Wild Card Challenge Season 18 Finale

This season has simply flown by and it’s now time for our Season 18 Finale. As in the past, this round is the Wild Card Challenge. Our two crafters – Erica and Holly – are sharing a project of their choice.

Season 18

This week you will be able to vote for just one project. A winner will be declared on Thursday.

Wild Card Projects

Project #1 Paper Cone Wreath

I wanted to make a big craft statement and Paper Cone Wreaths make such a beautiful one especially at Christmas time.
Paper Cone Wreath 7

This Paper Cone Wreath is made of pretty Christmas themed patterned papers and the tips of the cones are dipped in gold glitter.

Paper Pinecone Wreath

paper cone wreath

The glittered pine cones in the center compliment the wreath bringing a warm and cozy, rustic feel of Christmas in to your home.  

Paper Pinecone WreathWhew! Can you believe  I am a paper crafter at heart and this is my first paper project?!  Thanks for having me in the competition. Glad to be done and I gave it my ALL for sure this past month!   

Project #2 Crocheted Nativity Set

I can’t believe it is the final week of the competition, I am so excited to still be here and to get to share my project with you today. I have had Christmas on my mind lately so since we could do anything we wanted to this week I decided to go with a Christmas project.

crocheted nativity in stable

I love nativity sets and wanted to make my own so I crocheted a set. My crocheted nativity includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, a star, 2 shepherds, a sheep, and a donkey. I may add more pieces later but for now this is it. 

crocheted nativity in stable

crocheted nativity in stable

I am excited to be able to set my nativity up in our house this year. One of the nicest things about it is that with little kids I am usually a little nervous to put out nativities but this one is made of yarn and stuffed so there really isn’t much they can do to hurt it.

Paper Cone WreathI really love the way that this turned out and I hope you do too.

Season 18 Finale Vote

It’s finally time for you to select our Season 18 winner! Please vote for your favorite project – the one you’d most like to see a tutorial for this week!

Be sure to come back on Thursday and find out who are winner is!!!

Season 15 Finale!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous long weekend!  We stayed out at a friends house until after 2am last night playing games.  We’re huge fans of Ticket to Ride (if you haven’t played it, you should), but the normal version was getting a little dull.  So we invented our own transcontinental version using two game boards, an expansion pack and a bunch of made up rules.  It’s pretty awesome :)

photo (1)

But anyway, the seasons of SYTYC always go by so fast don’t they?  I can’t believe we’ve already been through the 9 weeks of the challenge and we’re down to the final two!


This week the challenge isn’t anonymous.  I figure you have already figured out who is who by now so there isn’t much point in not telling you anymore :)

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Like always the poll will be open until Friday.  Make sure you vote early and let others know they need to head on over, too! [Read more…]

Grandfather Clock Make Over Tutorial

*Tutorial by Kim @ Maiden D’Shade for her win in the Finale round of Season 14!*

Once again, thank you all for this amazing honor of winning season 14! But I’ve got to say, even though it was fun, I’m glad it’s over!

Here’s how I transformed this “seen better days” clock from my husbands side of the family and gave it new life.


This clock was built in 1987 by a friend of my in-laws. It has spent many years in my basement. It had some damage (bottom corners and the weight sleeves are scratched and oxidized) and some missing pieces (pendulum bob and tall door glass) likely due to many moves over the years.

First thing I did was clean the surface. I wanted to give it a more commanding presence so I added some molding along the front edges to give it more interest. Because the molding wood is “raw” I sprayed it with shellac so the surface wasn’t as porous and would be more like the surface of the rest of the clock when I went to paint it. I also thought this front molding piece matched the molding on the top of the clock quite nicely and gave that “blank” space some interest! I added the molding with wood glue.

I took it apart and laid it down, using some really [Read more…]

We have our winner!!

Season Winner

Man! So you guys like a close race don’t you?  This week’s votes were SOO close!  But in the end Kim’s Grandfather Clock Make-Over that pulled ahead.  I love the fresh look of the white paint. And the etched flower on the glass is the perfect touch.

Before and After 2


She had so many great projects this season with a couple wins under her belt.  Here they are:









And for her fabulous work this season and for her 1st place win she gets some fabulous prizes from a few of our awesome sponsors!

Handmade by Mrs

Handmade by Mrs 2

Rosie Patchwork Purse Package

Hi everyone, I’m Samantha and I live here in Wales with my gorgeous husband Dus. Despite it raining a lot in Wales occasionally the sun shines and that’s when I design my bag patterns. This may explain why I’ve only written three in the last year. I’ve got a blog ( http://handmadebymrsh.blogspot.co.uk/ ) where you can come hang out with me, I’ve got a couple of freebie patterns coming up this year, but mostly it’s my random ramblings!

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Raven Mad

Raven Mad 2

11″ x 14″ Glicee Art Print

My name is Amber Church.  I am a mixed media artist, painter, baker, and designer who has called Yukon home for most of my life.  I draw inspiration for my work from the natural world, mythology and fairy tales, and my imagination.  My work takes me from galleries to the back stages of theatres to centre stage in a can can skirt; I’ve designed art bras for cancer, twelve foot tall puppets for community theatre, Muppet cakes, and mixed media canvases full of family heirlooms.  Although my past has taken me to the United Nations Climate Change negotiations, to skiing and snowboarding course crews for the Olympics, and to teaching in Antarctica, I find myself most content when I am mucking about with paints in a bit of sunshine.

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$25 gift card to the MissyDear Shop

Hey it’s me!  Missy, the host of this here SYTYC competition.  I have a weakness.  I love hair accessories.  Like, really like them.  And I also love wool felt.  Have you ever touched real wool felt? It’s like heaven. So I thought I’d throw the two together and make some adorable wool felt cuteness for babies. I started out just doing them as gifts for baby showers but I had so many people ask about them I decided to open an Etsy shop.  I had to close up shop for a few years while our family moved cross country multiple times (5 states in 5 years – goo) and got SYTYC up and going, but I’ve recently reopened for business under a new name, MissyDear Designs.  With the reopening I’ve added other materials, designs and sizes but I still think they’re adorable.  If I do say so myself.  And new things are added all the time!


Season 14 Finale!!

Did you guys notice the new addition to the So You Think You’re Crafty webpage design?  It’s right up there on the left.  See it?  Here’s a hint.

new button

It’s a new little button that will always be over there on the side.  If you click on it, it will take you to the current challenge so you don’t have to go digging through the sidebar to find it.  It will always be there, and from now on the poll will be in the post itself rather than the sidebar.  I’m just trying to simplify things for you guys :) I know that this is the old polling system. I didn’t think it was fair to change the format at the last second on these ladies. But don’t worry. The new polls will be in place for the new season :)

Now on to the good stuff.  The seasons of SYTYC always go by so fast don’t they?  I can’t believe we’ve already been through the 9 weeks of the challenge and we’re down to the final two!


This week the challenge isn’t anonymous.  I figure you have already figured out who is who by now so there isn’t much point in not telling you anymore :)

So, without further ado, here is the poll and this weeks projects.  The poll will be open until Thursday night.  Make sure you vote early and let others know they need to head on over, too!

[polldaddy poll=”6952636″]

Good luck ladies!! [Read more…]

Modern Denim Quit Tutorial

*Tutorial by Autumn @ It’s Always Autumn for her win of the Season 13 Finale!*

Thanks to everyone who voted! What a tight race! I made this quilt in four days, cutting and sewing madly to get it done in time, so anyone who has a couple of weeks to work on a project could definitely do this. As a quilt goes, it’s really rather simple. Here’s the rundown:

1. Gather denim. I purchased all my denim at three different garage sales the morning I wanted to start making the quilt. Garage sales are the best place to get denim cheap! If you want to make an ombre quilt you need to pay attention to the color of the jeans you are buying – be sure to get some that is quite dark, some that’s medium colored, and some that’s lighter. I kept all the denim I had bought in hand as I was looking for more, to make sure the colors all looked like they’d go well together. I only purchased adult jeans because I wanted strips the were a full 6 inches wide. Also, pay attention to how distressed the jeans are – if the dark jeans you buy all have really light areas in the bum/knees you’ll have to end up cutting some of those out. I think I purchased about 18 pairs of jeans and had at least three or four more than I needed. I got all my jeans for $1 or less per pair.

2. Wash and cut. I would not recommend trying this without a rotary cutter and large ruler, as you see below. You certainly could do it, but it would take lots longer! I just sliced the legs off the jeans right at the crotch then used my ruler and rotary cutter to cut them into 6 in wide strips. I discared the knees of many of my jeans because they were stretched out and light – but that’s ok, because you end up with strips of different lengths, which is what you’re looking for.

As I cut up jeans, I placed them into one of four piles based on color, and I tried to keep the piles fairly even. NOTE: I actually decided I didn’t have denim that was quite light enough, so I [Read more…]

Season 12 Finale!

How was your weekend everyone? I spent some time last week with some of my favorite people in the world at a girls camp in New Hampshire.  One night while we did skits in the ampatheater on the lake shore the sunset was especially beautiful. I wish my phone had been able to capture it a little better.

But anyway, the seasons of SYTYC always go by so fast don’t they?  I can’t believe we’ve already been through the 9 weeks of the challenge and we’re down to the final two!

This week the challenge isn’t anonymous.  I figure you have already figured out who is who by now so there isn’t much point in not telling you anymore :)

Like always the poll is in the sidebar and will be open  until Thursday night.  Make sure you vote early and let others know they need to head on over, too! [Read more…]

An All-Star Peacock Finale

So I had a crazy day yesterday.  While I was stopped at a red light (I was the first car on the line) I was looking up the road in front of me and noticed some police lights racing toward me.  As they got closer I noticed that they were cashing a van.  Then I watched as the van over corrected, spun around the flipped sideways onto the curb and slide almost a whole block before it stopped just a few feet in front of me – I totally thought he was going to hit me.  Then guess what?  The guy driving the van jumped out and took off down the street.  The police finally caught him and I gave my statement, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a high speed chase turned car accident turned pursuit on foot.  Little bit scary, but an awesome story now.

Now lets get back on topic shall we :)  It’s the season finale!!  How did it get here so fast?!  Jessica from Running with Scissors had the most votes last week with her Thread Sketches.

I think that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  I would never have the guts to just “draw” with my sewing machine!  And look how fantastic it looks!

It was such a tight race for 2nd place last week!  But in the end Kim won out.  That means that Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts will be leaving us this week.

She won’t be leaving empty handed however.  She won a fabulous prize pack including a gift basket of earrings, a necklace, & a bandana dress from Belle Adore, & a $25 gift card to Lily Bella Fabrics.  But make sure you’re following her fabulous blog so you don’t miss any of her crafty goodness.

This season, instead of having the normal “wild card” finale we normally have, I decided to give them a theme.  So the finale this time is all about Peacocks! [Read more…]