cars to look like, I was amazed by their creativity!
A garbage truck surely would make a statement at a drive-in movie, at least my son thinks so.  My daughter made a school bus, and we decided to make my littlest daughter a love bug!  I thought my hubby and I deserved a night out on the town in style, so I made a limo for us!  My kids helped with the whole process, I even let them spray paint.
For dinner, chili in a bread bowl… car shaped of course!
What would a drive in movie be without snacks?  The kids helped make traffic light graham crackers, and little car treats!
Drive In Movie Night was a huge success!  
Bonus, the treat mess stays in the car box, and no fighting over the couch! This project took little money, and a lot of imagination! My kids are so proud of the cars they created, and treats they made!
It was fun doing a project kids can do!

Turkey Table Topper

Gobble, Gobble! For this week’s craft, I made a tissue paper pom pom turkey to use as the centerpiece for the children’s table at Thanksgiving dinner. Pass the sweet potatoes, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Desert Snowflakes

Victoria at The City Cradle sent me this fun snowflake tutorial. I think I might make some for my house… but then again the foot of snow we got outside over the weekend may be enough for me :)


I am excited to have the chance to be sharing with you this week all the lovely details of Dude and Chica’s first birthday party. While I get the pictures and my sappy emotions in order I thought you would enjoy making a few easy 3-D snowflakes today.

This project was inspired by a morning meandering through my favorite store where I happened upon the sales staff making snowflakes out of tissue paper, tulle and chicken wire for their winter window display. It looked so lovely I just had to recreate a similar project at home.

We used these props first for our winter photo shoot. They created a whimsical feeling of winter even in the desert. Here is a sneak peak-


After coming home I tied the two boxes together to make one large snowflake. It is lovely and it fits the free & recyclable Christmas decorating plan of the year.

Christmas snowflake 7

The snowflakes were made out of empty tissue boxes and white present paper. I first poked holes in all but one side of the tissue box. I stuffed it with the paper and used a bit of leftover tulle to give it that snowy bling. Super easy and basically free.


Now it hangs in our living room and where we can cozy up under it and pretend that it really is blistery outside.

christmas-snowflake 3

Is it snowing where you live? Lately, I have been really hoping for a white Christmas to visit us here in the desert.

Ombre Ambiance

*Project by Alicia @ The Creative Vault for the Ombre Challenge of season 12*

Anyone up for a yummy salad and a little ombre ambiance?

Using items I already had at home, I created a nice little ombre table scape.  Except for the bowls & forks, I made everything you see here, including the table.  But we can just focus on the ombre.  For the ombre theme I dyed some vintage fabric that I sewed into a table cloth and accented with some rubber dipped mini vases.  I spray painted a Chinese lantern left over from my wedding in two tones of blue and also painted the handles of my salad tongs to match.

I used several shades of blue to create a nice, tranquil vibe.  Perfect for enjoying my beautiful backyard.

Looking forward to your votes and a lovely dinner with my husband!


Dyed Ruffle Ombre Tablecloth

*Project by Camille @ Sugar Baby Boutique for the RIT challenge of season 14*

I have never ever attempted dying fabric. The thought just stressed me out. I have to say it was really fun. I love that this competition has challenged me to go outside my normal “craft” areas. I love it. I also love how this tablecloth turned out. I used the same dye for the darker and lighter ruffle but varied the time it spent in the dye bath. Now that I got my first time using dye out of the way I have added a couple more projects on my list that include more RIT dye!

This tablecloth is just asking to be used at a party. I can picture the cutest  dessert table on top. Or maybe stacked with presents, or a drink station?? So, so fun. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Elegant Sparkling Centerpiece

*Project by Kim @ Maiden D’Shade for the Elegant theme of season 14*

I am so thankful to still be here for week 7! Thank you all for voting! This week I’m sharing this easy, yet elegant, centerpiece.

This is all you need:

  • tissue paper
  • glitter glue
  • sponge brush
  • clear glass vase
  • school glue (clear or white)
  • transparency sheet
  • string of battery operated lights
  • tape

I designed the image and printed it onto white tissue paper, but there is tissue that is quite lovely on it’s own that you can use. My decoupage medium was equal parts school glue, glitter glue and water mixed well. I carefully decoupaged the tissue paper onto the vase. To light the inside, I made a light tube from a sheet of transparency and taped battery lights to the outside of it.

I love all of those little sparkles and how it looks frosted! Thank you for voting :)

Pull-String Robot Piñata + Candy Filler

*Project by Amelia @ The Night Garden for the For the Boys challenge of season 14*

I made this super fun robot piñata using mostly found materials and some crepe paper that I’ve had out in the studio since (*gasp*) my wedding ten years ago. My piñata is a robot for an upcoming birthday party, but you could adapt the project for basically any theme. Just look in the recycling bin, and you probably have enough materials to start building one today!

I built the basic structure using boxes, tubes, and containers held together with duct tape and cardboard connectors, then covered it using glue sticks and crepe paper, and decorated with bits and pieces. I like crepe paper better than the tissue paper I see used on most commercial piñatas because crepe has more flexibility to it. Curves aren’t a problem. Tight corners aren’t a problem. Stretching it to fill a gap isn’t a problem. It’s kinda awesome. And it’s nice to have a way to use this dove grey color that I hadn’t found a use for in the past decade. Plus, he’s pretty adorable, isn’t he?

Because this is a pull-string piñata (more suitable than the traditional “bash-able” kind for a group of really young kids), the harder-edged pieces (like the connectors and the reflectors) aren’t a problem like they would be if you were going to hit them with a stick. All the kids just grab a string and pull till the base opens and all the treats spill out!

And speaking of treats, we spent some time this week making some yummy homemade gummy robots and chocolate robots in matching packages (designed in Illustrator) as piñata filler. I’ll include the printable packaging graphics in the tutorial on my blog once the anonymous voting period is over, for anyone who’s been searching high and low for robot-themed party favors.

It’s going to be another one of those weeks when it’s hard to pick a favorite craft, if last week’s round of entries is any indication! Good luck, fellow crafters, and good luck, voters!

Cupcake Stands

*Project made by Chica and Jo @ Chica & Jo*

We’ve always loved the idea of individual cupcakes stands to highlight delicious special little cakes but weren’t wowed by how the ones you could buy looked.  Being the crafty ladies we are, we decided to make our own!  These were really inexpensive to make and completely customizable.  Have a baby shower coming up?  Decorate in pastels!  A wedding reception featuring cupcakes for dessert?  Use the wedding colors!  We’ll show you how to make the form as well as tips for finishing them off.  Now, we are off to have some of the tasty cupcakes!