Costumes – Week 2 (with results)

Can you believe last weeks crafts?  They were so cool weren’t they?  I loved all the home decor ideas.  I sometimes have a hard time thinking up new decorations for fall, so last week gave me tons of ideas.  And did you check into Expect Moore to see all those Pumpkin crafts throughout the week too?

KoJo Designs turned out to be the winner.  They won by a single vote!  That is one tight race!  I’ve put the tutorial for their Pumpkin Patch Weekender bag up with the other winning tutorials, so you should check it out!  Congrats Ladies!!

But that means that Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage is leaving us this week.  I always hate saying goodbye to someone the first week.  We don’t get near enough time to get to know them or their crafts.  It’s a good thing they have blogs we can follow.  We’ll also be learning a little bit more about her this Wednesday.

If you would like to see the final numbers for last week, here are the results.

That leaves these fine ladies for this week:

Heidi @ Made by Heidi
Nikki @ Lily Bug Desings
Ashley @ Simply Designing
Kailyn  @ Kailyn’s Bit of Sunshine
Julliana@ Equal Opportunity Crafter
Chica & Jo @ Chica and Jo
Lauren @ Creatively Crafty Baby
Amanda @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition
Kirstin & Jordan @ KoJo Designs

And here are their Costume Crafts!

Voting will be open until the night of Friday, October 15.

Craft #1 – Super Hero Cape – Julliana

Boys like to dress up too sometimes! (And who say’s a girl can’t be a super hero?)

I’ve seen some really cute superhero capes, but none of them were quite right. Still, I wanted one for my son…here’s what I came up with. This one is designed so it would be easy on and off (velcro) and not tie around his neck.

This tutorial will include the pattern and sizing for Small, Medium and Large as well as four different super hero insignia templates (two are pictured).

You could make a few of these double sided capes so all the kids can dress up together!

Craft #2 – Hitch: The Mad Scientist – Kailyn

Hitch is wearing a black faux fur custom made wig. His lab coat is made of tea stained muslin. His apron is . They are a faux leather with a woven texture.  He is holding in his leeft hand a test tube, made from a old pen. In his right hand he is holding his saffety goggles made of the same faux leather with holes punched and te lenses are circles cut from a Dr. Pepper bottle. This entire costume was put together with Fabri-Tac glue.

Craft #3 – Panda Paws – Lauren

Girl? Boy? How about something for both!

I just love this fluffy costume! Perfect for cold weather, and adorable on any little boy or girl. Little paw prints on the feet, and a little fluffy tail in the back complete the look. And the smile doesn’t hurt either!

Craft #4 – Candy Corn – Chica & Jo

When dressing the little ones for Halloween, costumes not only have to
be cute and sweet, but they also have to be comfortable.  This
adorable candy corn costume is made of soft fleece that is so comfy
that even the pickiest of toddlers (like this one) will wear it
happily.  It’s also incredibly easy to sew, and doesn’t require
hemming.  The dress and matching hat and trick-or-treat bag can be
made in just half an hour, leaving plenty of time to paint a pair of
old shoes orange and yellow to match the candy corn theme!

Craft #5 – Upside-Down Man – Mandy

Need a quick and easy, no-sew costume with items that you have around the house??  Here you go:
The Upside-Down Man

I love this costume for so many reasons:
–easy- no sewing required
–made from items you have on hand
–appeals to kids who still want to dress up but aren’t into characters, etc – costume is great for adults as well
As a poor college student I entered as the Upside-Down Man in a campus activities costume contest – just threw the costume together – and then won $50 – score!

To make it more fun, hop on one foot (which looks like a hand) and you give a “break-dancing” effect.  Or slowly bring your arms (which look like legs) together and you give a “standing-on-your-hands-doing-split-tricks” effect.  (As I was taking pictures of the tricks the young neighbor girl came over and was amazing – “is he really standing on his hands – wow!”)  For trick-or-treating, just hang a Halloween bucket on one of the shoes.

The Upside-Down Man tutorial will give directions on putting the costume together (which should take less than 10 minutes) and helpful hints for fitting it properly.

Craft #6 – Strawberry Shortcake – Nikki

I made a Strawberry Shortcake costume for Halloween.  I went for the “old school” Strawberry Shortcake versus the newly designed one.  I guess I just prefer her better since she’s the one I recognize from my childhood.  The outfit includes hat, dress, pinafore, bloomers, painted green striped tights and trick or treat bag.

For the hat, I painted the strawberries on the fabric, added a stuffed strawberry to the top and finished it off with a bow.

Of course the costume wouldn’t be complete without a strawberry trick or treat bag.

Craft #7 – Mod Bo Peep – KoJo Designs

Where, oh where, has my little sheep gone?
Goodness gracious me- there you are!
So glad I found you… now off to round up a herd of candy!

What could be cuter than a mod Bo Peep costume paired with a fluffy sheep trick-or-treat bag? Not much! Even better, most of the costume (the pettiskirt, the hair bow, and the leg warmers) can transition from Halloween apparel to everyday wear after October 31st, so the time you spend creating this little get-up will be well worth the investment!

Craft #8 – Costume Box – Heidi

Costumes… costumes… costumes… there are about a million things that come to mind when I think about making something with this theme in mind, and I thought, “why limit myself to just one costume?” That’s when the “costume box” was born…

It has a felt person pasted to the top of the box and tons of felt costumes/wigs/accessories inside to dress this little doll!

You have a Frankenstein, pumpkin (complete with a stem hat), bird/beak, bee, princess/crown, cowgirl, ballerina, wigs, etc…. the best part? these pieces are all interchangeable. You can have a ballerina with a Frankenstein head, a bee wearing a yellow wig, a bird wearing a cow-girl skirt & boots, etc… you get the picture!

Costume box = tons of fun for your little one!

Craft #9 – Witch Princess – Ashley

(this is her scary face ha ha ha1)

What little girl doesn’t love being a Princess for Halloween? Mine sure does. And let me tell you…she makes a CUTE Cinderella!

But I also have a soft spot in my heart for traditional Halloween costumes as well.

So this year, we created, the WITCH PRINCESS!

And what is a Witch Princess you ask? (My husband asked me too!)

It is a Witch, with style, sass, and most importantly, SPARKLE!

For Princesses, it’s all about the accessories and the sparkle!

This costume comes complete with a matching Witch Hat Trick-or-Treat bag, very cute striped matching tights, and, of course lots and LOTS of sparkly rhinestones on her fluffy, shimmery, princess-like tulle skirt!

Oh, and you can’t forget the sparkly black spider necklace and silky purple and black cape with witchy-green accents!  And of course, the whole outfit it topped off with a tall, pointy, fancy witches hat!

My daughter started off this month telling me she wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween, but after I made this fabulous costume, she is now saying that she wants to be a Witch Princess!  So cute!

Oh…and just in case you are wondering…yes, this is almost entirely hand made!  The tutorial will include the how-to for the hat (non-sewn version), the trick or treat bag/hat (sewn version), the necklace, cape and fabulous sparkly tulle skirt including the rhinestone application!

Dress Up – Week 4

It’s just going to be another minimal post this week. The move is made, now we’re just waiting on the internet people (I’ve only had a few minutes to use the internet in the past week and it’s going to be like that again this week too 🙁 )I will be able to fill in the details then. Thanks for your patience!

The winner of the Teacher Gift Challenge was Deidre with her Teacher Tote! How cool was that? The tutorial will be up shortly.

This week it’s Jessica @ Running with Scissors. Her stuff is amazing!  I love her blog and her crafting style.  Keep checking up on her.

This weeks theme is Dress Up and there are some great ones. Vote for your favorite on the poll in the sidebar before Friday night at 9 pm MST.


Craft #1 – Hula Doll Dress Up

Who says little girls and boys are the only ones who can play dress-up?
Dolls are people, too!  (Just watch “Toy Story!”)
This hula costume is so easy and fun to make!

Doesn’t “Lindsey” look so adorable and ready to hula in her sparkly “grass” skirt, vibrant lei, stunning hair piece,  bracelet and anklet?

What little girl wouldn’t just love, love, love this adorable dress-up hula costume for their doll?!  Plus, it’s so easy to make!  You can make it together.  A girl is never too young to start crafting!

Craft #2 – Boudoir Dress Up

I love staying at a nice bed and breakfast.  It’s a special night out.  The centerpiece of the room is usually the comfy bed, spread with beautiful decorative pillows.  I wanted to “dress up” my bed, and bring a little of that bed and breakfast feeling to our bedroom.  Hence, the Boudoir Pillows.

A few years ago, we bought the pretty brown quilt…but it was fairly simple and straight forward.  Now there are three pretty pillows to dress things up.  Although each design is different, they all coordinate and complete the look.  I wanted something pretty, but not too feminine.

The Window Pillow and Stripe Pillow have simple pieced and quilted fronts and envelope closures.
The Ruffled Pillow has ruffles around the complete edge.
These were so much fun to make, I’ll have to make some more soon!

Craft #3 – Finger Dress Up

Ever notice fingers always get left out of dress up?  Not anymore.

And with a handy little pouch for storage, it’s easy to dress up those little fingers whenever the mood strikes!

Craft #4 – Magician Dress Up

Your little magician will be doing all kinds of fun illusions with this spectacular set! With a huge, flowing cape, your little one can twirl around with great drama.
Every Magician needs a wand to do awesome tricks! With a little magnet attached to the end, the possibilities are endless!!!
What would a magician be without a magic hat? With the “false” bottom, all kinds of things can be pulled out of the magic hat. To add to the fun, the shiny scarves can be knotted together to pull out the infamous endless chain!
*** This idea comes with permission from Lorraine at Ikatbag.

Craft #5 –  Animal Tails

Kids don’t need a lot to play!  What they really need is a big imagination…and some animal tails!
Put on a tail and suddenly you’re a ferocious tiger in the jungle…or a monkey swinging from a tree.
Let your kid’s imagination soar with these fun animal tails.  They are easy for kids to put on and there are plenty to share with friends.  Let their imaginations go WILD!
Craft #6 – Dress-Up Wedding Headpieces
When I think “dress up” I think WEDDINGS (maybe it is because it’s the only time I get really dressed up!).
Flower Headpieces are the it thing for brides and their bridal party, but they can be pricey. How about you make these for your bridesmaids and flower girls and still look like a million bucks?

Fancy, pretty, feminine. I love the sculptural look!

These headpieces are fun and super dressy, but to add a little more function to the “everyday”, I made the main flower on a clip. Unclip it from the headpiece, throw it on a cute side pony and your bridesmaids can be wearing these around town with a t-shirt and jeans.

The best part???This project is made from scraps of fabric left from all of the other wedding projects. If you’ve got a few squares left, a headband and a couple of clips, this project won’t add a dime to your wedding budget.
Craft #7 – Magnetic Paper Doll

As a little girl I loved playing with paper dolls. With this cute tin, the little girl in your life will love playing paper dolls too…but with a personal twist…the doll is her and the clothes are all her favorite outfits!

There is an out fit for play, an outfit for school and even a pair of pj’s! Plus, some fun accessories to dress up anything she wears!

And…it’s all magnetic and contained in a cute, upcycled metal cookie tin, so when its time to head to a friends or on a long car ride, just grab this cute tin and she can play paper dolls anywhere!

*These photos have been altered to blurry out the “dolls” face, the actual dress up tin does not have the face blurred.

Dress-Up Suitcases

*Project by Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane for the season 9 Thrift Store challenge*

Let’s Play Dress Up!
My kids love to play dress up!  But somehow dress up clothes end up in every room in our house!  I thought it was high time I upgrade the cardboard dress up box in the closet.  So I headed to the thrift store and found these beautiful…. well okay kind of stinky, kind of old, hard plastic suitcases. At $2 a piece I couldn’t be more excited!
 I decorated two suitcases one for the boys and one for the girls… I have to admit I had a lot of fun *blinging* out these suitcases!  I just love the circle pattern, and the ribbon edging! I couldn’t stop at the outside, I had to make sure the inside was bright and fun too!
 I made my little boy a cowboy themed suitcase, complete with rope trim, a denim luggage tag, and hanky lining ~ Yee-Ha!
My kids love it..I could not get through the photo shoot without them wanting to dig in and play!
What else could you store in an old suitcase?

Craft #9 – Car Clock by Emily @ Nap Time Creations

I was so excited for this challenge because I tackled a long overdue project. I had been wanting to get a car-themed clock for my kids bedroom for a while now. I had looked everywhere, in stores and online, and couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. So, of course, I just made what I wanted. I found this great “rainbow” clock at the thrift store for $5 and transformed it to exactly what I had been looking for. There’s not much scrapbook paper and a little mod-podge can’t do!
I think my favorite part is the dump truck in the middle that rotates (like a seconds hand). On the original the rainbow went around and I wasn’t sure if I could remake this part, but I did.
It really goes great with the room and was just what I wanted. LOVE IT!

Craft #10 – Octagon End Table by Terra @ Mama Says Sew

I found this end table at a thrift store a couple of months ago and loved the octagon shape. That, and the fact that it was only $4.99. So I grabbed it, not knowing what I was going to do with it. So it sat. And sat. Then I got around to sanding it. And it sat some more. Enter So You Think You’re Crafty. Suddenly, motivation to get it done!
I stained the top and painted the bottom, then used a glaze to make it look antique instead of just old.
Once it was finished, I took it out to the side of a country road at sunset after a rainy day to get some pictures.  {And probably made every passing car think I was nuts.}
I love the detail on the front doors.  That was one of the reasons I knew this end table had potential when I saw it.  Aren’t thrift stores great? And I remember being so embarrassed going to them when I was little. Times change.


Ceres Crown of Leaves

Leaves are things of beauty, whether or not they’re real or made of wool felt. To celebrate the cool autumn nights and the falling of the leaves, I created a felt leaf crown, named for Ceres, the goddess of the harvest.

What little (or big) girl wouldn’t love wearing this at the Thanksgiving table?

Mostly embroidered and stitched by hand, this crown will make its wearer feel like the queen of the harvest amidst the fading days of fall.

Mailman Outfit

*Project made by Amy @ Spicy Tuesday Crafts for the Make Believe challenge*

My son’s favorite person in the whole wide world is our mailman. He loves him so much that he waits at the window every day, rain or shine, for the mailman to come just so he can wave to him. I decided it was time for us to have a mailman outfit of our own:
I found an old pair of navy pants at the thrift store, along with a blue broadcloth button-down shirt and a tiny navy blue beanie (we live in the cold most of the year and our mailman wears a ski cap). I printed out some post office insignia and a “letter carrier” name tag onto iron-on transfer sheets and sewed them on to the hat, the shirt and the bag. The bag was just a remnant of fabric I had around the house which I fashioned into a messenger bag and added the stars and stripes ribbon strip.

And because the mailman needs letters to deliver, I made some felt postcards and envelopes to go in the bag. I used various ribbon strips for the addresses and return-addresses and cut hearts and diamonds for the stamps.

Some of the envelopes open and close with velcro so he could write his own note and letters.When the outfit was done, my son ran out to show our mailman — and was rewarded with a ride in the mail truck! Love that little Mailman!

A Super Tutorial

The Fabric Floozie sent in another great tutorial. My nephews would love these.


Here is the tutorial you asked for: How to make a Super Hero Cape

Last night I started working on Lily’s. Overall, these capes take just a bit less than the length of the average football game. How’s that for precise?

What you need:

3 Colors of Satin (* indicates which color I’m referring to on the images below)

  • Primary Color: 2 yards (*yellow)
  • Circle/Accent Color: 1/3 of a yard – 1/2 yard depending on how big the kid is (*lt pink)
  • Decoration Color: 1/3 of a yard (*raspberry)

3 colors of thread to match satin color

Sharp scissors

Lots of pins

sewing machine

washable ink fabric marker

Measuring tape

Spare Fabric for design template (felt works best!)


Measure from the nape of your childs neck, down to where you want the cape to end. Start with something around 20 (for small toddlers) to 22 (for bigger toddlers) inches and adjust as needed. This will be called distance A. (For Reference: Lily’s was 19.5″)

Measure around your childs neck from the throat, around the back, to the throat again. This is so you know how big to make the neck opening.

Lay out your primary color satin, right sides together. Place a pin 2.5″ from the bottom of the fabric panels.

Measure up distance A. Place another pin.

Take your measuring tape and place the 15″ tick on the bottom pin in your fabric. Mark at the 1″ tick with a pin, and the 30″ tick with a pin. This give you an approximate width for your cape. You can make it smaller (for smaller kids) or wider (for bigger kids) as necessary. (Lily’s was 29.5″)


Measure up from top pin, 5-6″ (depending on how large you want the neck opening to be. Mark with pin.
From halfway up that small section, measure across the same distance and pin on each side.

Sketch a circle with your fabric marker. This is the neck hole opening.

At “nape of neck” measure across 15-16.5″ inches based on cape size. mark with pin.

Measure up 1″ from very top pin. mark with pin.

Using pins placed, sketch out the overall shape on the cape using your marker.

Move pins to inside the lines to hold 2 panels of satin together. Stitch along sketched line, except for a opening at the bottom, big enough for turning. (red area shown)

Now on to the real photos :)

Now that you have your cape edges sewn, go ahead and trim off the excess fabric, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance.



Now for the design.

For the circle, decide how big you want it. Brendan’s was 10″ exactly. Lily’s was about 9.25″ I used a cake pan for Brendan’s :)

Outline the cake pan
Sew, leaving an area for turning
Set aside.

Using some scrap fabric (I like felt, it’s sturdy) sketch out the design you want for your cape. We had to do this 2x with Brendans, so I made 2 designs for Lily’s to see which I liked better.

Cut out the shapes and place them on your cape to be sure you like the shape/scale.

Place 2 pieces of design color, right sides together. Place template over fabric and outline

Stitch, leaving an area open for turning

Cut out and trim on curves


Place both smaller pieces on cape to check for placement

Pin circle down

*Load machine with accent color on your spool and primary color on your bobbin. (ie: Light pink on top, yellow on bottom)

Sew circle down

Pin design down

*Load machine with design color on your spool and primary color on your bobbin. (ie: raspberry on top, yellow on bottom)

Stitch the design down

Option: Using primary colored thread (yellow), do a decorative stitch all the way around the design. I did this on both and it adds a nice touch.

The reason for the primary color on the bobbin is because it will blend in with the main panel, and not show very much on the underside:


Add velcro to neck tabs

Wrap it up and place it under the tree ;)



If you love this tutorial, please take a moment to utilize the “share” button to post it on facebook, twitter, or whatever social site you use :)

If you USE this tutorial, please send me a photo when you are done (or a link to your blog post about it). I’d love to share it on the site :)

Thank you so much!

Knight in Shining Duck Tape Armor

*Project by Veronica @ Adventures of D & V for the Duct Tape challenge of season 15*

In the world of imagination there is always a Princess who needs to be saved, or a dragon who needs to be slain. And those are both jobs for a Night In Shining Armor! Real armor is much to heavy for a young knight, so what looks like armor with out being so very heavy…Duct Tape Armor!
I made this set of duct tape armor with everything a young knight needs: helmet, shield, sword, breast plate, back plate, shoulder guards & arm guards (also called vambrace and besagues in knight lingo). The breast plate fits over the knights head, wraps all the way around the torso, and is secured in the back by velcro straps. For protection from enemies on all sides! The arm guards and shield are fit with elastic bands to secure them in place.
I constructed the entire costume using duct tape, string, velcro, some cardboard and a sheet of aluminum foil. 5 rolls of duct tape later, a few young knights have a fun, new costume to use when slaying dragons!
Since the velcro is adjustable, this armor can fit different knights of different age and size.
(They seemed to like the sword the best, which ironically was the quickest & easiest piece of the whole outfit!)

Play & Pretend Dress Up

*Project by Heidi @ greendoodle for the Kids Can Do challenge of season 15*

I took my kids to our local children’s museum a couple of weeks ago to earn a few Mom Points.  We hit all the favorite spots: veterinarian section, dolls, grocery store, and of course the theater.  As we were leaving, my daughter struck up a conversation with an employee of the museum and let her know in her most adult tone that she felt the museum needed more costumes, and her mom (me) would love to sew them for the museum.  (!!!)

As luck would have it, she was speaking to the volunteer coordinator and she told me that she did need more costumes. I told her that “yes, I would love to sew them for the museum”, and here we have this week’s think-outside-the-box project.

As my daughter was so willing to volunteer me, I made sure that my kids (and at times, even their friends) were involved in the planning and creation of this project.  First, the kids made up stories that they would like to act out. Then they drew the characters and their costumes.

When it came time to create, I chose a very simple pattern that required a few basic seams.  The kids helped cut out fabric, and sat on my lap to sew the main seams together.  The kids helped me come up with details and embellishments.

I am proud of my kids and their hard work.  I would have never expected them to complete such a lofty project.   It goes to show that our kids are capable of so much more than I give them credit for.