Wild Card Challenge Season 18 Finale

This season has simply flown by and it’s now time for our Season 18 Finale. As in the past, this round is the Wild Card Challenge. Our two crafters – Erica and Holly – are sharing a project of their choice.

Season 18

This week you will be able to vote for just one project. A winner will be declared on Thursday.

Wild Card Projects

Project #1 Paper Cone Wreath

I wanted to make a big craft statement and Paper Cone Wreaths make such a beautiful one especially at Christmas time.
Paper Cone Wreath 7

This Paper Cone Wreath is made of pretty Christmas themed patterned papers and the tips of the cones are dipped in gold glitter.

Paper Pinecone Wreath

paper cone wreath

The glittered pine cones in the center compliment the wreath bringing a warm and cozy, rustic feel of Christmas in to your home.  

Paper Pinecone WreathWhew! Can you believe  I am a paper crafter at heart and this is my first paper project?!  Thanks for having me in the competition. Glad to be done and I gave it my ALL for sure this past month!   

Project #2 Crocheted Nativity Set

I can’t believe it is the final week of the competition, I am so excited to still be here and to get to share my project with you today. I have had Christmas on my mind lately so since we could do anything we wanted to this week I decided to go with a Christmas project.

crocheted nativity in stable

I love nativity sets and wanted to make my own so I crocheted a set. My crocheted nativity includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, a star, 2 shepherds, a sheep, and a donkey. I may add more pieces later but for now this is it. 

crocheted nativity in stable

crocheted nativity in stable

I am excited to be able to set my nativity up in our house this year. One of the nicest things about it is that with little kids I am usually a little nervous to put out nativities but this one is made of yarn and stuffed so there really isn’t much they can do to hurt it.

Paper Cone WreathI really love the way that this turned out and I hope you do too.

Season 18 Finale Vote

It’s finally time for you to select our Season 18 winner! Please vote for your favorite project – the one you’d most like to see a tutorial for this week!

Be sure to come back on Thursday and find out who are winner is!!!

Handmade Gifts | Season 18, Week Six

Welcome back to another exciting challenge on So You Think You’re Crafty. It’s the last week before our final round, when our two finalists will go head to head.

Handmade Gifts HeaderThis week our craters have done their level best to come up with a great handmade gift idea to share. Without further ado, let’s showcase the projects!

Handmade Gifts Challenge

Project #1 Crocheted Advent Calendar

For my gift project I decided to not do an actual gift, although you could give it as a gift, but instead a way of giving gifts.

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

I have been wanting to make a crocheted advent calendar for a long time and figured this was a perfect opportunity to do that. My kids love getting a little treat each day leading up to Christmas, it is like a little gift every day.

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

Crocheted Mini Stocking Advent

I made 24 little stockings, big enough to hold a few pieces of candy, in fun, bright colors and a variety of patterns. 

Project #2 Glitter Candle Holders

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create unique gifts that are thoughtful and make a beautiful statement. Most of the supplies needed to create these simple Glitter Candle Holders were items I already had on hand. 

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

The glass candles are from the dollar store and are painted with Frosted Glass spray paint. A thin layer of Mod Podge was brushed  around the top and bottom of the glass and sprinkled with  gold and silver glitter.  

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

DIY Glitter Candle Holder

To add a holiday touch, I used my Silhouette to cut out holiday shapes using metallic vinyl.  

Project #3 Holiday Wrap and Packaging

This weeks theme was gifts and I struggled to think of something new and amazing to wow you all with.

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

Instead I decided that I was going to focus on gift wrapping and packaging! I created all of these packages using just feathers cut from patterned cardstock on my silhouette, simple holiday sprigs, flowers and ornaments, plus some alphabet stamps and ink pads!  

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

DIY Holiday gift wrap and packaging ideas.

I attached them to various boxes and bags to create a variety of beautiful ways to give those special gifts! 

Handmade Gift Vote


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Inspired by Disney Season 18 Week 5

One of the most popular challenge topics in the So You Think You’re Crafty catalog is Inspired by Disney. This week our four remaining crafters have come up with amazing projects designed to celebrate the happiest place on Earth. Enjoy!
Disney Inspired

Project #1 Jasmine’s Cave of Wonders

With a daughter that thinks she is next in line for the thrown, we live in a part time princess world.

Disney inspired Jasmine's Cave of Wonders

To celebrate her love of Aladdin we created a Jasmine themed party with a fancy Cave of Wonders (unlike the semi-scary one in the movie). Filled with jewels, pillows, and gold all around to set the tone for her royal party. 

Disney inspired Jasmine's Cave of Wonders

Disney inspired Jasmine's Cave of Wonders

Project #2 Rotten to the Core Sign

If you have kids in the house that watch The Disney Channel, you’ve most likely heard the theme song to the Disney Descendants Movie, Rotten to the Core. 

Disney Decedents Rotten to the Core sign

Hearing the lyrics play in my head like a broken record was the inspiration behind this week’s challenge theme.

Disney Decedents Rotten to the Core sign

Disney Decedents Rotten to the Core sign

The sign is made from scrap pallet wood, paint and paper letters. 

Project #3 Fairy Castle Nightlight

Disney is something that we think about and talk about a lot at our house, however I am not a big fan of the commercial licensed designs.  So thinking about how to add that special Disney magic in a unique way was a big of a challenge!

Fairy Castle Nightlight

 I have been holding on to this shadowbox frame for longer than I should probably admit, but once I decided to make this fairytale castle nightlight, I knew it had finally found its perfect use!  I simply cut the castle with my Silhouette, attached it to a piece of white tissue paper and added some battery operated string lights behind.

Fairy Castle Nightlight

Fairy Castle Nightlight

It’s just enough light at night to keep the monsters at bay, and the sweet happily ever after endings coming!

Project #4 Mickey and Minnie Pillows

For my Disney Inspired project I made a set of Mickey and Minnie Pillows. 

Minnie and Mickey Pillows

I used strips of black, red and yellow to represent their bodies, clothes and shoes.

A couple of little details like Mickey’s buttons and Minnie’s bow and I thought for square pillows they really looked like Mickey and Minnie. 

Mickey Pillow

Minnie Pillow

Inspired by Disney Vote

Kids Can Do Season Challenge + Giveaway

It’s the second week of our Season 18 competition, and these creatives are BRINGING IT!

This week’s theme is Kids Can Do. It’s a SYTYC favorite and we’ve had some awesome projects kids shared over the years.

Kids Can Do Challenge at So You Think You're Crafty

Today we’ve got six awesome projects to share…each one totally kid friendly. This week our challenge winner and one lucky reader will win a $50 Amazon gift card. So…Sit back, scroll through, vote for your favorite and then enter to win!

Kids Can Do Projects

Project #1 Grab Box

Our grab box is made from on old oatmeal container.  I used some chalk board spray paint to paint it black.  The kids them helped me decorate it with scrapbook paper, jewel stickers and metallic dots.  

Kids Grab Box. Filled with stickers and activities to keep kids occupied while mom is busy. This grab box will be the place to hold treats, small toys and a few other goodies that the kids can get whenever I catch them being nice, or doing something extra to help out around the house.  I cut a hole in the lid so that they can reach in and grab a prize, without knowing what it is.  I think this will be a fun way to help motivate the kids to help out more!

Project #2 Kids Halloween Pillows

I was excited when I saw the theme this week. As a crafter and a mom, I feel like it is so important to encourage creativity in kids. I have a daughter who has been learning to sew and she also loves to draw.

Handmade Halloween pillows designed and made by kids. Great fall activity. I wanted to do something that the kids could do from start to finish. I thought it would be fun for them to really be able to take ownership of a project. They started by drawing a picture and we used that as a pattern. They sewed, stuffed and made faces for their pillows. The best part was seeing them with their finished pillows and how excited they were about their creations. They both carried them around the rest of the day and slept with them at night. I love the excitement kids feel in creating something of their own.

Project #3 Peg Doll Family

Supply the kids with some wooden dolls and a plaque from the craft store, with a bit of paint and craft supplies and imagination they can make a family portrait too cute to resist.

This adorable peg family is the perfect craft for kids 6+ It's simple to make and stylish enough to hang in your home. This craft is perfect for ages 6+, even big kids will have a great time working on this project!

Project #4 Decorative Cork Boards

This time of year, capturing kids paperwork and notes can be difficult. Tame the paper and create a fun craft with your kids by making these fun decorative cork boards.

Engage your kids in a fun craft and tame the paper by making these great decorative cork boards. A great project for kids of all ages, but a bit difficult to photograph!

Project #5 Zentangle Coloring Pages

One my least favorite things to hear a kid say is that they can’t draw. I am a huge believer in attitude being more than half the battle, and that’s way zentangles are one of my favorite ways to break that “I can’t draw” attitude!  

Learn to draw with ZentanglesThe idea is simple. Start off with a simple design full of wide open spaces.  Then using one color, fill in each of those areas with a simple design. From lines, to dots, to swirls or zig zags you just keep drawing simple patterns in each of the spaces.  Before you know it you have a work of art!  I did three different versions of this mermaid to showcase the versatility of this concept. I have a full on zentangle where the whole body is filled with simple patterns (perfect for 10 and up), a version where I put simple patterns in the outline and colored the spaces (for kids 6-10), and a simple version where I just put different colors in each of the empty spaces (perfect for the under 6 crowd).  Really though, there is no wrong way to do this project!

Project #6 Halloween Necklace

Kids love to play with clay so why not have them make their own DIY Halloween Necklace made with Sculpty Clay. 

Kids love few craft projects as much as wearable art. Create this fun sculpty clay necklace for Halloween!Just give the  kids a block of clay, some sculpting tools and let their imagination run wild.

Project #7 Adorable Snake Sock

Looking for something cute to curl up with? Check out this adorable sock snake.

Kids Can Do Sock snake

With a bit of felt, some eyes and a little stuffing, this snake is a quick project for little hands. Even better? It will keep kids playing for hours and then give them a warm hug at night.

Kids Can Do Vote

Please vote for your FIVE favorite projects this week. Once you’re done voting, be sure to enter the giveaway for a $50 gift card below.


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Stash Bust – Season 18, Week 1

This week our amazing crafters will be presenting projects based on the theme “STASH BUST.” The projects are fantastic, but we need your help in selecting a winner.

Scroll through and check out each project before casting your vote in this week’s Stash Bust challenge!

So You Think You're Crafty Stash Bust Season 18, Week 1

SYTYC Season 18, Week 1 Projects

Project 1 – Pom Pom Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Ever wanted to whip together a wreath but didn’t have a form on hand? Challenged to root into my stash, I decided I should make a craft with the mountain of embroidery hoops I had collected at thrift shops.

Pom Pom Embroidery Hoop WreathRibbon wrapped, a few handmade felt flowers, a bit of yarn, and a cute birdie brought this sash bust together into a sweet wreath. 

Project #2 – Mixed Media Bracelet

We all know the story. You see something really awesome either in a store, or online and think to yourself, “I can make that!” So you go to the store, you buy all the supplies and you make that one thing. But then you’re left with all those extra supplies.  This happens to me ALL THE TIME with jewelry making supplies. In fact I have an entire box full of beads, wires, chains, charms, cords and more.

Mixed Media BraceletI decided that the best way to take care of this was to create a mixed media bracelet.  I combined a strand of beads, a small piece of chain (from a broken necklace), a piece of leather cord and a charm to create a one of a kind statement piece that cost me $0 to make!  

Project #3 – DIY Milk Glass Succulent Jars

There’s nothing like using a product that you’ve never used before. I challenged myself to dig through my craft stash to find something new and decided on using DecoArt Liquid Glass.   

I applied the Liquid Glass in dots on to glass jars that I’ve been hoarding and when it was dry, I sprayed painted them white. 

DIY Milk Glass JarsOf course, I think they look super cute holding succulents too so they could easily be be planters.  

Project #4 – Paper Wreath

Paper is always great to have on hand, but sometimes you can have too much! Bust out a bunch of basics to create this fun fringed paper wreath.

Fringed Paper WreathIt’s the perfect way to use up your stash!

Project #5 – Star Patchwork Doll Quilt

When first heard the theme for this week, I immediately thought of something scrappy. I decided to make a little doll quilt.

I decided on a star design using small half square triangles. Each block uses two fabrics – one print and one solid. The placement of the fabrics creates the star patter.

Star Patchwork QuiltI made a little pillow to match out of some leftover fabric and rick rack. I am really happy with the way this little quilt turned out and I hope you like it too!

Project #6 – Pom Pom Wall Hanging

If there’s anything I have a stash of…it’s yarn. It’s taken over my craft closet! I’m always looking for new ways to use my supply, so I created this simple Pom Pom Wall Hanging.

Pom Pom Wall HangingIt comes together quickly, especially if you already have a pom pom maker. Just choose a few colors of yarn (these were to match my daughter’s room), whip out a few pom poms during a Netflix session, and you’re 90% of the way there. Add them to a bit of latch rug canvas, tie a tassel to the center, and you’ve got yourself a fun wall hanging!

Project #7 – Patchwork Pillow

After every sewing project there’s just a bit of fabric left and you can’t throw it away! Save those scraps up and create a fun pillow.

Patchwork PillowThis cozy pillow is perfect for the cool weather on its way. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Project #8 – Straw Storage Container

This project has been in the making for about a year. It is one of those ideas that you have, you rush to the store to buy all the stuff and then it just sits there…

We use straws every day at our house, like a lot! I use them, the kids use them.  I felt like I didn’t have a good, pretty place to keep the straws. Since we use them so much I wanted to be able to leave them out on the counter in a pretty container.  

Straw Storage JarIn comes my glass jar straw holder.  I made the lid using two pieces of wood and a drawer knob.  I also stenciled a little design on the side using some glass etching.  We have already loved using this!  

I guess I have halloween on the brain already.  I decided to style this with a few of my favorite halloween decorations! 


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Come back on Thursday to see who’s won our competition and find out who’s tutorial will be featured on Friday!

Scraps Challenge Season 17, Week 5

Scraps ChallengeIt’s hard to believe we’re half way through the current season. Time flies…

One of the things that surprises me is how different (or similar) our contestants interpret the weekly challenges. When I set the challenges, I have a picture in my mind of just how I think they will go…The interesting thing? Rarely do the contestants have the same take on a theme that I do!

Despite their varied take on the project, they all have one thing in common – they work their fingers to the bone. Really. I don’t think anyone realizes what a crush all these weeks of dedicated crafting are. So, take a minute, go visit our contestants and show them how much you appreciate what they’re doing by leaving a comment or two.

Scraps Challenge Projects

Project #1 Scrap Wood Halloween Banner

So, I think that we have all known each other for enough weeks now for me to be honest with you. I *may* have had a variety of scrap material options at my disposal week. Oh, right, honesty. I totally save lots of my scraps and my husband has been known to make fun at me for it. The thing I most often hear about is a wagon full of scrap wood in our garage. Yeah, no joke. I do a lot of wood projects and I wouldn’t think of throwing away perfectly good pieces that could have a use so I toss them in a wagon until an idea (or competition theme) comes along. I mean, I am a blogger after all, so I feel it is justified. This project proves that there is a purpose to my wagon o’ wood.

Scrap Wood Halloween Banner

I had been making a lot of signs with friends and was buying 1×8 inch boards in 6 foot pieces. I had them cut at the store in two pieces to fit in my car and after cutting them into 1 foot pieces, I was left with a stack of 6-8 inch pieces. I decided to cut all of these down to 5 inches wide and make a banner out of them! I was able to find 8 pieces and cut them all down with my saw, then cut one end at a 30 degree angle to make a point.

Scrap Wood Halloween BannerAfter I had everything cut, I drilled the holes and painted each piece black. I chose some scrapbook paper from my leftovers box (seemed like the appropriate choice) and cut it to fit the pieces. I love the way it came out and can’t wait to put it on my mantle next week when I decorate for Halloween! I think it will fit in well with the rest of my décor. As an added bonus, my wood scrap pile gets to live another day.

Scrap Wood Halloween Banner


Project #2 Scraps Caplet

It’s hard to believe that we are already on the 5th challenge of this contest! Thanks for keeping me around another week. Making a cape for my daughter has been on my list of things to do for a while now. So, when this week’s challenge came up, I knew I could utilize some of my fabric scraps and sew her up a cape.

Scraps Capelet

Instead of a full blown cape, I decided on a capelet. It’s a smaller, more feminine version of a cape. This is another easy project for beginners and a bonus for using up fabric from the scrap pile. I must admit, I had to enlist the help of my husband when drawing up the pattern. Math is not my strong suit, so when this started to go the direction of talking about a radius, I knew I needed help.

Scraps Capelet

After sketching the pattern on freezer paper, I cut out an exterior and lining piece. Before sewing those together, I cut and appliquéd several “a’s” on to the capelet using a zig zag stitch. I thought about putting just a single A on the back, but I thought it would be much more fun to add a bunch in different sizes and fabrics. After attaching the last  “a”, I cut a coordinating piece for the tie closure.  I think it turned out really cute! I can’t wait for some cooler weather so she can wear her new capelet! If  you like my project and want to see the full tutorial, please send a vote my way!

Scraps CapeletProject #3 Scrappy Chair Makeover

Wow, if you are reading this I’ve made it through to another week and I am having so much fun. Originally when I was brainstorming about the topic of scraps, all I could think of was scrap metal, scraps of wood and of course scraps of fabric. I really wanted to do something fun that I could use. I had this old comfy office chair that I’ve been wanting to makeover (it was kind of ugly).

Scraps Chair Upcycle I used scraps of fabric, jumbo ric rac, funky tulle and some random scrap buttons. I had all these different scraps from other projects and love how they all came together to create this fun office chair complete with girly finishes.

Scraps Chair UpcycleThe best part about this project is that it was cheaper to make than to buy a fancy new office chair. I found the chair at a thrift store and then had the scraps of fabric and embellishments. This unique office chair has a new place in my craft room. Now it definitely fits in.

Chair UpcycleProject #4 Wood Scrap Pennant Banner

Hello So You Think You’re Crafty Readers!  So excited to still be here…This was the most challenging week thus far!  Do I have scraps to work with?  Far too many, but what to create with all these treasures?

Pennant Banner

After raiding the wood pile, garage and craft room, I came up with a really fun idea!  Inspired by a favorite piece of art, I created a large wooden pennant banner to hang on the wall in our family room.  Scrap wood cut into pennants + fun paint colors around the edges + a topping of fabric from my husbands old shirts and pants + letters cut from a fabric remnant = 1 FUN piece of artwork!

Pennant Banner

I love creating something out of nothing, especially when it turns out better than expected.  I can tell you one thing…We’re always ready to PLAY! (And I cannot wait to show you how it looks on the wall! Love it!)

Wood Pennant BannerProject #5 Baby Quilt

When I saw the scrap challenge in the line up for this season I knew exactly what I wanted to make, a baby quilt.  Quilting was one of my first crafting loves and is still one of the crafty things I enjoy most.  I especially love making baby quilts, they are quick and simple, and there is nothing better than seeing a little one snuggle with the blanket you made!

Scraps - Scrap Quilt 1

I had a lot of fabric scraps to choose from, I have a hard time throwing away fabric scraps from my projects and I tend to keep even smaller pieces that maybe should just be tossed, you never know when you might want 50 small squares of fabric in rainbow colors!  I had just recently organized my sewing room and all my scrap fabrics got organized by color.  Seeing all those scraps in color coded stacks inspired me to make this rainbow quilt.  I think it will make a perfect baby shower gift and could work for either a boy or a girl.

Scrap Baby Quilt Everything I used to make this quilt was leftover from other projects, even the fabric for the back, the binding, and the batting inside.  I started with 50 5” squares of my rainbow colors and 50 5” squares of scrap white fabric to make this quilt.  I used a grey chevron on the back and I love how it looks; the grey is a bit unexpected with all the color on the front.  I had some leftover squares from the front so I added them to the back in a fun chevron pattern.  The binding is double folded so it will be extra durable and is machine sewn to the front and hand stitched to the back for a seamless finish.

I LOVE this quilt, I hope you like it too and vote for me so I can show you how to make your own next week!

Scraps Baby Quilt


Project #6 Luxury Cat Bed

So this was a tough challenge… so many options.  I am a cat person through and through and it seems the Doggies of the world always rule so I thought it was time the Kitties got pampered. I took an old ottoman I found at the Goodwill a few years ago and some scraps of wood, fabric, ribbon, buttons, etc. and made a Luxury Cat Bed.  And what says luxury more than a tufted headboard??!!!

Luxury Cat Bed

I basically flipped the ottoman over cut four side boards and bottom boards that I fixed on with screws then painted the whole piece white.  The tufted head board was fun. I cut holes in a board evenly spaced then upholstered it.  To do the tufts I fished through some quilting thread to some rhinestone buttons.  Then I made the small decorative pillows and the large sleeping cushion.

Luxury Cat Bed

It was bit time consuming but so much fun… and let’s just say the DOGGIE IS NOT HAPPY!!!


Luxury Cat BedKitty is SO HAPPY with her new bed!!   Would love your vote in this round!

Scraps Challenge Vote

SYTYC Scraps Challenge

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Fall Decor Challenge Season 17, Week 4

Fall Decor ChallengeThis summer, it was incredibly hot in Utah. In fact, we met the all-time record for days above 100 degrees. It’s FINALLY cooled off just a little bit. I am grateful…It’s always a little hard to celebrate fall while dealing with summer’s heat!

Our contestants have worked hard and come up with some great projects for this week’s fall decor challenge and I am excited to share them with you today!

Fall Decor Challenge Projects

Project #1 Fall Owl Stuffy

I made it another week! Woo Hoo! Thank you so much for your votes! When I first signed on to be a contestant, I had no idea how challenging it would be. It’s been a lot of fun and I hope to make it through another week!

Fall Owl Stuffy

I try to keep my ideas as original as possible, while also doing something that reflects my taste. This week was no exception. I had two reasons for choosing the project I did. First, owls fit perfectly into a fall theme. Second, I owed my daughter a stuffy.

Fall Owl Stuffy

I started by lightly sketching an owl shape on canvas fabric. Then, I  chose a neutral color palette, but something that still said, “fall.” I added a little splash of aqua around the eyes, just to cool things down a bit. I know it doesn’t look like it, but I can sew a straight line. I wanted this owl to have lots of charm and whimsy…so I used a technique I like to call, drawing with my sewing machine. It’s by far, my favorite method of sewing. Basically, I’m “drawing” with my needle and thread, while I move my paper (the fabric) under the presser foot. It’s a lot like free motion sewing, for any of you sewing people out there. I think the reason I’m so drawn to this technique is because, there really are no rules. After several passes through the sewing machine, I have the scribbled look I was after. He got a belly full of stuffing, a quick whipstitch, and then he was off to the arms of a very happy little girl!

Fall Owl Stuffy

Project #2 Wood Shim Wreath

We are entering my favorite time of year. It may be the craziest time of year but I love all the holidays, birthdays, cooler weather, decorating, activities … ALL.OF. IT. These next few months are the best part of the year in my opinion! I was so excited to get decorating for fall and this wreath definitely started the wheels turning. Interestingly enough, I thought of this wreath idea while I was driving, so naturally, I made a side stop at the hardware store to gather some materials. Wouldn’t you?? I am in love with how it came out!

Wood Shim Wreath

Because I love the rustic natural wood look for fall decorating, I didn’t paint my shims. I can’t wait, however, to make another and spray paint it in a bright color for another holiday. Black for Halloween, silver for Hannukah, red for Christmas, I could go on, the choices are endless! I added it as the centerpiece of my mantle, but this would look equally great on a door or in an entryway. To tie in the rest of the mantle, I added some of the leaves and a bright sunflower.

Wood Shim Wreath

I think this is the perfect piece to finish off the mantle and the whole wreath was much less than $10 to make! Wood shims can be picked up for about $1.50 a dozen and I used just over 4 packs (I could have made it work with 4 packs if I had to but I had the extra). The leaves and flowers I pulled off the mantle as the finishing touch, I love using what I have on hand! I love way this came out and am ready for a lot more fall crafting!

Wood Shim Wreath


Project #3 Autumn Wood Sign

I love fall decorating, so naturally I was so excited. I love the look of pallet art, but I’m not sure if I’m convinced that using pallets are worth it unless they are left in one piece. I’d rather go buy some wood (which I did for this project, don’t even worry it was still cheap, about $4). My inspiration came together perfectly.

Autumn Pallet Art

I love the play on words with “fall.” I wanted to use a metallic gold and a nice stain for the wood. The leaves just pop! Add a bit of glitter and it is sweet. This is a great wood art piece that can be used to hang on the wall or as a centerpiece on a table.

Autumn Pallet Art

I wanted to create the effect of the wind swirling the colorful autumn leaves. It all worked out just right. I hope you love it just as much as I do!

Autumn Pallet Art


Project #4 One Chair Two Looks

Happy Fall, New Friends!  This competition just keeps getting more challenging.  With thousands of Amazing Fall ideas already out there, how does one come up with something fresh and new?!

Upcycled Rustic Chair

Why not give some trash to treasure chairs a new look for Fall…even better…TWO new looks!  Look One: A simple slipcover with painted metallic polka dots and a pleated ruffle for the dressier dining experiences AND Look Two: A painted chalkboard plaque on the back of the chair for a greeting, name, monogram or a seasonal reminder to “Give Thanks!”

Upcycled Rustic Chair

Simple, Fun and Festive…And the perfect way to unite mismatched chairs. Just wait until you see how they look in my dining room…No one would ever guess they were FREE!

Upcycled Rustic Chair

Project #5 Reversible Fall Leaf Pillow

I like having seasonal décor in my house, but I hate that it only gets used for one or two months out of the year.   So when I was trying to think of what I would make for this fall décor challenge, I knew I wanted something that could be used for fall but also hang around a bit longer.  I came up with this reversible leaf pillow cover.

Reversible Pillow Case

I made this pillow out of an off white fabric with a fall leaves design on one side.  The leaves are cut from fall colored felt and sewn on the case in three rows.  The pillow cover has an envelope closure on the back so the pillow insert can easily be stuffed inside.  When fall is over and you’re ready to get out your holiday décor, this pillow has another design hiding inside.

Reversible Pillow Case

Take out the pillow insert and flip the case inside out and the pillow is decked with holly leaves and ready for Christmas!  The reverse side has the same envelope closure on the back and no exposed seams; I really had to do some problem solving to accomplish that.  I am so happy with the outcome!  I love that this pillow adds a little fall to my home décor but also can stick around through winter. I hope you all like this pillow too!

Reversible Pillow Case

Project #6 Fall Patio Decor

I love Fall and everything about it.  The cooler temperatures, sweaters and scarves, the holidays, and decorating are all a part of it.  Rather than get all my old decorations out the theme of the challenge this week had me thinking about revamping what I normally do.

Fall Porch Decor

This is what I created for my back patio.  I love the look of painted vintage furniture and mixing new and old items together.  Rather than go with the typical darker colors of fall I went with the bright colors of yellow, orange, teal, and a touch of red.

Fall Porch Decor

I painted the shelf a beautiful teal and distressed it to show some peeks of the old color.  The chair I painted a soft yellow.  I made some hanging garlands out of beads and spools.  I tucked in some vintage goodness here and there, added a canning bottle full of candy corn, and a basket full of my home grown pumpkins.  And there you have it.  Sitting outside on a cool Fall evening will be even more fun now.  When Fall and Winter are over I can continue to use the fun shelf and chair in another arrangement for Spring.

Fall Porch Decor


Project #7 Fall Potter’s Bench

So, I am not a big “crafter” funny that I am in the contest “So You Think You’re Crafty”.    I guess I shouldn’t say I am not a crafter I love all things creative but my passion is more about  turning old things new… so for my fall project I took an old tool bench and made it into a Fall Potter’s Bench.

Fall Potter's Bench

After I cleaned her up I stained the entire piece with a dark stain.  Then I painted the top with three different colors, then distressed, then added some clear and dark wax .  I used a Behr paint turned into chalk paint for the colors.  I stained a piece of old barn wood that I found at an antique store to make the fall sign.  I printed the word FALL using the font called Lemonade then placed the printed paper over the barn wood and traced the FALL letters really hard.  The imprint came out onto the wood and then I used some Annie Sloane chalk paint to paint on the letters.

Fall Potter's Bench

Lastly I clipped some wire from a coat hanger to make some feet for my gourde ducks then spray painted the feet aqua.   I had a lot of fun with this project.  My mom loves to garden so I think I will give this piece to her for being such an amazing grandma.  Hopefully you’ll give me your vote this week!!

Fall Potter's Bench


Fall Decor Challenge Vote

SYTYC Fall Decor Challenge


It’s time to vote for your favorite project. Please vote for your THREE favorite projects. The voting will be open until Thursday, Sept. 26, at 5 p.m.

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Upcycle Challenge {Season 17, Week 2}

I am so excited to share this week’s upcycle challenge with you. The projects are INCREDIBLE. The challengers have really outdone themselves today!

SYTYC Upcycle Challenge

Let’s just jump right in shall we?

Upcycle Challenge Projects

Project #1 Child’s Desk from Candlesticks and Cupboard Door

I am going to be honest everyone, this week was much more challenging than I expected it to be! I went through about 345 ideas, before I came up with this one and evidently the 346th time is the charm! I love the way this little table for my daughter’s room came out! My preschooler has been becoming more and more interested in drawing and writing and she just didn’t have a great place to do this in her room, which is when the idea to solve the problem with this week’s craft theme came into play!

Child's Desk from Candlesticks and Cupboard Door

I had previously upcycled this cupboard door into another craft and it had ‘done it’s time’ in that position and was ready for another promotion. I was also given these four candlesticks from a friend of mine who knew I love random odds and ends. I have had these for a couple months and had not figured out a great use for them yet. I happened to be holding them while walking through the room where the cupboard door had been living and the light bulb went off! From there it was a new color treatment for both and some E600 that gave my daughter a great little table that she loves!

Child's Desk from Candlesticks and Cupboard DoorThis project came out to be the perfect height for a little one to sit or stand at and my daughter has been spending loads of time in her room creating and writing. The best part of this project is I found most of the stuff on hand and only went out to make one purchase that was under $5 to finish it off! Those are the best kind of projects! Affordable, useful and repurposing items from around the house to solve a problem!

Child's desk made from candlesticks and cupboard door

Project #2 Upcycled Dining Table

I was really excited for the upcycle challenge this week. I have been in need of a new dining table (mine is cheap, it is bubbling up from water damage). I found this adorable table at a garage sale and scored it for $40! Solid wood with a leaf, what a steal. I have these awesome place mats that inspired me to upcycle this table.

Upcycled Dining Table

Can you believe the difference? I love the variety of colors and the life it brings to the table. It will brighten up my dining room. I wanted to give the dining table new life with the white and black matching my place mat inspiration.

Upcycled Dining Table

I love that adding the lighter colored paint to the chairs really highlights the carving detail (which are fabulous). I adore the claw feet. I think it reminds me of a bathtub with claw feet. It feels vintage and expensive. I hope you love it just as much as I do and thanks for voting!

Upcycled Dining Table

 Project #3 Old Door to Coffee Table

I’ve had this partial old wood door and some old bed posts just hanging around and have been thinking they would make a great coffee table. So, this week’s challenge was the perfect opportunity to put it together.

upycle an old door to a coffee table

I cut around the edges of the door to create an equal sized frame on all sides.  I also cut the bedposts in half creating the four legs. Using 1″x4″s I created a frame under the door to add sturdiness and to hold the legs in place.

I painted the edges of the door and the 1″x4″s but couldn’t bring myself to sand or paint the legs and door.  I love the chippy paint and the vintage look.

upcycled old door to coffee table

Ta-da! What do you think?

Project #4 Goodwill find Turned Glamour Girl Dresser (Dresser Upcycle)

Yeah!!  Made it to round two! This is so exciting!!  So… a few years ago I found this beauty at the Good Will for $20. I needed it for my daughter’s room and finally got around to “prettying” it up!  (If that’s a word) Here is how I did it…..

Dresser upcycle

First I painted the whole dresser with Annie Sloan Old White except for the drawer fronts. I painted those with Annie Sloan Duck Egg then painted over that with Old White. After it was dry I distressed the drawer fronts. Then I painted the door fronts with a hot pink from my daughter’s room remodel.  After the pink was dry I applied a cool vinyl stencil from the House of Smith’s vinyl shop. To put some finishing touches on I primed, spray painted then distressed the hardware and lined the drawers with fabric and wrapping paper using spray adhesive.

Upcycled Dresser

Then wallah she was finished… my daughter is a total hoarder so I picked this dresser because it had lots of “storage” for all her treasures!!!  She loves it…. Hopefully you will love it enough to vote for me!!!!

upcycled dresser

Project #5 Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa

When I found out the theme for this week was Upcycle, I knew exactly what I wanted to create for my project.  How I was going to do it was another question entirely…and in only one week…Yikes!

Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa

Years ago, this bathtub was destined for the dump.  Thankfully I rescued it…knowing one day I would have the perfect project for it!  Why not turn an old cast iron bathtub into a Relaxing Outdoor Sofa?!

Bathtub to outdoor sofa

With a little help from the Hubby, I was able to remove the side of the bathtub, give it a good cleaning to remove the layers it had accumulated over the years, freshen it up with paint and sew a few cozy outdoor cushions for a lively new look.  Honestly, after finishing this project, all I want to do is prop my feet up and take a nap on my new Outdoor Sofa.  Hope you Love it as much as I do!

Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa

Project #6 Mid-Century Modern Dresser Update

Alright… Made it to week two! Excuse my little dance party #dancepartyaction. This week we’re on “Upcycle” which happens to be my favorite craft theme all around. I love repurposing and refinish old furniture/ old scraps… stuff found at the thrift store. Mostly because it’s WAY cheaper, and I’m not a millionaire. I’ve been scouring craigslist in my area for a while now and a few months ago I came across this really cool Midcentury Modern dresser (which is ALL the rage right now) for $100. Knowing I wanted to refinish it (darker stain) and what that was going to cost me, I threw it on the back burner and saved a copy of the listing to go back to.

Midcentury Modern Dresser UpcycleSide-note: Did you know that if you click the little star next to the listing on craigslist, the site will “save” listings for you?! Talk about the observation of the century… “it’s changed my life”. Well, kinda.

Midcentury modern dresser upcycle

True to form I was cleaning out my inbox a few months later and happened to click the link to see if it was still around. Surprisingly it was still listed, AND it dropped to $50. A MUCH BETTER price. I emailed the seller right away and went to pick it up that week. When I got it though, I realized that the listing didn’t show all the wear and tear this dresser was really hiding, and that just a light sanding and staining wasn’t going to cover up the huge scratches and marker stains. Onto Plan B: Patch and paint the outside of the dresser then sand and refinish/ stain the drawers.

Midcentury modern dresser upcycle

I’m overwhelming in-love with the dresser and how it turned out. It’s completely my style- which is often hard to define. I love that the drawers have two different wood types on the front with the face and the handles which made a cool unexpected contrast after stained (with the SAME STAIN!!). Mind you this thing was a BEAST to refinish. Sanding took weeks, and several coats of stain blocker paint & coats of white. I fixed up the original hardware too. Totally worth the work though. Check out the before and after! What a difference.

Project #7 Crochet and Buttons Upcycle

Here we are for week 2 of SYTYC. I am so happy I’m still on the contest.

This week’s theme is Upcycle. For this purpose I have put together some frames for my living room, something I already had in mind to do for a while. I wanted it to be simple and delicate, and to give some live to the hall.

Upcycled Button and Crochet Artwork

I have used some crochet doilies and buttons I had around to make three frames. The crochet doilies were sewed to a black background. The heart shaped frame was done by putting together several buttons with different sizes, shapes and colors. For this, the background was done with a grey stripped poster paper.

Upcycled Button and Crochet Artwork

After putting together all the frames it was time to put them on the hall. Together with my husband we chose to put them on the living room TV hall, as you can see in the picture. I have put the two smaller ones on top of each other and the bigger one on the side in order to get some balance.

Upcycled Button and Crochet Artwork

It really lights up the living room and we are happy with the result. Hope you like it too.

Project #8 Upcycled Beach Bag From Thrift Store Skirt

It seems like fall is coming quick, kids are back in school, Halloween stuff is making it’s way into stores, but I am soaking up these last few weeks of summer (and 90 + degree heat!) with my new beach bag.

Upcycle - Skirt to Beach Bag

I picked up this skirt at the thrift store for $2.  As soon as I saw it hanging on the rack I thought it would make a great bag.  I like the pink stripe and the fabric is thicker than you find on most skirts so it should be pretty durable.  Once I got it home, I started taking out all those box pleats and ended up with quite a bit of fabric, probably around 1 ½ yards.  I picked up some grommets from the home decor section of my local craft store and 5’ of rope from the hardware store and made this bag, all for under $10.

Upcycle - Skirt to Beach Bag

I love how it turned out!  The bag is huge and opens really wide, but when you pick it up the rope cinches the top a bit which helps keep everything inside.  I added a pocket to the front for easy access to my sunglasses, keys, and cell phone and closed it up with a cute wooden button I had on hand.  I hope you all like this bag as much as I do!

Upcycle - Skirt to Beach Bag

Project #9 Ruffled Onsie

Upcycled Ruffle Onsie

For this week’s theme, Upcycle, I chose to repurpose a pile of thrift store t-shirts. I have a baby shower coming up and I thought this would be perfect for the baby girl to be. Plus, I really love giving one of a kind, handmade gifts.

Upcycled Ruffle Onesie

First, I adorned the front of the onesie with 3 bow appliqués fashioned from the old t-shirts. After drawing and cutting, I attached the 3 bows to the onesie using a simple straight stitch.

For the ruffles, I cut strips of the tshirts and gathered them to the width of the onesie, using my sewing machine.  Then, I attached to the backside of the onesie.

Upcycled Ruffle Onesie

I plan to pair this with a bib and burp cloth, also made from upcycled t-shirts. The entire project cost less than $5 and took just under an hour to make. I hope you like it as much as I do and vote to keep me in the competition!

Upcycle Challenge Vote

Upcycle Challenge SYTYC

It’s time to start voting…Please vote for your five favorite projects (it’s quick, I promise!) in order to ensure that your vote goes through. A tutorial for the winning project will be posted on Tuesday.

The poll is open through 5 p.m. MST on Thursday, Sept. 12.

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