Game Day – Week 5 (with results)

You may have noticed that last week started out a little stressful for me, what with my web host losing everything that I had done over the weekend (which was a lot since I had played catchup and pre-scheduled a bunch over those few days), but I was able to type everything up real fast and get it all back to normal so the rest of the week worked out perfect!  We even had an almost record breaking amount of votes!

Becky was our winner with her adorable Knit Jammies.  I’m going to be looking for cute button-up sweaters every time I go to the thrift store now.

But we have to say farewell to Lisa.  Wasn’t her Coat Turned Laptop Pillow so cute, though?  Be sure to check out all her past and up-coming craft adventures on her blog Crafting My Way Through Life.

This week, what with the Super Bowl in a few days, I thought we’d go in a direction women craft bloggers don’t usually go…sports.  I love what they all came up with for this weeks Game Day theme.

And just as a reminder, here is a list of those still competing this season (in no particular order):

Becky @ Corduroys Closet
Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom
Meredith @ My Magic Mom
Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy
Amy @ Positively Splendid
Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations

Craft #1 – Football Jersey Koozies – Amy @ Positively Splendid

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, I am sure many of us are in full party-planning mode. If you’ve been on the lookout for fun yet useful ways to punch up your party decor, these little guys might need to make your party prep list!

Constructed of foam lining to keep beverages cold and then an upper layer of felt, [Read more…]

Sweet Minky Tutorial

*Tutorial by Melissa @ Sew Like My Mom for the Cozy challenge*

Thank you to everyone who voted for my cape, boot, and hat minky set! They’ve proven to be essential in keeping my baby warm the past few weeks and she loves them!

I posted a long tutorial on how I made my pattern pieces on my here. DO NOT IRON YOUR MINKY! If it’s got dots like mine does, you’ll iron them out. Trust me from experience here, okay?

Cut 2 sides and 1 back each for your outer cape and the lining (6 pieces total).

Starting with the lining, sew down both side seams.

Then repeat with the minky outside.

Open them up and put right sides together.

Align the side seams at the neck and pin from seam to seam. Use lots of pins to keep the minky from stretching more than the cotton lining.

Then pin from the seams to the outer shoulder.

Stitch at 1/4″ seam allowance.

Now go to the bottom, making sure to keep your fabrics laying flat so they’re even, and pin from seam to seam. Sew them together.

Move to the bottom of one side, leaving a gap about 4 inches wide to turn your cape when you’re finished, pin and sew to the edge.

Do the same up the side, sewing from bottom seam to top seam.

Repeat on the other side, but don’t leave the hole to turn through.

Then I clipped all my edges with pinking shears to make sure my curves laid flat.

Turn your cape through the hole and smooth.

To help keep my lining and outer cape pieces together, I sewed down the side seams on the outside.

Take your buttons and place them on the front of your cape, measuring how big you want your closure piece to be.

I decided I wanted it 4 inches long and 2 inches wide, so I drew the approximate shape on paper, rounded the edges, and cut out 2 pieces.

With right sides together, I sewed around the outside, leaving a little 1 inch hole to turn it through, and clipped with my pinking shears.

Turn right sides out, whipstitch the hole closed, and mark your button hole.

Make a buttonhole, hand stitch the closure on one side, and attach buttons.

And you’re done!

Now on to the boots!

For each boot, cut 2 uppers, 2 boot pieces, and 1 sole.

Take your uppers, fold right sides together, and sew across the straight end.

Lay out your boot parts. Mine are 3.5 inches wide, so I measured .75″ from the top and made a mark at 1″, 2″, and 3″ for my elastic loops.

I cut pieces of elastic (I keep the elastic that comes tied on shoes, and that’s what this is from!) 2″ long. Fold them in half, and sew to the lining with the ends of the elastic matching the raw edge of the lining piece.

Take the minky outer piece and with right sides together, pin and sew the 2 sides and the top, leaving the whole bottom open.

Turn right sides out and press with your fingers. Your elastics should be on opposite ends for the different shoes.

Roll your boot piece, lining it up with the outer side of the shoe (this will be opposite for the other shoe), making sure the elastic pieces are pointing towards the back seam.

With the right sides together, lay the boot piece on the upper, starting at the side.

Pin the pieces together, overlapping the end when you get back to the start.

Sew them together, removing the pins as you go.

You should now have your finished boot top sewn to the outer upper piece.

Turn the boot inside out so you’re looking at the boot top lining.

Take the lining upper piece, and with right sides together, put it around the boot top, matching up the back seam with the minky seam in the middle. Sew around the opening again.

Now take your sole, with the bottom facing up at you,

Turn your boot inside out, and pin the upper pieces together to keep them from shifting.

Place the minky side down on the outside of the bottom. Starting at the inside side of the shoe, sew around the perimeter,

making sure to line the edges up as you sew around.

Turn inside out and admire your work.

Sew on buttons then find some sweet little feet to warm up!

Portable Manicure and Pedicure Kit

*Project by Amy @ Positively Splendid for the Cozy challenge*

To me, there is absolutely nothing cozier than donning my fuzzy pink bathrobe and curling up on my couch in front the a roaring fire to watch a good movie. And, nine times out of ten, I use that time to give some much-needed attention to my nails in the form of a manicure and pedicure. I have found there is nothing less relaxing or cozy than trying to locate all of my nail polishing supplies when they are scattered from hither to yon. This Portable Manicure/Pedicure Kit solves that problem and lets me get straight to the business of luxuriating!

This sweet little bag is outfitted with 4 polish-sized pockets on either side, as well as two medium-sized pockets for cuticle oil, polish remover/pads, and other necessities. Another large pocket is the perfect size to accommodate a coordinating vinyl-covered pad to keep my surface clean as I work. (I can finally own a magazine that isn’t covered with dabs of nail polish!) Two elastic loops at the center keep my emery board and nail clippers easily accessible, and with a snap closure, the bag fastens securely to ensure my supplies stay put. And, when I am ready to polish my nails next time, the carrying handles will allow me to tote it to my desired cozy location!

Cozy Toe Slippers

*Project by Elle @ The Crazy Gecko for the Cozy challenge*

So my idea of ‘cozy’ is curling up in front of a fire on a cold and dreary evening with a mug of something hot and sweet and some great conversation.
And what finishes of a cosy evening like a good pair of slippers? They keep your love toes so lovely a warm and look pretty damn good too!
All the seams are finished and hidden making them super comfy and because it’s slippy enough outside at the moment, I added non-slip soles to stop any little accidents.
They can be made from a number of different soft a squidgy fabrics and embellished with ribbons, buttons, beads or anything you like really. The pattern can be adapted to any shoe size, big or small and can be made from new materials or up-cycled sweaters.
Why not make a pair to match every outfit!!!!

Cozy Car Seat Blanket

*Project by Nicole @ Cole’s Corner & Creations for the Cozy challenge*

My kids just DO NOT want to wear coats. EVER.
They hate how it feels in their car seat and then… when we get where we’re going, they don’t want to carry their coat.

Not that I blame them… I’m the same way. Always have been.

So… a car seat blanket is a great idea, but all the ones I’ve seen are for babies. Wait! Not even babies, but newborns. None of them are big enough to cuddle up COZY.

Until now.

This car seat blanket is BIG and COZY and WARM… and cute… and surprisingly easy to make.

Which is a good thing, since I only have one.
… but I have more kids, if you know what I mean…
there will be more of these made in the near future.

Then they’ll all be saying

instead of, “Why does she get one and not me!”

Cozy Bath Robe

*Project by Meredith @ My Magic Mom for the Cozy challenge*

For this week, I set out to make the coziest bathrobe I could. The bright colors of this robe help brighten up dreary days when you feel like lounging around.

The robe features a soft flannel fabric on the outside with the yummiest, softest pink fabric you can imagine lining the entire inside. The buttons help secure the robe and are easier than a tied belt for little hands to manage alone.

Who wouldn’t want to step out of a warm bubble bath and into this cozy robe?

The Houndstooth Lumberjack

*Project by Becky @ Corduroy’s Closet for the Cozy challenge*
When I thought of “cozy”, I thought of being cuddled up in a warm blanket on a couch drinking hot chocolate. And then my daydream was interrupted with cries from little ones wanting to go outside and play in the snow. So  I decided I wanted to take my cozy outside with me.
There’s no better way to do this than to put on a hat that covers ears and neck as well as being so super soft and fuzzy!
This Lumberjack hat was so simple to make any beginner could do it. It was made with only 4 pattern pieces which I will show in my tutorial. And it was quick and simple enough to do during the day with little ones around.
I also found an awesome coat at a thrift store right after I bought my fabric that matched perfectly. So I went ahead and added coordinating fabric to the pockets. 10 minutes later I had a match made in heaven.
Perfect winter outfit in a few short hours!

Knit Scarf and Gauntlets

*Project by Ashlee @ I’m Topsy Turvy for the Cozy challenge*

I was SOOO excited about this week. Cozy… What a great word. I had about a dozen ideas for this one. Narrowing it down was SO difficult. But I finally picked… I designed and knit my own winter scarf and gauntlet’s!!! I am totally in love with cables, so they both have that as a theme. I used this soft dark read yarn, and I have been wearing them everywhere!


The gauntlets have a normal knit around the sides with a cable braid down the back. It’s beyond gorgeous! I made them long enough to go past my elbows, but I also designed two shorter styles. They are wonderful! They are so COZY and warm!!! I’m already knitting my 2nd pair. So much fun!!! I can do one in less than a day, so less than two days for a pair!!!


The scarf took SOOOOO much longer, the constant cabling took me a month off and on… but it’s OH so worth it!!! I am in love with it! I have worn it every day since I finished it, I love it wrapped under my coat, so warm and it looks amazing too!!! I think I’ll make another one, maybe narrower and more interweaving of the cables…


I’ve had these on my to make list for months, so I’m thrilled that this came up so I could get around to them. I’m thinking of making quite a few more of the gauntlets, in different colors, lengths and cabling!