Meet Virginia From Fynes Designs

A country girl to the core, Virginia lives in rural NS Canada with her husband and two children. She thrives on adding a splash of color to just about anything and works to be creative every day.

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Virginia has degrees in Animal Science and Interior Decorating, which are put to good use when planning projects for her blog. She also runs a small catering business from her home.

Interview with Virginia, Fynes Designs

When did you start crafting?

I started crafting at a very young age. The youngest of 10, I was often teased because I loved to cut, color and paste all day long, while the other kids were all out getting dirty.

I loved using old socks, toilet paper rolls, scraps of paper and yarn to create “beautiful” decorations, doll clothes and paper mache cats.

10 minute dish towel apron

10 Minute Dish Towel Apron via Fynes Designs

What’s your favorite medium to work with?

I love crafting with wood. I can rock a scroll saw and can cut a mean pattern. I make signs for a hobby and just built my first piece of furniture from scratch.

Master bedroomMaster Bedroom Reveal via Fynes Designs

What’s your favorite thing to do (other than crafting, of course)?

I love hanging out with my sisters, hitting yard sales and antique stores and making blanket forts with my kids.

How do you stay organized?

Organization isn’t exactly my strong suit. I have a lot of Post-It notes, an AWESOME momma that helps me with just about anything I ask and kids that don’t mind eating super on top of my most recent product…the kitchen often gets turned into a craft room.

embroidery-craft-kitEmbroidery Hoop Art via Fynes Designs

Who do you admire?

The first blog I started reading was The 36th Avenue. I still love everything about Desiree and her blog and was so excited to meet her at Snap Conference.

In addition, I really admire my two favorite Canadian bloggers – A Pretty Life in the Suburbs and Suburble. It’s a different world up here and I couldn’t do it without them.



Peg Doll Family Tutorial

Virginia captured your hearts this last week, with her awesome peg doll family. I have to admit, this is one of my all time favorite Kids Can Do projects.

I think what I love most about the peg doll family is that it’s a craft simple enough for little hands to complete, but sophisticated enough to be considered home decor.

I love this peg doll family. Simple enough for little hands, sophisticated enough to serve as home decor.

You can preview the full tutorial today at Fynes Designs.