Scrubby Bath Puppets Tutorial

*Tutorial by Kim @  Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. & Me for her win of the Dollar Store challenge in Season 11*

Well, I’m pretty blown away to be able to share my tutorial with you here on SYTYC!  What incredible ideas there were for Dollar Store week!
I just loved the bright colors and super soft feel of these hand towels, so the scrubby bath puppets were pretty much a must.  To make them, all you need is:
1 towel in each color (one towel should be enough for each bath mitten AND the critters)
1 plain white “bar mop towel” (just a plain white washcloth)
Approximately 6 sponges – more or less…
Some knit scraps from your scrap pile (or use t-shirts from the dollar store!)
Skinny elastic
A few small circles of black felt
a sewing machine
a needle and thread

First, let’s go over the different pieces you’ll need for each bath puppet.  You will be able to find the pattern pieces to print over on my blog.  Or you can just wing it and cut them freehand.

You’ll need a mitten in every color – obviously.  Fold your towel in half.  Have your child lay his/her hand on the towel and mark lightly around it.  Cut your mitten shape out.  Make sure that you use the finished edge of the towel for the bottom of the mitten (both front and back).  Also, make sure that the width across the bottom of just ONE side is the DIAMETER of your child’s wrist.  (In other words, when you sew them together, the mitten should be DOUBLE the diameter of the wrist).

For your little turtle, cut two of each of the following:  a large leaf shaped body with a straight top, a small half-oval with a rounded point for the head and (not pictured) a little triangle for the tail.  Cut FOUR: long, curved, somewhat pointy flippers, and little squat feet with a kind of toe bump.  This is all extremely technical, of course.  Especially the toe bump.  Ok, I did look at pictures of sea turtles, but I don’t know what the actual anatomical names would be.

For your crab, you’ll need two pieces of body and four pieces of the pinchers.  It’s easiest if you keep [Read more…]

Welcome to the start of Season 9! {dollar store crafts}

Here we are again at the start of a new season.  I’m so stoked for this time around. Don’t those 10 ladies look so fun!  I can’t wait to get to know them all better.  Here is a list of their blogs. You should all run over and look at them real fast.  You won’t regret it :)

Jessica @ Mad In Crafts
Bessie @ Besserina
Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations
Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane
Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations
Margo @ Art Surrounds Us
Robin @ The T-Shirt Diaries
Heather @ Dragonfly Designs
Terra @ Mama Says Sew
Emily @ Nap Time Creations

There is also a little bio about each of them here that will also list all their SYTYC projects as the season progresses, so be sure to keep up to date with that, too.

So here you have it.  Week 1 of season 9 – the Dollar Store Craft challenge.  Voting will be open until 9pm MST on Friday the 9th.


Craft #1 – Magnet Travel Games by Carlee @ Lady Bird Lane

Since I live nearly 60 minutes away from the nearest ‘dollar’ store, I
thought it only appropriate to make car activities to keep my kiddos
busy!  I created interchangeable magnet car games using mainly
dollar store items.

 Dollar Store Items:

  • 12 inch metal platter (it has about a 1″ lip around the edge)
  • ABC magnets (SCORE!)
  • Dinosaur figures
  • Decorative towels

Non dollar store items include craft magnets, magnet paper, and modge podge.

Magnet ‘Game Console’ has a super cool main game, and additional
games that can lay on top.  I adapted the car bingo game from a
free printable, and created the rest of the games in Photoshop.
This is such a FUN project because it is so versatile, and you can
keep adding new games!  I also love the fact that the tray and
all of the pieces can be stored in a simple drawstring bag I made from
a dollar store towel!

Homemade magnet car game console…………………………$6.75 each
A happy car ride………………………………………………………priceless!

Craft #2 – Plastic Animal Bookends by Jessica @ Mad In Crafts

bookend materials
I can’t tell you how many different project ideas I had for this first week’s challenge!  My goal for this first theme was to show how easy it is to make something useful and expensive-looking from dollar store materials.
I chopped some plastic animal toys in half and glued them to acrylic photo frames to create fun, silly bookends.
sytyc dollar store kids tiger bookends
The dreaded dachshund/tiger hybrid Smile with tongue out makes an adorable set of bookends for a child’s room.  Since the acrylic frames are clear, it looks as though the tiger is pouncing right out of the book!  RAWR!
sytyc dollar store faux bronze animal head bookends
For a more sophisticated look, I applied a coat of ORB to both an elephant and a lion head (made the same way as the tiger) to create faux bronze bookends.  Real bronze bookends are pricey, but these will only set you back $4!  They are a majorly simple way to add some global flair to your bookshelves.
For a funkier look for a teen’s room, you could swap the ORB spray paint for a neon or metallic color.  The dollar store stocks a wide variety of plastic toys, so let your imagination run WILD!

Craft #3 – The Undie Cuff by Celeste @ Celestial’s Creations

For this challenge, I was in the mood for something bright and happy.

Know what was the cutest, brightest, happiest thing I could find in the dollar store?

These pairs of underwear!

I’ve always thought it was sad that they make such cute underwear, but there’s not really an appropriate way to show them off.

At least, there wasn’t before….

 The Undie Cuff.

Using just the elastic waistband and the knit, you can make a soft, comfy (don’t forget bright and happy) cuff with very little effort and only $1.

Craft # 4 – Hand-Braided Rug by Emily @ Nap Time Creations

This dollar store challenge had me a bit nervous… I wasn’t sure what I would find when I went “shopping”. Fortunately as soon as I saw these plastic table clothes, I knew what I would be making! The colors I found are actually perfect for our kitchen and match great!
I used a five-strand braid for the rug (I cut up the table clothes into long strips to braid) and laced it together with more plastic thread.  It seems very durable and great for a kitchen where it will get wet and need to be cleaned. I think I can just wash off the whole thing when I need to. I varied the colors as I was braided to give the different circles in the rug different looks.
I’m really loving the way it turned out and its great to stand on while washing the dishes (barefoot in the kitchen)…. Don’t you just love how it matches my curtains, artwork and towels.

Craft #5 – Petal Butterflies by Heather @ Dragonfly Designs

This challenge was a fun one for me. 
I love that you can find all sorts of things at the Dollar Store.
I threw together this project using wooden clothes pins, fabric petals, gold sequins, copper wire and a whole lot of hot glue!
And created over twenty clothes pin and petal butterflies to accent my space.   
I love having things around the home that are multipurpose.  These butterflies were no exception.  I can use the clothes pins to hang hair accessories, jewellery or even the kids’ art projects!!
And finally a detailed look. 
Oh what a little creativity and a hot glue gun can do.

Craft #6 – Movie Night In by Margo @ Art Surrounds Us

When cruising the Dollar Tree  I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I saw these supplies.  Like most families now a days we are having to cut back on some of the outings that we do. One of the big ones for us is going to the movies, with a family of 4 and a price tag of $35 just to get in not to mention concessions, its just something we really can’t bring ourselves to do anymore. So we have movie night at home with a movie rental and movie candy and popcorn from the dollar store which can all be done for the price of just one ticket.

For our new movie popcorn bowl I used a plastic punch bowl, tickets and mod podge. I switched back and forth between the two ticket colors and put an extra layer of mod podge over them all to seal the bowl.This project only cost me $3, you can’t beat that!

 Then simply add popcorn and the movie candy we are ready for movie night!!!! Now who has the remote?





Craft #7 – Flower Sack Outfit by Bessie @ Besserina

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this weeks theme “Dollar Store Crafts.” I went to 4 different Dollar Stores in neighboring towns searching for inspiration.  One item that continued to catch my attention at each store was a package of flour sack kitchen towels.  They were simple, white, 100% cotton and best of all, $3.00 for a package of 3!  On the drive home, I drew this little outfit for my baby girl in my head, I couldn’t wait to get started!
 I appliqued the bird, branches, flowers and leaves with  fabric scraps. (I’m always excited to dive into my scrap bin. Makes me feel so resourceful!)  All around the bottom I sewed 2 layers of ruffled strips of the flour sack towel. Sewed up the sides and arm holes, and gathered it up. Then I added a ruffle around a pair of her jeans, and made a sweet flower for her hair out of scraps and another strip of ruffled flour sack.
She plans to wear it while visiting her Meemaw’s garden & playing with her kitties, Rosemary & Peppermint.
I think it’s adorable, and she loves it too!

Craft #8 – Triple Braid Necklace by Allie @ Miss Lovie Creations

From this……
To This!!
Materials Used:lace window valence ($6) and (actually 3-had to go back for more) women’s necklaces ($1.50 each) all found at Dollar General
What I came up with: a fun and playful triple-braided lace necklace with interchangeable accents: a flower and a bow.
Here’s a close-up of the braid. It’s kinda hard to tell how many braids I actually did to make it that thick, but I think it turned out super cool looking. I used the chain from the extra necklaces I had to go back and braided them in with the second set of braids so there’s just a touch of shine to the braid.
 I used velcro to attach the bow and the flower so they could be changed.
This challenge was so fun! At first I never dreamed I’d come up with this upon browsing through several dollar stores. I’ll have to pop in dollar stores more often and think about how I can repurpose some cheap items! Hope you like it!!

Craft #9 – Chevron Shower Curtain by Robin @ The T-Shirt Diaries

I love the Dollar Store Crafts challenge. I mean what better challenge than to work with products from a store not known for its mad crafting supplies.

So while I was there I had a genius idea. I would make an ombre ruffled shower curtain. I grabbed a bunch of shower curtains and headed home to get started.

Then I realized that I saw something similar done during S.Y.T.Y. C. Season #7 by See Kate Sew. Bummer, but great minds think alike?

Now I had several shower curtains and nothing to do until it struck me, make a Chevron Shower Curtain.

Chevron is hot right now (an understatement) and I have paint so why not.

I got things started on my basement floor, added chevron stripes and…

I need let it dry overnight. Now I just needed to hang it up.
I love Chevron, now I want to remake my bedroom into a  black and white haven.
Oh and the total cost for the new shower curtain $1.00. Not bad because when I looked up Chevron Shower Curtains they run between $78.00 and $95.00 each.

Craft #10 – Twine Vase by Terra @ Mama Says Sew

The Dollar Store category had me shaking in my boots.  Dollar stores are not usually a place I go when I am looking for craft supplies.  After a couple of trips, during which I spent almost as much time cleaning up after my children as I did searching for ideas,  I came up with this twine covered vase.
I’ve seen rope bowls around, and I liked the idea of tweaking that to make a rope vase, but unfortunately all the rope was bright red, blue or yellow. I did find a nice neutral twine.  And there were lots of different glass vases to chose from.
So I got the twine and the vase and after wrapping and wrapping and wrapping I ended up with this pretty vase for only $2 {plus I don’t know how many gluesticks}.

Dollar Store {week 3}

Hey Guys!  Sorry this is so late!  What with the holiday weekend and all I totally spaced this post!  I hope you all had a safe, fun weekend!

Well, last week’s winning project was perfect for a 4th of July picnic.  Randi‘s “Picnic for Two” was the favorite of the Make Believe bunch.  It really makes me want to learn to crochet.


But we had to say goodbye to Narelle this week.  Her Spaceman Rocket was adorable, but didn’t make the cut.  I can’t wait until I can find a box big enough to make a rocket big enough for my little girl that I can base on her design.  Abbi would LOVE it!

Be sure to keep up with Narelle’s awesome blog, Cook Clean Craft.  She’s got lots of great stuff on it.

And I’m sure you’re all wondering who else did what last week (remember you can always check the ‘past crafts’ tab) so here are the Make Believe match ups:

#1 – Picnic for Two – Randi
#2 – It’s Show Time – Laura
#3 – Mailman Outfit – Amy
#4 – Space Trio – Heather
#5 – Play Kitchen – Camilla
#6 – Tooth Fairy Tracking Chart – Ashley L
#7 – Puppy Dog Towel – Ashley T
#8 – Spaceman Rocket – NarelleAnd now for this weeks challenge…Dollar Store.  And since I’m a day late posting this we’re extending the time the poll is open until Saturday, July 9th at 9 pm Central Time. You all get an extra day to vote and tell people to come vote!


Craft #1 – Shabby Chic Bowl – Ashley @ Cherished Bliss

This week is Dollar Store, I had such a hard time. I went to 3 dollar stores for inspiration and kept coming up with ideas but I couldn’t finish them in my head. I normally just lay everything [Read more…]

Dollar Store Crafts – Week 1

So here we are, the start of a new season.  I can’t believe we’re already to season 4!  As a little reminder, here are the ladies that will be competing this round:

Kim @ A Girl and a Glue Gun
Tina @ Simple. Inspired. Homemade
Emilie @ Emilie Handmade
Vanessa @ Tried and True
Natalia & Whitnee @ Piece N Quilt
Kristin @ See Mommy Sew
Heidi @ Hello Color
Carrie @ Tao of Craft
Cheri @ I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar
Mary Beth @ Addressing Spaces

This weeks theme is Dollar Store Crafts.  The poll will be active until Friday, June 16th at 9:00pm MST so hurry and vote!

Craft #1 – Tic Tac Toe To GO

Summer brings road trips and lazy days with children always wanting something new to play. I made this Tic-Tac-Toe To Go! board for easy afternoon activities. It can be closed using the attached metal loops for twine and thrown into the car or a play bag and taken to any location for hours of fun!
What’s even better? Tic-Tac-Toe is the earliest game for children which allows them to develop strategy and anticipate their opponents next move, which leads to greater critical thinking and problem solving abilities.
This game is made from two wooden grids and a package of poker chips purchased from the Dollar Tree. Total cost was $3. Using other supplies I had on hand…this project came together in no time and is sturdy enough to last through many Summers on the go! The poker chips are glued together so each piece is thick enough that it’s super easy for little fingers to pick up and the entire project has a smooth surface so no one gets a scratch from unfinished wooden edges.

The kids will get hours and hours of fun from this colorful and portable game and that means you will get hours and hours without hearing, “Mom! I’m bored!” And that, my friends, is priceless.

Craft #2 – Personalized Wine Glasses

There are endless possibilities at the Dollar store. Honestly, there are.

I have been toying with the idea of painting on glass, be it cups, plates, or bowls. I love to give personalized gifts. I went to the Dollar store and walked around for 15 minutes to try and find some sort of inspiration-then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a whole wall of wine glass, pub glasses, water glasses, martini glasses, and even margarita glasses! Jackpot! I took that as a sign to stop looking and buy.
Being a beautiful crystal clear glass it was an open canvas. I didn’t want to do my first thought because everyone would know it was me, so I went with my next favorite pattern-Paisley’s! Come on-who doesn’t love a paisley print. Yes, some would say you are going back in the day to the 70’s, not me! They always come in fun happy colors!

This may be the simplest project ever; all you need are glasses, mine were $1 a piece, acrylic paint, and an oven. Three things…well and a little creativity. I will admit I put on about 4 coats of the lime green background mainly because I wanted a very smooth coat; the others are just one coat. The darker the colors may streak more.

A close-up of the bottom of the glass-that needs a little attention too!

Be simple or go crazy with this is quick, inexpensive and fun project-run don’t walk to your Dollar store!

Craft #3 – Fashion Necklace

With my assignment in hand I headed to the 99 cents store.

I bought 1 roll of car wash towels, 1 pack of hair extensions, 1 bottle of starch, 1 Elmer’s glue, and one shell heart necklace.

Here are all the sets:

and when I was done I made this:

A fashionable necklace


Craft #4 – Farmers Market Tote & Produce Bags

After mindlessly walking around a Dollar Store a few hundred times, I
finally decided to make something that I not only needed but would use
almost every week. Luckily, the store had some really nice kitchen towels
(except, what the heck is “sill”?) and large mesh laundry bags. A few
hours later and my Farmer’s Market Tote with Produce Bags was done!

When I was choosing the fabric to make the produce bags with, it was
essential that it should be sheer. Just in case I needed to use them at
the grocery store too, you know. It makes everything so much easier when
the cashier doesn’t have to open every bag to get the produce number! I
was able to make two small, one large and one long bag from each laundry

Here are some pictures of the tote details. There’s a pocket in the front
to hold all the produce bags and another smaller pocket inside to hold
money or keys. If you’re not using the produce bags, the tote can fold up
nicely and fit within the inside pocket.

Can’t wait to give the Tote and Produce Bags a try this weekend!

Craft #5 – Magnetic Chore Bingo

Here is a great motivational tool for your little ones that was made from ugly tin artwork and glass beads from Dollar Tree.  Just select age appropriate chores and graphic images for each child, these are targeted toward two small boys.  I have a board for each child.  Create magnets with their initials and have them mark off each task they complete.  Then figure out your reward system for when they fill up the Chore Bingo Board.   Voila, a fun way to get your kids to help do their chores!

Craft #6 – Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are a great quick, fun, and cute project to display at summer party, or a center piece in your house!

Craft #7 – Bed Basket

My oldest son loves to read in bed and always has various flashlights and other knick-knacks rolling around up on his bed. I’ve had an idea to make him a basket to corral his stuff for a long time. So when the dollar store theme was announced, I thought this would be a good opportunity. I used a dollar store plastic basket and made a cover for it that reflects his love of cowboys.  I did reverse applique for the first time to make the lettering. The straps I made with some thick ribbon I got on a present and I used snaps so he could attach it to his bunk bed rails.

Craft #8 – Party Pom Poms

My Dollar store purchases:

I actually went back and got one more ball.
Total: $6 + tax.
Add glue, red spray paint, three pipe cleaners and some string.
Glued the cups to the ball
glued the pipe cleaners to the balls
tied the string through the pipe cleaners.
Hung it up
Ended up with this:
Patriotic Pom Poms!
and yes, I realize 4th of July is over. But these would be so cute as
a baby shower decoration (pink or blue of course) or any kind of party
for that matter or just hanging in the corner of your house. or you
could make the center of the ball using paper and glue and use it as a
pinata! MILLIONS of uses! and for mere pocket change!

Craft # 9 – Onesie Dress

On my little visit to the dollar store I found out they sell onesies there!  Who knew?  I grabbed a cute pink one and then I also picked up 2 dishtowels.
I embellished the onesie with some extra scraps I had around the house.  Then I sewed the dishtowels into this little skirt.  The best part?  I used the existing edges on the towels and didn’t have to hem anything.  It was a pretty quick project.
Total cost?  $3.
Now if only I could make one in my size for that price.

Craft #10 – Fairy Toad Stools

While walking through the woods today we stumbled upon a Fairy Tea Party!


While walking through the Dollar Store a few days before, I stumbled upon plain wood stools. I immediately knew that I wanted to make something with these..Should I paint them? maybe decoupage?

No! I realized that these were not just stools…

These were meant to be TOADSTOOLS!!!


I “picked” these toadstools from all natural materials… then we were ready for our tea party!


Flower & Doilie Bunting

*Project made by Heather @ Me Making Do for the Dollar Store challenge*
This little Bunting/Banner is so much fun.
Hand made  Flowers and doilies add to the charm.
Drape it across a wall or hang it outside.
Use it as a window valance.
There is an opening on top for adding a rope or sliding a curtain rod through for hanging. I love
how this piece turned out, such a cute little accessory.

Whiz Bang Firecracker Wreath

What do you get when you pair a 4th of July garland with a package of 36 coin wrappers?

36 fun, festive, firecrackers!

And pair it with $1 wreath and you get a very crackly Whizbang Fire Cracker wreath!

*Project made by Ashley @ Not Just Grannies for the Dollar Store challenge*

I love these “fire crackers”. It takes me back to times when Independence Day in the USA was gingham tablecloths, homemade apple pie, and Americans that stood taller with pride for their country. The fire crackers “pop” right in the center, along with the onomotopea sounds so characteristic of the good ole days.

Then take the dozen extra firecrackers and make festive necklaces for the kids!

This project was made with $3 from the dollar tree (wreath, garland, and coin wrappers). I purchased one can of $2 spray paint and everything else I had on hand.

Looks like a new annual tradition in “The Works”. So proud to be an American! God Bless the USA!

Placemat Clutch

*Project by Camilla @ Candied Apples for the Dollar Store challenge*
What is the perfect bag? Well, it must be big enough to hold the essentials, light weight and cute. Oh and if you’re a mom, it should probably be washable, of course.
This bag started out as a slightly boring placemat. Now it is a clean, modern bag with cutout handles. All from the dollar store for just $1.50. If it gets dirty, just wipe it down, it’s vinyl.
It could not be any cuter!

Twine Vase

*Project made by Terra @ Mama Says Sew for the Dollar Store challenge*

The Dollar Store category had me shaking in my boots.  Dollar stores are not usually a place I go when I am looking for craft supplies.  After a couple of trips, during which I spent almost as much time cleaning up after my children as I did searching for ideas,  I came up with this twine covered vase.
I’ve seen rope bowls around, and I liked the idea of tweaking that to make a rope vase, but unfortunately all the rope was bright red, blue or yellow. I did find a nice neutral twine.  And there were lots of different glass vases to chose from.
So I got the twine and the vase and after wrapping and wrapping and wrapping I ended up with this pretty vase for only $2 {plus I don’t know how many gluesticks}.