How to Make Squirt Gun Curtains

Squirt Gun Curtains via Melissa Delight
Hey Friends here is my tutorial for SQUIRT GUN CURTAINS for kid’s week! This was so fun and really pretty easy. 
Squirt Gun Curtains


  • Squirt Guns
  • Acrylic Paints (pick out as many colors as you like for your theme)
  • Bed Sheets (dependent on window size)
  • Curtain Rod
  • Coordinating Thread (not necessary with Twin sheets)

Determine Sheet Size

You will need the three or so inch section that is doubled at the head of the bed for the top of the curtain where the rod will be inserted, so really only pay attention to the width compared to your window. 

If you never plan to close the curtains than being slightly smaller is no big deal. Here’s a photo of curtains I made for my living room with 2 twin sheets – there is ZERO sewing required when you use twin sheets, but limited coverage.

Aren’t these awesome sheets and it was even more fantastic that they were on clearance!! SCORE! Confession: I iron tape hemmed them while they were on the rod…lazy or ingenious, you decide!

I actually used a queen sized flat sheet for this project with the kids.

Flat sheet sizes for reference:

  • Twin–66 x 96 inches (or 167 x 243 cm)
  • X-Long Twin–66 x 102 inches (or 167 x 259 cm)
  • Full–81 x 96 inches (or 205 x 243 cm)
  • Queen–90 x 102 inches (or 228 x 259 cm)
  • King/California King–108 x 102 inches (or 274 x 259 cm)

Ready, Set, Squirt Your Sheets

Hang your sheet outside in an area that is cool with being painted.

Fill your squirt guns 2/3 the way with paint and add a splash of water. Have the kids shake them up. Experiment with thickness for your specific squirt guns. The less water the better the color.

Squirt Gun Artwork

When you’re all done squirting, leave the sheets out to dry while you get cleaned off with the hose.

Hemming the Curtains

Now you’re going to cut the sheet down the middle, like you’re dividing the bed in half foot to head. The key to cutting is you want the top of the sheet where you put your head to be where the rod goes through so it will be at the ceiling when hung.

Choose your stitch for the top and sides. I used a twin needle zigzag in two colors: red and blue. First I stitched the top along the existing stitches in the sheet. Then I stitched the already hemmed edge just for the color effect, again right along the existing stitches. Lastly hem the raw edge, I folded mine over about half an inch. Repeat with the other panel! DONE–Easy right?

Decide if you need to hem your panels. You could also do this when the sheet is still in one piece… I think the easiest way is to use iron hem tape.

Once the sheet is painted and dry, throw it in the dryer on high heat to seal in the color (Disclaimer: I did not wash them to test).

Hanging the Curtains

Insert Rod–To allow the rod to go through the top portion of the curtain, cut a little slit next to the hem on either edge. Make sure you only cut it as wide as the rod and ONLY CUT THROUGH THE BACK OF THE FABRIC!!!! You don’t want to be able to see your slit in the front. I suppose you could hand stitch reinforce the slits, but I haven’t and they work great!

Celebrate and Enjoy

Squirt Gun Curtains

When you hear, “Wow, that’s great! I love all the colors!” from a 4 year old you know you’ve done something right for kids week. I said, “You made that!!” Little man said, “I know!” with a giant smile! 

The curtains are so fun for their room and the glow paint adds the“stars” element! They kept saying, “Turn off the lights!!”


The total cost for this project was under $20, but I’d suspect most of you have all the supplies on hand already.

Now go gather up the supplies and release the kiddos to make their own roomdecor. Pillow cases to match would be super fun too! That’s next on our list for the boys :)

Thank you to my friend Cassie for letting me borrow her cute kids! And, a big THANKS to her parents for letting us paint their yard and still feeding me! Oh, and her dad for getting the rod hung up. {Normally I would do that myself, but I had surgery 10 days before this and am being a good girl and following the doc’s instructions, much to my dismay!}

If you make some squirt gun curtains, please share. I want to see your creativity!! 

few tips:

  • Put the kids in some old clothes and SHOES! (unless you live somewhere where being naked is an option.)
  • Also, having more guns than colors of paint is a great idea, they clog up pretty fast.
  • The boys favorite colors to use were the glow in the dark, which they sell in a multitude of colors and also the shimmer-metallic paint.

<3 Melissa Delight

15+ Great Kids Crafts

15+ Projects Kids Can Do

I am really excited to start of this round-up of kids crafts with a mini-feature. About five or six months ago Angelina, from JoJo and Eloise mentioned she would be starting a new site with her children all about kids crafts.

Sew Crafty KidsThe site has launched and it’s simply beautiful. You must pop over and sign up to follow Sew-Crafty Kids.

You will have the opportunity to check out gorgeous features like this birdhouse project that kids can do!

Toilet Paper Birdhouses via Sew-Crafty Kids


All of the projects have Angelina’s signature – the bright white, clear photos that you’ll find over on JoJo and Eloise. This DIY kids t-shirt is another fun favorite…

best-kids-craft-ever-colored-shirtAnd this felt purse

Felt Purse via JoJo and EloiseAnd now on with the other features…

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, these patriotic kids crafts from Design Dazzle are the perfect summer activity. Especially when it’s over 100 degrees outside and your seeking the cool of the air conditioner!

kids-crafts-4th-of-july via Design DazzleWe love to watch Once Upon a Time with the boys and they’ve loved the beanstalk story. I think they would love this beanstalk twig trellis over at Homework.

Twig Trellis via Homework

I cannot tell a lie. I think this DIY scavenger hunt box over at The Crafty Blog Stalker is absolutely, 100 percent genius!

DIY Scavenger Hunt Box via The Crafty Blog Stalker

A couple of months ago after my grandmother’s funeral, someone found a crayon transfer handkerchief I had made as a child. It’s such a special keepsake and I am glad to have it. You’ve got to check out the crayon transfer technique on shirts over at A Bunch of Bishops.

Crayon Transfer T-shirtsWhat little girl wouldn’t love some gussied up flip flops like these ones over at Yesterday on Tuesday.

Summer Flip Flops via Yesterday on TuesdayWith three boys, everything turns into a light saber. Check out this fun light saber tutorial from Crazy Little Projects.

DIY lightsaber via Crazy Little Projects

Maybe I am just drawn to boy projects in general, but I love these matchbox car containers, from Simplicity in the South.


What little girl doesn’t love Hello Kitty. Now you can make your own character window clings with this tutorial from Sugar Tart Crafts.

Window Clings from Sugartart Crafts

This blue robot over at Crafts n Coffee  is a sure boredom buster.

bluebot via Crafts n Coffee

Check out this caterpillar catapult over at Keeping it Simple Crafts. So fun!

caterpillar catapult keeping it simple crafts

I can think of so man things we could do with this plaster casting with sand project over at Suzy’s Sitcom.

Plaster casting with sand

Here’s another similar project – a mosaic stepping stone from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.

Mosaic Tile Stepping Stone via Wait Til Your Father Gets Home

Rebekah over at Somewhere in the Middle, took on a fun blogging challenge. She created 31-days of super-fun kids crafts. Check it out!

31 Kids Crafts via Somewhere in the Middle

Check out all of the fun kids can do crafts shared – they’re great! 


Kids Can Do Challenge Results {Week 3}

Kids Can Do Challenge

What a great week. I’ve loved all of our competitors “kids can do” projects (there are a few I will be trying myself) and I am excited to share the results of this week’s voting.

Kids Can Do Challenge Results

The left side bar represents rank 1-10, so in this case the lower number signals a better result. Make sense? Good.

Kids Can Do Challenge Results {Week 3}You can see how close the voting is. The lead changed several times during the week and every single crafter was in first place at least once.

Crafter Reveal

SYTYC Kids Can Do Challenge

Kids Can Do Winner

Super-duper excited to announce the winner of this week’s Kids Can Do challenge is Melissa Delight, from Delighted, with her squirt gun curtains.

Squirt Gun CurtainsI have to tell you I think any kid would DIE to do something like this. I know my boys would LOVE it!  Come back on Tuesday to check out Melissa’s winning squirt gun curtain tutorial.

Saying Goodbye…

Of course, with excitement comes a little bit of sad. Today we have to say goodbye to Jesika, from Craft Geek. I’ve had fun browsing through Jesika’s site in the last week and thought I would share a few of my favorite projects.

Craft Geek1. Friendship bracelet headphones 2. Knapsack 3. Earring storage 4. Applesauce cookies with caramel frosting 5. Thrift store table upcycle

Come back on Wednesday, when we will be interviewing Jesika!

Next Week’s Challenge…

Come back next week to learn more about and view the Outdoor Challenge entries. You’ll love what you see…Perfect projects that you can still get in on before the end of summer!

I’m Crafty Party No. 50: Projects Kids Can Do

Welcome to the “I’m Crafty” party, your chance to join our Season 16 competitors in showcasing your talent online! We’re focused on projects kids can do this week and we’d love to see the “kid friendly” projects you’ve created. Your project doesn’t need to be a new one…So come on. Showcase your talent!

 A few things to remember:

  • Link to a specific post, not your blog in general.
  • Please only post your ideas, not round ups or guest posts.
  • Think outside the box – a craft, tutorial, recipe, anything that fits the theme!
  • Grab the handy dandy button in the side bar or share a text link and put it on your blog so people know there’s other great stuff linked up here to see.
  • Visit at least two other links and leave them some love – everyone likes appreciation.
  • Join me on Twitter & Facebook.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorites there throughout the week.

So do you think you’re crafty?


Kids Can Do {week 4}

Howdy!  So how was your weekend?  I hope it was great.  Mine was heavenly.  I just got to stay at home and relax.  I even got caught up on some things while Abi colored at the desk next to me.  It was bliss :)

There is one thing that I discovered the other day that I want to share with you all.


I instagrammed out this picture (missyharding if you want to follow along :) ) after the first bite because it was so amazing.  You’re going to want to go get some right away.  It’s sure to start your week out right :)

Anyway,  here are the fantastic Kids Can Do projects that the ladies have put together for you this week.  This is one of my favorite themes.  I always get such great ideas of things to do with Abi.

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The poll will be open until Friday morning so get your vote in early.  Have a great week! [Read more...]

Betty Matching Blocks Tutorial

*Tutorial made by Amanda @ Simply Handmade for her win of the Kids Can Do challenge of season 11*

This was one of the most fun projects ever! Time consuming, but super fun. When I was a little girl, my friends and I would waste spend tons of time drawing and designing clothes for itty bitty paper dolls. I was a bit nostalgic all while I snipped little dresses for these Bettys! Hopefully these instructions aren’t too horrible….it’s midnight where I’m at so I’m not going to promise anything.
To make some Betty matching blocks you’ll need:
*Thin wood blocks ( I found mine at Joann’s in the model airplane aisle) roughly 6″ x 12″ x 1/4″
* An assortment of scrap paper and fabric
* A permanent pen or marker for the face. I worried about the face smearing with the application of modpodge so I ended up using liquid eyeliner. No smears.
* A miter saw or a friend with a miter saw.
* Modpodge









Now, because I’m a scatter brain, I didn’t take any more photos. But never fear, I can explain the rest in a non dizzying fashion…..I think.

  1. Using bits of paper, add some little details like belts, sashes, and trim. No need for it to be perfect. You don’t need a pattern….just experiment and see what works.
  2. After you’ve glued down your cute dolly and added some details, cut her in half {gasp!}. You’ll need to cut her to make her a matching Betty! But she’d look equally as nice in a frame if you can’t bring yourself to do it. Use a paper cutter so that you get a nice even clean cut. I cut mine right at the waistline.
  3. Line the paper up with your board and mark straight across where the cut will be.
  4. Using a miter saw, saw each board at the line previously marked.
  5. Mod podge your little Bettys onto each board. Give each side a good coat of the stuff!
  6. Then spray each side with a clear sealer….like this:


Mod Podge Clr SEALR Matte 12oz

**You can create your own doll template or you can go here to snag mine. Right click on the image and then copy and paste into your paint program (very basic I know.) increase the size according to your taste. I super sized mine by 200%. 

Our Kids Can Do Winner

Do any of you have any big plans for this holiday weekend?  Camping? The beach? BBQ?  I think we’re going to be doing the tourist thing here in Boston.  We’ve lived here about 5 months and barely seen anything, so it’s about time we get on it.  But whatever you do, I hope you have a fun, safe time!

So, here are the results from last week:

And the crafter/project match up:

#1 – Betty Matching Blocks – Amanda
#2 – Four-in-One Play Center – Wendy
#3 - Children’s Stationery Kit – Kimberly
#4 – Doorway Puppet Theater  – Angela
Amanda pulls in her second win with her Betty Matching Blocks.
I’m such a fan of these.  I love wood toys, and Abbi loves matching and dolls so this is a win-win in our house.
But, we have to say goodbye to Kimberly at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me.  What a bummer.  Her Children’s Stationery Kit is such a great idea and would be perfect for a  road trip.
She has been such a favorite this season and will be so missed.  Be sure to keep up with her on her blog.  She’s always got some great things going on there.

And then there were three; Amanda, Wendy & Angela.  That means that all of these three ladies will be going home with a prize from our amazing sponsors.  Remember to stop by on Monday to see the great projects they come up with!

Kids Can Do {week 8}

*If you missed the Sunshine results post you can see it here*

The weather has been so nice here the past week.  I’ve had the windows open for days and it’s been marvelous.  We just sit here in the family room, or in the craft room and enjoy the breezes while we work/play.

Sometimes Abbi takes a break in her play to harass the occasional bug on the outside of the screen.  Have you been having nice weather? What have you guys been doing to enjoy it?

If you’re weather hasn’t been all that great and you’re stuck inside, this week’s theme will give you a few ideas of fun things to do with the kids inside.  Just like always the poll is in the sidebar and will be open until Friday night.  have a great week! [Read more...]