Love You Plates Tutorial

*This tutorial is made by Deidre @ A Craft A Day for her win of  the Love challenge in season 10*
I love these plates!  The best part… they are soooo easy!  You do not need much artistic talent to accomplish this craft.  We can all find crafts that are difficult by looking on the internet.  However, simple and cute…. much harder to find. This one takes the cake!  Give it a try.  I promise, you can do it!
Items needed:
Ceramic dishes
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint (Michaels)
Paint brush

Dinnerware Rack

*Project by Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane for the season 9 Knock Off challenge*

I have an awkward area in my kitchen were a chimney used to be, and have been searching for a way to decorate it.  When I found the Place Setting Hook Rack from Anthropologie, I knew it was just the thing to fill the space, and provide storage for my aprons.  Being a DIY’er I gaped at the $40 price tag, and knew I could make it just how I wanted for much less.
It is hard to tell from the picture, but Anthropologie’s version is small, it is only 12 inches wide. I needed something wider to fill the space, my knock-off version is 22.5 inches wide. Also, I did not like the solid gray color, I wanted something with more depth. I painted mine ivory, and distressed both the decorative piece, and the silverware. Additionally, I decided to make the handles the opposite direction so I could show off the cutest part of the utensil, the stem.
By finding a fun rod iron decorative piece, thrift store utensils for mere pennies, I created a one of a kind charming piece that is both functional and decorative. My aprons have never been so happy!

Anthropologie Inspired Musing Dishes

*Project by Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations for the season 9 Knock Off challenge*

I was struck by the simplicity of these Anthropologie dishes.

I love a bowl that still looks good when there’s nothing in it.  I also like paying about $4 instead of around $50.

For the words on my knock-off bowl, I used William Carlos Williams’ poem “This is Just to Say.”  It had more words and filled more of the bowl than I thought it would, but I still like it.  It’s a poem about plums, which seemed fitting for a fruit bowl, but it also reminds me to make more sincere apologies for even minor offenses.

I also ended up liking my “test plate.”  Winnie the Pooh is one wise little bear.

“When having a smackerel of something with a friend, don’t eat so much that you get stuck in the doorway trying to get out.”  Can’t beat that logic.

Kitchen Art PB Knockoff

*Project by Margo @ Art Surrounds Us for the season 9 Knock Off challenge*

For this weeks challenge I went on search for the perfect thing to dive into knocking off. The second I found this I knew I had to do it and just how I wanted to do it for my kitchen.

I couldn’t be any happier with the way that it turned out! I stuck with just the natural colors of the wood and the transferring gave the pieces a vintage look which just made them perfect. This picture is listed as being on sale for 229.00 at the moment (the original price was $299.00). I was able to make my version for $52.00!

Harvest Spoon Rest

When I think of the word harvest, I think about going out and gathering the harvest. Then, I think of cooking the harvest.



One thing that I needed was a spoon holder for cooking our harvest, so this was the outcome. I chose to make the spoon rest in the shape of a leaf since it is all autumnal like. You can now cook your heart out and have a place to rest the spoon you are using! Or, it would be a wonderful hostess gift.

Tea-licious Harvest Tea Towel

When the weather turns cooler and the leaves begin to fall, there’s nothing better than a hot pot of tea to warm you up. And just so you don’t burn your fingers, it helps to have a little pot holder or fall-themed tea towel to go with your Earl Gray and pumpkin muffins.
Rather than a boring white tea towel, let’s get crafty, shall we? Look to the pumpkin (and gourd) for artistic inspiration, since they’re the quintessential harvest veggies.
You can create your own carved linoleum block print with just a few simple steps
which you can use to stamp tea towels and tee-shirts and greeting cards and more until your heart’s content.
Dressed up with a little color and autumn flair, a plain tea towel will make a homey statement in your Thanksgiving kitchen.
It will make you feel even homier knowing that you made it yourself. A set of these towels would make a great hostess gift too, especially if you’ll be a guest at someone else’s home for Thanksgiving. Stamp away!

Green Apron

With a theme like green, the sky is the limit. I had a stack of favorite fabrics that I have been holding onto, not wanting to touch. I decided this theme was the perfect time to dive into them (as they all happened to have green in them ). I only had to use a bit of each of them to create this scrappy green apron. It’d be perfect for leftover scraps too.

Harvest Baby Food

Bobbie over at I am Only One Woman sent me this tutorial on how to make baby food from squash. What’s more harvesty than squash? Thanks Bobbie!

I love having my girls. I would probably have a few more than what we have decided if it did not cost so dang much to have them, to diaper them, to feed them, to cloth them, and the list goes on and on.
One of the things that I am doing to cut down on the cost is to make baby food. My parents and my in laws both grow fairly large gardens. We help them with those gardens because we don’t have our own land to grow them on, plus they grow way more than they can even think of handling on their own. It is a total win win for us all.
So both sets of parents grew banana squash. They are huge and remind me of pumpkins because of their texture and tough skin. I have never tried one, well, never had the desire to try one. But since we had an abundance of banana squash I decided make it into baby food.
Banana Squash Baby Food:
I took the banana squash peeled it and then cut it into 1-2 inch cubes
Boil the squash for 6 minutes (rolling boil)
After it has boiled then drain and dump into a sink full of cold, cold water
let the squash cool off.
Bag the squash in freezer bags in the cubes.
Whenever you need the squash remove it from the bag, let it thaw, then puree it.
Now you have delicious and healthy baby food.
This method would work for any type of squash/zuchinni. It would work even for carrots
Now doesn’t that look disgusting 🙂
The chunks of squash after being boiled and drained. Looks perty don’t it
Do you have a harvest craft to share? Just email it to me. Or you can add a link here!