DIY Paper Bow

It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts. Right?

It’s cliche, but I tend to think that the answer is yes. Some of the things that mean the most to me are gifts given from the heart.

It’s probably because I enjoy RECEIVING those thoughtful gifts so much, that I also like to GIVE and PACKAGE them too.

One way to really personalize a package is with special handmade wrap. Today I am going to share a super-easy tutorial for creating a DIY paper bow. You can use any paper to make these bows, so really the possibilities for customization are completely endless…

DIY Paper Bow Tutorial 1

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

  • 12×12 patterned scrapbook paper any weight (I used heavy weight, double-sided paper from Studio Calico)
  • paper trimmer
  • brads
  • mini hole punch
  • adhesive or double sided tape (optional)

DIY Paper Bow Supplies

Start this project by trimming the 12×12 scrapbook paper into 3/4 inch strips.

DIY Paper Bow

You should end up with 15-16 different strips (depending on how carefully you trim).

DIY Paper Bow 2

Next, trim about four of strips of paper to 11 inches, four strips of paper to 10 inches and one strip of paper to five inches.

DIY Paper Bow 3

Crease all but the five inch strip in the middle to mark your center point.

DIY Paper Bow 4

With your mini punch, or a substitute (I have even used a tack), punch a hole through all but the five inch paper strip in the middle at the crease at toward each end. Each papers trip should have three holes.

DIY Paper Bow 5

Slip a brad through the center of one of the longest strips of paper. An alternate would be to use tape, but I don’t find that it works as well for me.

DIY Paper Bow 6

Twist the end of the paper to the brad and secure. You should see the same side of the paper facing up in both the middle and on the end.

DIY Paper Bow 7

Repeat on the other end.

DIY Paper Bow 8

Allow your loops to be fairly loose, if they are to tight the bow just wont work.

Repeat, layering the paper loops on the brad.

I find that every time I create a bow, I use a different number of paper strips. I just sort of play with it until it looks right. In the case of this bow, I only ended up using three of the 12 inch paper strips before moving on.

DIY Paper Bow 9

Don’t worry about perfection. As you can see in the photo above I even had a tiny tear in this bow, but it will not show in the end…

Layer until you feel the bow has just the right amount of fluffy.

DIY Paper Bow 11

Once you have filled the bow with loops, take your five inch paper strip and loop it into a circle. Push it through the brad and then secure the brad flat.

DIY Paper Bow 10That’s it. It’s ready to go!

DIY paper Bow tutorial 3


Christmas Frame

For this weeks theme I intrepreted it two different ways. Green as in the color color green and also going “green.” Since Christmas is right around the corner I thought Christmas trees would be a great way to intrepret this weeks theme. As for the going “green” part I upcycled an old frame I had laying around the house and used some scraps of paper, burlap and some buttons to make the inside. This project was so simple and inexpensive to make and it will make your house more festive for the holidays!

Printable Mitten Gift Tags

Baby, it’s cold outside! Adding these festive tags to your holiday gifts will be sure to keep the chill away. These gift tags were made by cutting and gluing colored cardstock together. Then I scanned them into my computer for easy sharing.

Simply print on white cardstock, cut out with scissors, and write your message on the back. It doesn’t get much easier than that! I’ll include three gift tag varieties on a printable sheet, as well as mitten templates if you’d like to assemble your own with your favorite papers.

Happy Holidays!

“Snowed In” Ornament

My favorite part of winter is the first day after a heavy snowfall. You know the drill … you stay in comfortable clothes, keep the hot chocolate brewing, and settle in with a good book or movie.

I tried to capture the feel of a “snowed in” day with this felt house ornament. The roof is covered in a sparkly felt snowdrift and bead icicles hang from the front. The year is embroidered on the back of the house.

Aluminum Greeting Cards

*Project made by Chica and Jo @ Chica & Jo*

This week’s hardware theme sure was a doozy! We walked around our local hardware store looking for inspiration
and found it in an aisle full of metal rods, poles, and grates. There was some lovely punched aluminum that
came in large sheets intended for use in things like radiator covers. When we saw it, though, we knew it was
destined for greeting cards.

As pretty as the metal was on its own, we knew it needed some color, so we decorated it with another hardware
store find — paint chips! The bright colors make the panels look almost like stained glass, and the cards
are really something special when you open the envelope. The color combination possibilities are endless here.
Of course we started with a couple of Christmas cards.

And then we made some that are pretty enough to use for any other occasion. If we win we’ll show you just
how we used the paint chips to create those amazing backgrounds.