Wind Turbine Light Fixture Tutorial

*Tutorial by Jamie @ Three Scoops of Love for her win of the Hardware Challenge of 13*


I was pretty excited about the Hardware Store Week challenge.  Lowe’s is my absolute favorite store, followed by Home Depot for a close second.  It’s so fun to walk around the aisles and try to see a new use for all of those supplies.

I had seen vintage turbine fans turned into light fixtures on some pricey websites.  All that I had seen were well over a couple hundred dollars.  I loved the look, but couldn’t justify the price.  I needed a light fixture for my craft studio and I had a feeling I could DIY my own version.

I started with a wind turbine exhaust fan from Lowe’s.  It was about $35, but I have since seen a few on clearance at my local Lowe’s.  I think these are mainly used in attics or barns.  They came in a couple of different colors, but I planned on painting mine, so I wasn’t picky.

Here’s what she looked like after taking her out of the box.  There are basically two pieces. [Read more…]

Folding Camp Chair Tutorial

*Tutorial by Wendy @ Craft Goodies for her win of the Hardware Store challenge of season 11*

I super excited to get to share another project tutorial with you. My last few projects have been so much fun to put together, it’s nice to know that others think they’re pretty okay too. My husband was even impressed with these chairs! Not because they turned out super cute or anything, but because they are “actually useful“– silly boy! He has so much to learn about crafting…
  Let’s get going, summer is here and there are camp outs to attend. First, hit the hardware store and gather your supplies.
Here’s what you’ll need:
**this is enough to make 2 chairs**


(2) 1″ x 2″ x 8′ furring strips
(4) 3/4″ diameter x 48″ poplar dowels
4′ x 5′ canvas drop cloth
White primer/paint for legs
Colors of your choice for designs on seats
(when it came time to paint I ended up using spray paint on my seats, just a thought…)
(4) 1/4″ x 2″ carriage bolts

(4) 1/4″ hex lock nuts



  • (8) 1/4″ flat washers


(16) 8 x 3/4″ flathead wood screws
You’ll also need a drill with a 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch drill bits, a 3/4 inch spade bit, a Phillips head screw driver, and a little bit of sandpaper.
If you have a milter saw or miter box and hand saw you can cut the wood pieces yourself, otherwise take the measurements and have the boys in the lumber dept. cut them down for you.
Cut the furring strips into 8 pieces that are each 22.5 inches long. Use the milter saw/box to cut a 45 degree angle on one end of each piece.
Cut the dowels into 4 pieces that measure 14 inches long each, and 4 pieces that measure 12 3/8 inches long each.
Sand the edges to remove any rough spots and then grab the drill… [Read more…]

Hardware Store Crafts {week 9}

*If you missed Kids Can Do challenge results you can find it here.*

Hey guys!  I thought I had this scheduled for yesterday, but apparently I can’t read a calender.  I’m sorry about that! But better late than never, right?

Happy Memorial Day!  Do any of you have some awesome plans for the day?  On Saturday we started the Freedom Trail in Boston.  We only made it half way through the sites before there was a toddler breakdown.

Abbi in front of the USS Constitution

Today I’m thinking we’ll try to finish up the second half.  I’m sure we’ll hit up the hardware store.  I love me some Memorial Day sales and I’ve got a lot of projects on my list.  And I have a few more after seeing the projects this week.

Like always, the poll is in the sidebar and will be open until Friday night. [Read more…]

Hardware Store Crafts {week 8}

Can you believe we’re already down to our top three crafters?!  This season has been cruising by.

Last week Jessica @ Mad In Crafts pulled in a win with her awesome Fingerpainted Lyrics Art.

Isn’t that a fun idea!  You could do it with the words of your favorite song or quote. I love it!

But we had to say goodbye to Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations.  Her Little Bird Countdown didn’t quite make the cut.

Celeste has been a favorite all season and it’s really hard to say goodbye to her.  Make sure you stop by her blog, Celestial’s Creations, and check out all the fun stuff she’s got going on over there.  You won’t regret it 🙂

Now that we’re down to 3, the person going home this week is going to be receiving some awesome swag: [Read more…]

Hardware Store {week 8}

Hey Everybody!

I’m in good ole Laramie Wyoming right now getting set to leave for Lincoln Nebraska.  I’m making the big move from Salt Lake Utah to St. Paul Minnesota this week. It’s a long drive…especially with a moving van that struggles to get up to 55mph. And to top it off, our laptop crashed – again (the second time in 2 weeks – might be time for an upgrade) so this post is coming from my cell phone.  I hope everything looks ok.

I’ll have to get a recap of last week up later when I have access to a real computer, but for now, here is this weeks challenge – Hardware Store.  They had to use supplies found at the hardware store for this one.  It’s some awesome stuff!

Craft #1 – Turquoise Ruffle Printed Flock Totes by Kate @ See Kate Sew

You may be thinking “You made those from hardware store materials?” The hardware store is a crafters dream but I really wanted to sew something. So I found the only “fabric” in the store: A painters drop cloth in one color, natural canvas. I also used: spray paint, sample wall paint, masking tape and contact paper. I spray painted some of the fabric turquoise and left some natural.

Then I screenprinted the fronts of the bags using my other materials and sewed them all up into cute totes for summer, with a crushed ruffle effect on the front. Lots of steps, but the result is…well ruffly, summery and so unique. This is some heavy duty sewing. Not for the faint of heart. And this bag is made to last, it’s so sturdy!

The crushed ruffles look sorta like beachy waves, so I printed a flock of birds on each tote, for the perfect summery tote. And take a look inside. It’s fully lined! Plus there’s a little cell phone/sunscreen/snow cone cash pocket!

To make each one unique, I printed a mini flock of birds in different formations on the back corner of each one. Birds, turquoise, bags, what could be better? One drop cloth yields THREE fully lined crushed ruffle totes + a little painters cloth to spare!

Craft #2 – Just My Size Child’s Table by Jill @ Made it on Monday

I built a table. That’s right: power saw, nail gun, electric sander built a table. And it was fun! But I’m not
sure if the fun had making it can come anywhere near the fun that will be had playing with it.

These beautiful legs were the inspiration for this project. I just couldn’t resist using them.

Throw in some plywood, decorative trim and a basic board and you have the perfect little child’s craft

I love the way red and yellow look together, so a checker board top was a natural choice for dressing
this piece of furniture up. Isn’t it funny how we dress up a piece of furniture just to then rough it up? I
love the way some distressing allowed yellow to show through the red checkers.

Two little terracotta pots make the perfect supply containers, and a little green paint around the top
adds a touch of fun.

I can now add “furniture” to the list of things I make, and you can too!

Craft #3 – Indoor Tree House by Tone @ Bless by Tone

Shopping at a hard wear store, I got wood, paint, chains, a rope and
a rope ladder – and I made an indoor tree-house for kids. It will hold at
least four kids.
I used the rest of the paint to paint a scenery – where the sky is always
blue. The rope ladder is “fastened” to the branch.
The perfect place to chill and tell each other secrets.
And with all the pillows from the house and a blanket on top – no one will
know their secrets.
Lot’s of fun for
hours, no matter what the weather is like.

Faux Bois Mirrors

*Project by Jessica @ Mad In Crafts for the season 9 Hardware Store challenge*

faux bois mirrors in living room cross process
We have had a bare spot over our couch since we moved in.  I didn’t want to hang anything too visually “heavy” there because our curtained windows already take up a lot of visual space.  Mirrors were perfect for the spot, but I wanted to add a pattern to them to warm them up.  The hardware store is a great place to find mirrors of all shapes and sizes, at almost any price point.  Plus, you can find the necessary hardware to hang them right in the same store!
pattern detail
What I didn’t consider when I was coming up with this project design was how difficult it was going to be to photograph the mirrors!  😛  I decided to apply a faux bois (fake wood) pattern for a few reasons: 1) I love it SO much, 2) it matches nicely with the other botanical elements in my living room, and 3) it is very simple to do!
faux bois mirror detail
I love the contrast of the sleek, frameless mirrors and the nature-inspired faux bois pattern.  With the technique I used to create the pattern, you could easily swap the faux bois for animal print, stripes, chevron, whatever you like best!
faux bois mirrors hung
The mirrors have a custom look to them, which is always good.  Plus, they are useful for checking to see if I have any food in my teeth on my way out the door!

Wood Floor Makeover

*Project by Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane for the season 9 Hardware Store Challenge*

In 1913, cheese cost 17 cents a pound, a Hershey Bar set you back 3 cents, the zipper was invented, McDonald’s did not exist, and my house was built.
When we purchased our home in 2005, it had new carpet in the dinning room.  It served us well until babies 1…2…. and 3 came along, then we knew we NEEDED a change.  Hidden under the Koolaid sodden carpet, was a hard wood floor nearly a century old.
We pulled up the carpet to find a well worn pine floor.  The floor was varnished two feet around the perimeter of the room, the center of the floor had never been varnished.  Originally the center of the floor probably had carpet. Where the floor was varnished it well preserved, and the wood was light. However, in the center, the wood was dark because it had not been preserved.
We knew it was time to head to one of my favorite places… the hardware store!
Hardware Store Items Used
      Large belt sander rental
      Sandpaper for the belt sander
      Sandpaper for our palm sander
      Fine grit hand sandpaper
      Painters tape
      High quality paint brushes
      Plastic doorway coverings
      Oil based paint
We decided to paint a diamond pattern on the floor.  This process involved a lot of math, you can tell your teenager, YES you might just use the Pythagorean theorem someday!  The diamond pattern disguises the dark light contrast around the perimeter of the room (see tape picture above).  Additionally, it defines the dining room space from the adjoining family room.  Not to mention it helps create the funky vintage soda fountain look I am going for!

This project was a lot of work, but I LOVE how it turned out!  This floor has personality, lots of character, and it is easy to clean!  The cost of the floor was $311.73, or $1.39 per square foot.

Oh the stories this old wood floor could tell!

Indoor Tree House

*This project was made by Tone @ Bless by Tone for the Hardware Store challenge*

Shopping at a hard wear store, I got wood, paint, chains, a rope and
a rope ladder – and I made an indoor tree-house for kids. It will hold at
least four kids.
I used the rest of the paint to paint a scenery – where the sky is always
blue. The rope ladder is “fastened” to the branch.
The perfect place to chill and tell each other secrets.
And with all the pillows from the house and a blanket on top – no one will
know their secrets.
Lot’s of fun for
hours, no matter what the weather is like.